Youtuber Does A Smash Or Pass On Me

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  1. vivian timah

    vivian timah

    2 ore fa

    This hilarious 🤣

  2. Abdullah Al Xayed

    Abdullah Al Xayed

    2 ore fa

    This video is kinda painfull and sad to watch

  3. Bridger Wilson

    Bridger Wilson

    3 ore fa

    Laughing but hurts on the inside😭😭😭😭



    5 ore fa

    F for Jj.

  5. Nate Sharpe

    Nate Sharpe

    7 ore fa

    JJ: I’m fine I’m fine.....:.I’m fine (dies inside)

  6. Nikusha Burnadze

    Nikusha Burnadze

    8 ore fa

    Nika tmg has 2 playbuttons too

  7. gothaplayz


    9 ore fa

    JJ is not heavy, he's just dense

  8. Harish Raman

    Harish Raman

    10 ore fa

    4:26 spain (without the s)

  9. Banana Face

    Banana Face

    14 ore fa

    Why Am I laughing and crying at the same time.

  10. Waldo Langley

    Waldo Langley

    22 ore fa

    the fotos of everyone else is shot at the perfect moment for maximum coolness meanile jjs foto makes him look like a idiot

  11. Vain Aj - Founder #6k

    Vain Aj - Founder #6k

    22 ore fa

    Bro this is so funny😂😂

  12. Vain Aj - Founder #6k

    Vain Aj - Founder #6k

    23 ore fa


  13. MagmaPlayz


    Giorno fa


  14. BigBoi B Shorts

    BigBoi B Shorts

    Giorno fa

    I still have no idea what his intro means

  15. chezzy


    Giorno fa

    He said 3 kg for clothes and some headset

  16. Moonslayer#king XD

    Moonslayer#king XD

    Giorno fa

    10:22 Is she high she loves vik more than everybody else

  17. S.A.M Production

    S.A.M Production

    Giorno fa

    smile in pain

  18. Niverow


    Giorno fa

    When the destruction began: 4:05

  19. Jonathan Shrier

    Jonathan Shrier

    Giorno fa

    No Homo bro 😎 but dude if I were a girl bro you’d be the one it’s just something about your funny and awesome personality and heart! By the way this isn’t weird because I am literally 21 not under age not that it matters I just thought you would like to know I am not like 15 or something.

  20. Braden Sanders

    Braden Sanders

    Giorno fa

    My 15 year old brother is heavier than jj

  21. shaikha abdulaah

    shaikha abdulaah

    Giorno fa

    Her name is Emily

  22. Leviwinterhunter


    2 giorni fa

    the girl who was rating. I hate her. jk, look at her respond.

  23. PaPaBear. DRad

    PaPaBear. DRad

    2 giorni fa


  24. Sterpiez


    2 giorni fa

    I know I’m not the only one who comes back months/years later to watch these

  25. Einfach Ville

    Einfach Ville

    2 giorni fa

    BrO bAtHrOoM rEvEaL

  26. 2 giorni fa

    Dang jj can I get a rip in chat

  27. Czar Clemente

    Czar Clemente

    2 giorni fa

    Sorry I’m new wat does gabt mean ;-;?

  28. Shanoor Ahmed

    Shanoor Ahmed

    2 giorni fa

    Jj You look amazing my bro Your laughter makes my day bro I love your Chanel bro Peace ✌️

  29. Chocolate Cheese Is the best

    Chocolate Cheese Is the best

    2 giorni fa

    Simon has no beard her smash. JJ has a little beard her I like men with facial hair.

  30. r6 reflex

    r6 reflex

    2 giorni fa

    Nope deji has two

  31. FireMexx


    2 giorni fa

    Emily lieve mensen

  32. Sebastian Ortiz

    Sebastian Ortiz

    2 giorni fa

    Rip ksi

  33. L-BADMIN


    2 giorni fa

    im giving this a like only because he's mad over emily black lmao

  34. Biruk .G

    Biruk .G

    3 giorni fa

    hahahahahhaahahhaah this guy

  35. JJ Hugo Jackson-Jones

    JJ Hugo Jackson-Jones

    3 giorni fa

    If JJ and that girl were toddlers, shed be mean to him in the playground. Sad to see my man falling for the jealousy tricks. Wife material aint that.

