What if Logan had beaten me?

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  1. LC Saiyan

    LC Saiyan

    8 ore fa

    6:33 Had to stop the video and calculate how tall is 5,11 *UROPEN*

  2. Ankit Mavinkurve

    Ankit Mavinkurve

    2 giorni fa

    If Logan won then the alarm would go off

  3. Boxer 456

    Boxer 456

    2 giorni fa

    The Goal keeper really looked like KSI.

  4. Lavender LUI

    Lavender LUI

    2 giorni fa

    1:11 I Just Saw A Naked Pinkie Pie

  5. SAD Songs

    SAD Songs

    2 giorni fa

    2:38 hunter x hunter sound 😢



    2 giorni fa

    08:40 anyone notice the matt hardy referance?

  7. Lucy Cohen

    Lucy Cohen

    3 giorni fa


  8. Junior Junior

    Junior Junior

    6 giorni fa

    KSI and Boris Johnson

    • Junior Junior

      Junior Junior

      5 giorni fa

      @Instinct KSI KSI VS OLATUNJI

    • Instinct KSI

      Instinct KSI

      5 giorni fa

      Jake paul vs boris Johnson

  9. LK 64

    LK 64

    7 giorni fa

    3:38 looks like some sort of knock off tobi lol

  10. Banana


    8 giorni fa

    JJ: for the record I'd never punch a girl that's pregnant Also JJ: If that baby is jake then........

  11. HasherGameZ


    10 giorni fa

    Ask Siri how tall is KSI..

  12. Lucaftb


    12 giorni fa


  13. Legend of the Night

    Legend of the Night

    13 giorni fa

    6:57 the bacca with betty

  14. illusion


    13 giorni fa

    Someone:*makes a video of logan winning Someone else:*just puts a song on a clip Jj: u deserve a reward

    • dysdtfstfxtaftx


      11 giorni fa


  15. mathias


    18 giorni fa


  16. James G

    James G

    18 giorni fa

    JJ: “I would never punch a women that was pregnant” Me: “So u would punch a women that wasn’t pregnant??”

    • dysdtfstfxtaftx


      11 giorni fa

      so overused

  17. Mapoleo


    19 giorni fa

    8:32 KSI’s futures kid’s reaction : 👁👄👁

  18. finn walker

    finn walker

    19 giorni fa

    Ur laugh should be sold at a parrot shop u sound like a African grey

  19. Monkey๖D乄Luffy


    20 giorni fa

    I wanted jj to go like :what if logon had beaten me,i guess we'll never know

  20. CaYlYa


    21 giorno fa

    Didn’t know ksi was Native American. I’m Native American Mayan by the way and confirm we do no have big heads.

  21. Irish molina

    Irish molina

    22 giorni fa

    1:5 girls child hoods ruined

  22. El Crab

    El Crab

    22 giorni fa

    jj did you watch dragon ball gt?

  23. Zane The beast

    Zane The beast

    22 giorni fa

    He laughed at killing babies

  24. Wasiq


    23 giorni fa

    I know why people like this channel more Because Of th photo

  25. Mark DeMelo Music

    Mark DeMelo Music

    23 giorni fa

    5:47 He said ass instead of arse

  26. Laiba Mariam

    Laiba Mariam

    24 giorni fa

    KSI laughing to much, Imagine this being "try not to laugh challenge"

  27. Crybaby 涙

    Crybaby 涙

    25 giorni fa

    1:09 ayo whats goin on... look at the other pictures

  28. khaled aldoraee

    khaled aldoraee

    25 giorni fa


  29. WiseJr 11

    WiseJr 11

    25 giorni fa

    fight jake paul

  30. Jayke Kennedy

    Jayke Kennedy

    25 giorni fa

    Go go go get em lazy town

  31. Bukola Sofidiya

    Bukola Sofidiya

    26 giorni fa

    idk if im blind or not but like i see a pic of a naked "my little pony" character 1:10

  32. Alex Richardson

    Alex Richardson

    27 giorni fa

    My mans got dragon ball legends as an add

  33. __


    27 giorni fa

    He was sick today u can tell by his voice so big up JJ i love u bro and keep posting thanks bro

