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  1. Joetron5x Overload

    Joetron5x Overload

    8 ore fa

    0:52 pro gamer why.

  2. Sarah Haines

    Sarah Haines

    15 ore fa

    what's wrong with being gay

  3. Vedant Brahmbhatt

    Vedant Brahmbhatt

    Giorno fa

    It should have been Say jake paul does better music or take off ur bandana for the rest of the video

  4. lolmeshake


    4 giorni fa

    0:36 scared the shit outta me

  5. Neel Manoj

    Neel Manoj

    7 giorni fa

    'I've heard drowning is kinda peaceful' JJ do be speaking to dead people now

  6. Leo Phillips

    Leo Phillips

    9 giorni fa

    I am south African and i am white if I spoke too my mother like that I would have been smacked through a wall

  7. Ammar Abdulwasie

    Ammar Abdulwasie

    14 giorni fa

    Jj: i would be lost in the woods ME: AFRICAN BABYYYY 🥶🔥🔥♨️🔫💯💨✨



    14 giorni fa

    0:36 great start to the video

  9. x Blitz x

    x Blitz x

    19 giorni fa

    Bro man just lost 1k

  10. tyrone


    19 giorni fa

    3:07 I know for a fact that this guy is Estonian Daamn su aktsent on tugev😂😂

  11. Nxrns


    20 giorni fa

    oh yeah yeah lmao

  12. Nxrns


    20 giorni fa

    ayy who is here in 2021

  13. I don't know

    I don't know

    26 giorni fa

    I'm surprised Deji hasn't commented about the fact that JJ took so long to decide between deleting his and Simon's channel.

  14. Cristwin Maya

    Cristwin Maya

    28 giorni fa

    I get in trouble if i say shut up to my mom (hispanic family)

  15. W1LL Y0U FUCC 0FF • ͜ •

    W1LL Y0U FUCC 0FF • ͜ •

    28 giorni fa

    First time jj really want to give out money the person dosen't have paypal.

  16. W1LL Y0U FUCC 0FF • ͜ •

    W1LL Y0U FUCC 0FF • ͜ •

    28 giorni fa

    his indian fans are the funniest

  17. Carmichael Lopez

    Carmichael Lopez

    29 giorni fa

    Simon hearing him in the other room..."coming papi ksi. Uuuuuaaaaahhhh

  18. Dusty BRKR

    Dusty BRKR

    Mese fa

    9:40 Yeah that's how white parents work

  19. RutgerNL


    Mese fa

    7:55 Jeroen Elswijk 2.0

  20. Shaayoan Mitra

    Shaayoan Mitra

    Mese fa

    tf is jj doing in 7:02 lmao, look at his right hand

  21. okafor victor

    okafor victor

    Mese fa


  22. Joseph Abrusci

    Joseph Abrusci

    Mese fa

    Would you rather be KSI’s personal ass wiper, or have to tuck Deji in every single night and read him a bed time story?

  23. R1AKT


    Mese fa


  24. Savan Rajput

    Savan Rajput

    Mese fa

    3:04 has to be the funniest moment ever

  25. Jœ Mæ Mæ

    Jœ Mæ Mæ

    Mese fa

    1:50 Jj: *barks* Random guy: *barks back* Jj: *surprised pikachu face*

  26. Mriliketrains


    Mese fa

    Fat guy brags bout getting sucked off by snake colorized 2020”

  27. Viji Raju

    Viji Raju

    Mese fa

    Is snake simon's nick name...XD

  28. Misses Potts

    Misses Potts

    Mese fa

    You can tell who is apart of JJ’s Reddit

  29. Yigidoo


    Mese fa

    the way he threw his headset im dead :D

  30. Dai Dai

    Dai Dai

    Mese fa

    where are the subtitles ?



    Mese fa

    Im actually suprised that no one asked if he would rather have good hair or have a beard

  32. Aston O'Loughlin

    Aston O'Loughlin

    Mese fa

    4:29 I laughed so hard when I heard his voice with what he said and how shocked ksi looked when he heard his voice😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  33. Brickz Allan_Miami25

    Brickz Allan_Miami25

    Mese fa

    Would you rather be Logan Paul or Jake Paul or die????