  36. Tobben 33b

    Tobben 33b

    3 giorni fa

    I like how if you weigh urself as over 90kg on the wii fit you will be counted as obease

    • atronos kronios

      atronos kronios

      4 ore fa

      i used to think height was something, nvm

  37. Elias Mohammadi

    Elias Mohammadi

    3 giorni fa

    She's racist she doesn't like black people



    3 giorni fa


  39. dibakar roy

    dibakar roy

    3 giorni fa

    Who's the girl?

  40. Ahmed


    3 giorni fa

    Who’s the girl who passed him?

    • Joe Foster

      Joe Foster

      2 giorni fa

      Emily Black

  41. ArcesTM


    3 giorni fa

    what does he say in the beginning? K S I L G B T??????????TF

  42. Roronoa Zoro

    Roronoa Zoro

    3 giorni fa

    *laughs in sad*

  43. Umar Arend

    Umar Arend

    3 giorni fa

    Who is that girl anyways 🤣

  44. MrTypical


    4 giorni fa


  45. JDGaming


    4 giorni fa

    Girl says 'Pass' JJ's face - "Oh okay! Bit surprised but let's hear her reasoning" Girl - "I like a bit of facial hair" JJ - Pain.

  46. Just Daryl

    Just Daryl

    4 giorni fa

    But don't have a beard why did he get a pass

  47. evil satan

    evil satan

    4 giorni fa

    justice for ksi

  48. PapAdministratxls


    4 giorni fa

    yo ksi heavier than ethan what

  49. Eyuel Yiferu

    Eyuel Yiferu

    4 giorni fa

    I love power rangers

  50. Ethan SUN [09S1]

    Ethan SUN [09S1]

    4 giorni fa

    4:22 Pain in its purest form

  51. zamzy


    4 giorni fa

    now I see why jj snaked Vikk in deal or no deal..

  52. Karan Raj

    Karan Raj

    4 giorni fa

    4:15 perfect example of "dying inside"



    4 giorni fa

    6:17 Mrbeast: "Am I joke to you"

  54. Luke O’Halloran

    Luke O’Halloran

    4 giorni fa

    Guy can’t lift Ji JJ: let’s check his monthly listeners

  55. ARK ARK


    4 giorni fa

    11:20 - 11:48 when trump supporters are told that the election was not fraudulent...



    4 giorni fa

    So you mean I a 14 year have more facial hair then a 24 year old

  57. Gabriel


    5 giorni fa

    the only youtuber with 2 diamond play buttons *russian kid with 10 diamond play buttons* .. THE ONLY MALE WITH 2 DIAMOND PLAY BUTTONS *male youtuber with 2 diamond play buttons* ... THE ONLY BLACK MAN WITH 2 DIAMOND PLAY BUTTONS

  58. T22Ade


    5 giorni fa

    JJ: I’m the only *black male* with 2 diamond play buttons Deji: *fades into the background*

  59. LiUjøñ LiUjøñ

    LiUjøñ LiUjøñ

    5 giorni fa

    He is dying inside in the pass part

  60. Am0nG us CracK :P

    Am0nG us CracK :P

    5 giorni fa

    Pay jj his respects in the chat 👏 👏 👏

  61. R0USS3


    5 giorni fa

    JJ slowly loosing insanity 4:29

  62. younousse diawara

    younousse diawara

    5 giorni fa

    the little girl my sis likes her and she is very anoying

  63. Caleb Benson

    Caleb Benson

    5 giorni fa

    Copyright your vids 😎

  64. kokoras kokora

    kokoras kokora

    6 giorni fa

    She belong to the street

  65. Hamzi 246

    Hamzi 246

    6 giorni fa

    ngl but i grew a beard at the age of 14. im 17 in a week now

  66. CA SILZ


    6 giorni fa

    me thinking I am fat with 60 kg

    • ————————————


      5 giorni fa

      Depends how tall you are.