  34. Robert Dawkins

    Robert Dawkins

    27 giorni fa

    He calls himself a Maverick what Maverick are you talkin about the basketball team

  35. Ft. Christian

    Ft. Christian

    27 giorni fa


  36. Gabriel Gabdino

    Gabriel Gabdino

    28 giorni fa

    If Logan paul beat ksi i would be pisst because i send i i meal to jj or ksi so i sad do not lose to logan paul

  37. Thicc Milk

    Thicc Milk

    29 giorni fa

    Logan is like that prince and jj is like shrek and he is beating the $hit out of him

  38. Ahmed Alkhyeli

    Ahmed Alkhyeli

    29 giorni fa

    The evil guy in Lazy Town died in 2018 God bless

  39. Ahmed Alkhyeli

    Ahmed Alkhyeli

    29 giorni fa

    I dare everyone in the comments get 1.k like except for me

  40. Ahmad amer

    Ahmad amer

    29 giorni fa

    Old lazy town

  41. Me Me

    Me Me

    Mese fa

    JJ: I would not punch a women that’s pregnant. So that’s the only exception to not punch a women 🤔🤔😂

  42. Zayed Alshamsi

    Zayed Alshamsi

    Mese fa

  43. Seth


    Mese fa

    U bet you have more money now then you would if you became a pro goalkeeper

  44. Alexis Drouin

    Alexis Drouin

    Mese fa

    Im glad the collab actually happened

  45. Dusty Animation

    Dusty Animation

    Mese fa

    1:09 JJ is a broney

  46. Ethan Brown

    Ethan Brown

    Mese fa

    Okay guys, next we are gonna make "In an alternate universe where Hitler didn't fail art school."

  47. Ethan Brown

    Ethan Brown

    Mese fa

    KSI may have downvoted, but we know deep down he likes it...

  48. Bean Heads

    Bean Heads

    Mese fa

    Who’s here after the sidemen and JJ olatunji got 10 mil?

  49. S U F F I X O N

    S U F F I X O N

    Mese fa

    1:09 A naked Pinkie Pie, wtf did he search for bro LMAO

  50. Melanie Dashiell

    Melanie Dashiell

    Mese fa

    Logan when he wins: SEE I'M THE BETTER ONE, YALL BE FANS OF ME

  51. GenjiOnSale


    Mese fa

    1:10 is anyone going to notice the abomination to the left.

  52. lv H8TED vl

    lv H8TED vl

    Mese fa

    That would’ve been funnier if the goal keeper Jersey said “fatneek”

    • Strick WRLD

      Strick WRLD

      Mese fa

      Lol. W2s entered the chat-

  53. sydney muganda

    sydney muganda

    Mese fa

    Jj can’t stop taking the piss on logan 😂

  54. Ayman Bhuiyan

    Ayman Bhuiyan

    Mese fa

    death note referance

  55. somewhat of a thicc cow

    somewhat of a thicc cow

    Mese fa

    just like avengers end game only 1 in 2000000 universes does Paul win but he doesn't

  56. Amario Chill

    Amario Chill

    Mese fa

    me: reading the title me saying to myself "your subscribers would make fun of you 6x harder than they already do"

  57. William Chadwick

    William Chadwick

    Mese fa

    mo is savigge

  58. Jesus Hentai Christ

    Jesus Hentai Christ

    Mese fa

    Obama olutanji

  59. KingLord Plays

    KingLord Plays

    Mese fa

    Com'mon JJ it's june not april.

  60. Luis Bel

    Luis Bel

    Mese fa

    The macabre anthony alternatively polish because kilogram additionally curve till a garrulous lipstick. polite, luxuriant man

  61. Ćørŷ 2008

    Ćørŷ 2008

    Mese fa

    This channel is going to take over his main channel he should post vlogs on his main

  62. Mr. Gamer

    Mr. Gamer

    Mese fa

    LMAO 6:43

  63. Mr. Gamer

    Mr. Gamer

    Mese fa

    Holysh*t, been trying to find out what that pink girl show was called and finally Babatunde unlocked it for me

  64. The Ducking Duck

    The Ducking Duck

    Mese fa

    1:09 bruh that’s not allowed for ITput the pink horse naked

  65. Rangers Clan

    Rangers Clan

    Mese fa


  66. Diego Maradona

    Diego Maradona

    Mese fa

    Mo is living life in the edge

  67. CrypticSong


    Mese fa

    I got corona a month ago, and then binge watched babatunde and i was healed, i was given life, I. AM. RESTORED.