  34. Jeremiah hosten

    Jeremiah hosten

    Mese fa

    At 10:15 anyone else knew what jj said I did but I don't want to type it

  35. Cristy Jones

    Cristy Jones

    Mese fa

    Jj is officially the best youtuber

  36. FAT PIG


    Mese fa

    2:20 what

  37. Splexto


    Mese fa

    whats his discord

  38. Markov Jorel Camaso -26

    Markov Jorel Camaso -26

    2 mesi fa

    doesnt that dude in 6:49 sound like josh?

  39. Ghost


    2 mesi fa

    11:18 lmao “I kill all of deeat”

  40. Mr. Original

    Mr. Original

    2 mesi fa

    10:10 The hell did he say that was so bad that he had to censor it? He says the f-word and c-word uncensored all the time, jeez... 😅

    • Red panda

      Red panda

      17 giorni fa

      i think he said cunt but mo censored it for some reason

  41. Adil Ali Azfar

    Adil Ali Azfar

    2 mesi fa

    jj="yeah I've heard drowning is pretty peaceful" Me=wait a minute.....

  42. Locker-Room Dwarf

    Locker-Room Dwarf

    2 mesi fa

    GOD BLESS-()-()-()

  43. Akshat Guglani

    Akshat Guglani

    2 mesi fa

    Hence proved, Simon is a snake.

  44. MTB lunatic

    MTB lunatic

    2 mesi fa


  45. Exzhro


    2 mesi fa

    5:39 no way thats matiqe?

    • Cxntent


      2 mesi fa

      Yes it is bro

  46. Alberto Medrano

    Alberto Medrano

    2 mesi fa

    2:27 :)

  47. Danie Kruger

    Danie Kruger

    2 mesi fa

    I am a white South African and if I told my mom to f$#k of I would not be able to write this

  48. Hannah Shafi

    Hannah Shafi

    2 mesi fa

    10:11 what he say?

  49. Hannah Shafi

    Hannah Shafi

    2 mesi fa

    5:12 evil genius...

  50. Hannah Shafi

    Hannah Shafi

    2 mesi fa

    Hes so quiet, but if u turn the volume up, you'll regret it...

  51. Kuutie 07

    Kuutie 07

    2 mesi fa

    how are half of these questions about shit and I’m sitting here eating cereal...

  52. Muhammet Arif

    Muhammet Arif

    2 mesi fa

    türk bir tek ben biyim

  53. 420Unomaster69


    2 mesi fa

    This is how many people did know that JJ had a hamster 👇🏼

  54. Siddharth Bhagat

    Siddharth Bhagat

    2 mesi fa

    He should have called it "would you rather go" because if he did a normal would you rather on his own, the title is already taken.

  55. Its Chippo

    Its Chippo

    3 mesi fa

    Man it kills me when fans ask for money

  56. Tsultrim Zala

    Tsultrim Zala

    3 mesi fa


  57. Adheel Crawage

    Adheel Crawage

    3 mesi fa

    Bro I wish I had white parents

  58. Jessica


    3 mesi fa

    JJ: if I said that I'd me 6ft under Me: well at least you'd finally be 6 ft

  59. Ross Muir

    Ross Muir

    3 mesi fa

    snake eating snake? cannibalism?

  60. Maxime Costa

    Maxime Costa

    3 mesi fa

    "it's yo boy!" "it's yo boy!" "it's yo boy!" "it's yo boy!" "it's yo boy!" "it's yo boy!" "it's yo boy!" "it's yo boy!" "it's yo boy!" "it's yo boy!" "it's yo boy!" "it's yo boy!" "it's yo boy!" "it's yo boy!" "it's yo boy!" "it's yo boy!" "it's yo boy!" "it's yo boy!" "it's yo boy!"

  61. LMC reactions

    LMC reactions

    3 mesi fa

    that poor kid losing 1k feel for him man

  62. Alex Lykos

    Alex Lykos

    3 mesi fa

    Wait why are there never women in these 👁👄👁

  63. Eghose Isiramen

    Eghose Isiramen

    3 mesi fa

    This foo can't name 8 languages?

  64. Nightrunner15 6

    Nightrunner15 6

    3 mesi fa

    He was right this was dog shit

  65. Dreezy Reactions

    Dreezy Reactions

    3 mesi fa

    JJs laugh is soo contagious

  66. JB Studios

    JB Studios

    3 mesi fa

    2:36 gay refers to being sexually attracted to a person of the same sex, since its an animal it isnt gay

  67. John316


    3 mesi fa

    Romans 6:23 "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord."

