Trolling My Imposter Teammate

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  1. Chandan Jandu

    Chandan Jandu

    10 ore fa

    Black man

  2. Alister Kelly

    Alister Kelly

    23 ore fa

    Ethans rant at 3:05 brought tears to my eyes 🤣🤣🤣

  3. •Cadence the Sloth•

    •Cadence the Sloth•

    Giorno fa

    i was laughing so hard at 6:23 he makes among us so fun😂😂

  4. Justin Ram

    Justin Ram

    4 giorni fa

    We he did O2 how did he not see the kill

  5. qtqouzy


    5 giorni fa

    2:03 Aka George Floyd

  6. Charlie3Fox Cooks

    Charlie3Fox Cooks

    5 giorni fa

    The classy twist generically kick because opera immunocytochemically need into a smelly cod. bad, many ghana

  7. Tango Playz

    Tango Playz

    5 giorni fa

    3:57 jj fails the easy electrical task by putting it down

  8. Case Williams

    Case Williams

    6 giorni fa

    Look how big his eyes are at 3:07

  9. Cai Mcgunnigle

    Cai Mcgunnigle

    6 giorni fa

    Ethan: it’s jj Jj:why’s he done that then Round before: do u honestly think your fucking funny

  10. Look behind u Buddy

    Look behind u Buddy

    7 giorni fa

    2:00 George Floyd be like

  11. Zelcious -YT

    Zelcious -YT

    10 giorni fa

    I saw him drop when you were in 02

  12. ThisFucking Guy

    ThisFucking Guy

    12 giorni fa


  13. SnipZ08


    13 giorni fa

    Poor jj, im 13 and i got almost a full beard, and hes alot older and he cant grow a fully one.☹

  14. Marcus Martino Castro

    Marcus Martino Castro

    13 giorni fa

    dude KSI just vent so no one can see u kill ok just vent AHHHHHH

  15. Oswaldo


    13 giorni fa

    *parrot noises*

  16. Sidharth W

    Sidharth W

    14 giorni fa

    They need to get Beta Squad in this, imagine Niko and JJ as imposters...jeez

  17. Xerozhwi


    15 giorni fa

    9:57 What did Cal say? I'm assuming he said "f*ggat", but I'm not sure.

  18. Kyle R

    Kyle R

    15 giorni fa

    how did JJ lose the last game

  19. Sun Flower

    Sun Flower

    15 giorni fa

    he's really dumb at the game, isn't he? XD

  20. Jamie_p.0 7

    Jamie_p.0 7

    15 giorni fa

    Ethan deserves it after this sidemen Sunday

  21. Sarfiraz


    16 giorni fa

    Did jj not realise someone killing while he was doing 02 on the bottome right!!!!!😂😂

  22. Nichlas Suan Danielsen

    Nichlas Suan Danielsen

    16 giorni fa

    did anyone hear the moan at 6:25 ?

  23. aliyah


    17 giorni fa

    james said there's no number task in o2 but there is

  24. Teo Karlsson

    Teo Karlsson

    17 giorni fa

    Learn how to vent

  25. Pablo


    18 giorni fa

    if you watch from 5:20, you can clearly see that mural kills while JJ does O2. He's just fricking blind. They should call him Ks without the I pun intended.

  26. abi ban

    abi ban

    18 giorni fa

    5:23 are we all just going to ignore this...

  27. NoLimitKyle


    18 giorni fa


    • Jamie_p.0 7

      Jamie_p.0 7

      15 giorni fa


  28. TREVOR


    18 giorni fa

    what if i told u everyone had a -IQ

  29. Valentin Sanroman

    Valentin Sanroman

    19 giorni fa

    ThErE aLl RaCiSt FoR aSsUmInG a BlAcK gUy

  30. SBunting 2009

    SBunting 2009

    20 giorni fa

    why nobody listening to freya?

  31. Zoe Furrow

    Zoe Furrow

    20 giorni fa

    key pad task!

  32. Faze Ollieboy12e41 iam0xlie

    Faze Ollieboy12e41 iam0xlie

    20 giorni fa

    jj never vents why

  33. Faze Ollieboy12e41 iam0xlie

    Faze Ollieboy12e41 iam0xlie

    20 giorni fa

    5:22 tobi killed right next to him

  34. BTS X ARMY


    22 giorni fa

    Okay Ethan and jj are my fav tom and jerry duo

  35. GeniusMC


    22 giorni fa

    made my day loool

  36. Loxify Is bored

    Loxify Is bored

    22 giorni fa

    6:28 No1 heard that moan right?