  67. Arun Spencer

    Arun Spencer

    6 giorni fa

    KSI should go blueski when he beats Jake Paul

  68. Koko


    6 giorni fa

    I thought for a sec that JJ is wearing Philippines Tshirt

  69. sid B

    sid B

    6 giorni fa

    11:48 EVERY GUY on the Planet, every time it happens to them ...:P

  70. Hanen Alabidi

    Hanen Alabidi

    7 giorni fa

    jj having a sad laugh i feel so bad but its contagious

  71. freddypyjamas lll

    freddypyjamas lll

    7 giorni fa

    Anyone else thought he said pp JJ's pp weigh 115 kg 😂

  72. _XbibblesX_


    7 giorni fa

    5:00 yall feel his pain?

  73. gnandeep reddy

    gnandeep reddy

    7 giorni fa

    Jj have hair or not

  74. ayyy blyat

    ayyy blyat

    7 giorni fa

    4:19 pain , just pain and only pain

  75. Xotiic Zoid

    Xotiic Zoid

    7 giorni fa

    Jj someone edited that smash or pass thing she said smashed to you and she said pass to Logan Paul Her name is EMILY BLACK if you want to react to her video

  76. Medic Gaming

    Medic Gaming

    7 giorni fa

    4:07 thats enough to make a grown up man cry

  77. Sandwich Cheese

    Sandwich Cheese

    7 giorni fa

    There are a lot of children watching Russian propaganda ITput channel for children

  78. Magnus Husom Hammer

    Magnus Husom Hammer

    8 giorni fa

    You can grow a beard you can make it

  79. skb


    8 giorni fa

    "its fine" sure it is jj

  80. Quit


    8 giorni fa

    RIP JJ

  81. Tenzin Jamphel

    Tenzin Jamphel

    8 giorni fa

    When a normal person's ego is hurt: Cries When KSI's ego is hurt: LOL

  82. marius oelkers

    marius oelkers

    8 giorni fa

    iM fINe

  83. Nanditha G.S

    Nanditha G.S

    8 giorni fa

    6:05 Kid has more play buttons than jj. JJ: OK let's check her monthly listeners..

  84. Maria Chandrina Marquez

    Maria Chandrina Marquez

    8 giorni fa

    me 13 ,89kg,and 5,6,7 hehehe and this is my old moms phone and im male

    • ————————————


      5 giorni fa

      How tf are you 89kg at 13?

  85. DieHxrd_SZN YT

    DieHxrd_SZN YT

    8 giorni fa

    My man it’s three hundred puonds fat man

  86. Barak Meir

    Barak Meir

    8 giorni fa

    For the intro he says the alphabet did you guys notice that

  87. PrinceBorres24


    8 giorni fa

    Please grow your beard.

  88. noobiez. Z

    noobiez. Z

    8 giorni fa

    7:52 proof that man doesnt like jake paul that he not subscribe

  89. A.M.


    9 giorni fa

    Who is this girl in thumbnail?

    • leaked tunes

      leaked tunes

      9 giorni fa




    9 giorni fa

    Roman Atwood has 2 diamond play buttons

  91. Josh kirby Faustino

    Josh kirby Faustino

    9 giorni fa

    Dude we can laugh together

  92. Pierre-Henry


    9 giorni fa

    6:22 I'll take a double whenever I can... That sounded odd 😂

  93. 202 Nameless

    202 Nameless

    9 giorni fa

    The mans enegry by being positive a true king

  94. Not Cody

    Not Cody

    9 giorni fa

    lol the ending was funny

  95. Smruthik R

    Smruthik R

    9 giorni fa

    Shave it off fully and let it grow again

  96. Julia Martinez

    Julia Martinez

    9 giorni fa

    4:07 yea so you smash Simon who has no facial hair but not jj cos he don't have any yea aight

  97. spike


    9 giorni fa

    He got a diff underwear this time

  98. You look So pretty

    You look So pretty

    9 giorni fa

    9:04 this was the best part

  99. Stephen Cushing

    Stephen Cushing

    10 giorni fa


  100. General Kenobi

    General Kenobi

    10 giorni fa

    JJ at the end of the vid was basically Michael Scott when Toby returned in the office US...

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