  68. ikonix_ wavyy 99

    ikonix_ wavyy 99

    3 mesi fa

    The thumbnail looks like ricky Berwick



    3 mesi fa

    2:54 literally every teacher and student in Australia

  70. Jayden Parsons

    Jayden Parsons

    4 mesi fa

    Hi ski I like your vids check ou my channel

  71. OCE RYZA


    4 mesi fa

    Would you rather be gay or transgender

  72. Renier Cabello

    Renier Cabello

    4 mesi fa

    Did he say ksi lgbt?

  73. Ace Omar

    Ace Omar

    4 mesi fa


  74. BeHinD The MaSk.

    BeHinD The MaSk.

    4 mesi fa

    im dying xd 10:06

  75. obese explosive rhino

    obese explosive rhino

    4 mesi fa

    it’s ok guys, we bully him on the reddit he gets to have his fun for now.

  76. Stenver-Rivo S

    Stenver-Rivo S

    4 mesi fa

    That one guy was an Estonian And I'm as well Tore eksole

    • Aine Doyle

      Aine Doyle

      3 mesi fa

      Tore eksole

  77. The Blackable

    The Blackable

    4 mesi fa

    this just in jj loves shit

  78. The Real Meaning

    The Real Meaning

    4 mesi fa

    That snake guy is fucking funny

  79. Kirill Totar

    Kirill Totar

    4 mesi fa

    JJ: hey guys whats up!? Today we are doing a one question go! Si… Me: clicks away

  80. Lego my Ego

    Lego my Ego

    4 mesi fa


  81. Lego my Ego

    Lego my Ego

    4 mesi fa

    JJ is better than pewdipie

  82. Lego my Ego

    Lego my Ego

    4 mesi fa

    trust me best part 2:35

  83. Luis Nava

    Luis Nava

    4 mesi fa

    Ksi speaking facts

  84. tife Akintan

    tife Akintan

    4 mesi fa

    Why does he do this with only Asian guys

  85. Tsultrim Zala

    Tsultrim Zala

    4 mesi fa


  86. Dont Read My Profile Picture

    Dont Read My Profile Picture

    4 mesi fa

    Me tries to say fuck off my mom and then she just look at me and then talk without saying something and then she came back with a belt and yeah I got beat up by mom.

  87. Andrew Clements

    Andrew Clements

    4 mesi fa

    7:04 jj touching him self

  88. Mr.Newton


    4 mesi fa

    A fiber optic connection I’m dead these are to funny 😂 💀

  89. theohero


    4 mesi fa

    "id rather drown i heard it's quite peaceful" wh.. who told you?

  90. Fraziken


    4 mesi fa

    bit ???? this is in the one question go playlist

  91. Mintyツ


    5 mesi fa

    his hamster is richer then me 😂😭

  92. layla young

    layla young

    5 mesi fa

    JJ said he heard drowning to death was quite peaceful who da fuck did he hear that off ?

  93. Panik


    5 mesi fa

    Did the guy just gain 1k and lose it at the same time

  94. Colby F'n Sabre

    Colby F'n Sabre

    5 mesi fa

    10:05 LMFAOOOOOOOOOO 🤣😭😂😂😭🤣😂😭🤣😂😭🤣😂😭🤣🤣🤣

  95. Kids Lowe

    Kids Lowe

    5 mesi fa

    Snake part had me cracking up!

  96. JAIKS


    5 mesi fa

    If was black he really be dead 😂😂

  97. GamePlayWithDJ


    5 mesi fa

    Jj would you rather be bullied by vik or bullied by deji

    • ֆɦɖաz_ Fishy

      ֆɦɖաz_ Fishy

      5 mesi fa

      You know what shirt he’s wearing?

  98. Randomz Does

    Randomz Does

    5 mesi fa

    Why do all the guys on the calls sound like spastic.

  99. The RavenYT

    The RavenYT

    5 mesi fa

    African&Asian V.S English Parents (YIKES)

  100. Deleted Videos

    Deleted Videos

    5 mesi fa

    Did JJ ever say Rip Kobe

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