  68. GetGubsGaming


    Mese fa

    When you really need a 10 minute video so you make your outro 32 seconds

  69. Mustafa Khan

    Mustafa Khan

    Mese fa

    2:13 2:22 😆😆

  70. Shreddie Wheat

    Shreddie Wheat

    Mese fa

    JJ: I would never hit a pregnant woman Me: so you would hit a pregnant man

  71. CLout


    Mese fa


  72. Twinkle Pandey

    Twinkle Pandey

    Mese fa

    But he will punch a woman who's not pregnant... Lol..

  73. Roshaan Sadiq

    Roshaan Sadiq

    Mese fa

    ksi be gay

  74. Darren Bouaziz

    Darren Bouaziz

    Mese fa

    who's here in December 2020

  75. Abhinav Gopalakrishnan

    Abhinav Gopalakrishnan

    Mese fa

    It's June 30 not Jun 30. Mo i understand the pain. Enjoy my correction

  76. M.H.K Animations - Drawing Cartoons 2

    M.H.K Animations - Drawing Cartoons 2

    Mese fa

    KSI, give it a rest. You beat Logan Paul, the past is the past OK. Don't cause trouble...

  77. Lewis Wright

    Lewis Wright

    Mese fa


  78. Jack Sindone

    Jack Sindone

    Mese fa


  79. Noltage Gaming

    Noltage Gaming

    Mese fa


  80. Matija Markovic

    Matija Markovic

    Mese fa


  81. Fayez Saad

    Fayez Saad

    Mese fa

    Even jj's fake laughter made me laugh

  82. Victor


    Mese fa

    I guess KSI would have faced Mayweather if he lost.

  83. CR7Striker Khan

    CR7Striker Khan

    Mese fa

    when jj said 'lazy town' memories crawled back

  84. W1LL Y0U FUCC 0FF


    Mese fa

    What if logan won ? ==> he would still be bragging about it till this day.

  85. PieLover- Joe

    PieLover- Joe

    Mese fa

    Imagine if your dad was jj

  86. Michael Konadu

    Michael Konadu

    2 mesi fa

    Who else is here when he collared with Felix

  87. Javan Thomas

    Javan Thomas

    2 mesi fa

    Who cam back to this video after pewds and ksi actually collabed lmao

  88. Ashton Monteiro

    Ashton Monteiro

    2 mesi fa

    6:38 the collab has come.

    • R ippl

      R ippl

      Mese fa


  89. Taxable_ Trophy

    Taxable_ Trophy

    2 mesi fa


  90. Limited time Roman 2 2

    Limited time Roman 2 2

    2 mesi fa

    Never hit a woman that’s pregnant you hit a normal woman

  91. turkygamer1 -

    turkygamer1 -

    2 mesi fa

    1:09 explain the naked pink horse

  92. RiceWithLowPrice


    2 mesi fa

    I feel like ever since the day jj said that he would never remove a post from his Reddit, he started to remove even more than he did before

  93. Sell Out

    Sell Out

    2 mesi fa

    7:13 Yes, because they are MONTHLY LISTENERS

  94. Fret N

    Fret N

    2 mesi fa


  95. Ψ乙卂匚ツ


    2 mesi fa


  96. GunMaster69


    2 mesi fa

    1:08 That MLP drawing is so cursed

  97. Amanda Harris

    Amanda Harris

    2 mesi fa

    JJ: I would never punch a woman who is pregnant: Ordinary Women: 0:

  98. Bethany Mitchell

    Bethany Mitchell

    2 mesi fa

    I was having a bad day and your laughter made my day

  99. Reload


    2 mesi fa

    7:34 in german accent "alright"

  100. Senor Ninja

    Senor Ninja

    2 mesi fa


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