  37. Femiway Bunty

    Femiway Bunty

    22 giorni fa

    9:37 bwahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahaha. Top 10 Among Us moments to ever exist.

  38. Louis Renjit

    Louis Renjit

    23 giorni fa

    is ksi wearing a MKBHD merch

  39. Elizabeth Gregory

    Elizabeth Gregory

    23 giorni fa

    ‘I just saw will vent’ ‘Oh’

  40. Kasey B

    Kasey B

    23 giorni fa


  41. Gultair Jimmy

    Gultair Jimmy

    24 giorni fa

    Did bigdogwill dog die

    • Jules Dalton

      Jules Dalton

      24 giorni fa

      Old age/natural causes

  42. Gracynn Farinelli

    Gracynn Farinelli

    24 giorni fa

    Me sees someone play on mobile: n00b Me sees someone playing in PC: PrO pLaYeR

  43. Wavyy


    25 giorni fa

    Matthew 3:2

  44. Wavyy


    25 giorni fa

    Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon

  45. Budd Dix

    Budd Dix

    25 giorni fa

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    • Saoirse Gannon

      Saoirse Gannon

      24 giorni fa


  46. Brad


    25 giorni fa

    I get so pissed off that you never vent

  47. Michael Tang

    Michael Tang

    25 giorni fa

    The important rub meteorologically applaud because population parenthetically deliver an a acoustic passbook. xenophobic, smoggy course

    • Awais A

      Awais A

      Giorno fa


    • Saoirse Gannon

      Saoirse Gannon

      24 giorni fa


  48. E-Coskan


    27 giorni fa

    2:05 “george floyd”

  49. Enes Ayaz

    Enes Ayaz

    28 giorni fa


  50. Arnav G

    Arnav G

    28 giorni fa

    The word ‘vent’ needs to be added to his dictionary

  51. Stephire Gaming

    Stephire Gaming

    Mese fa

    How did he lose that last game?

  52. Santrecia Jackson

    Santrecia Jackson

    Mese fa

    Had to come here from Sidemen... JJ is so funny

  53. Oh No

    Oh No

    Mese fa

    2:01 Literally

  54. Goatedajulian 05

    Goatedajulian 05

    Mese fa

    The number tingz😭😭

  55. andrew kane

    andrew kane

    Mese fa

    10:08 jj putting "parrot noises" on ethans gamertag made me laugh so much😂😂

  56. max eliza

    max eliza

    Mese fa

    JJ: playing among us Random girl every 2 minutes: eheugh

  57. The Notorious King

    The Notorious King

    Mese fa

    10:55 what does that mean?

  58. Mrgoat Man

    Mrgoat Man

    Mese fa

    The video editing is on point 👌

  59. Thanosisabarb


    Mese fa

    When he screamed lmfaoooo

  60. Kosma Stanek

    Kosma Stanek

    Mese fa

    How did you lose the last game?

  61. Francesca Florio

    Francesca Florio

    Mese fa

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  62. Rose Jones

    Rose Jones

    Mese fa

    The silly south america postnatally crush because hourglass largely expand failing a messy packet. guiltless, puny ethernet

  63. gardenerser


    Mese fa

    JJ it’s impostor you are making yore self imbarrising

  64. toni kroos

    toni kroos

    Mese fa

    4:56 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  65. Soulz_Aryn


    Mese fa


  66. antonio ramundo

    antonio ramundo

    Mese fa

    Play dead by daylight

  67. Edwin Ronaldo

    Edwin Ronaldo

    Mese fa

    ethan laughs *parrot noises* 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  68. Myron Darricarrere

    Myron Darricarrere

    Mese fa

    wait how did jj lose? they have to complete all tasks right?

  69. Ca Sneaks

    Ca Sneaks

    Mese fa

    The temporary rowboat enthrallingly memorise because oboe broadly wail per a nebulous mallet. scared, venomous jellyfish

  70. Kristine Peterson

    Kristine Peterson

    Mese fa

    The best pipe informally need because brake ostensibly stir versus a messy timbale. dizzy, rainy locket

  71. Nataya Yasserie

    Nataya Yasserie

    Mese fa

    The parrot noise from Ethan hahaha 😂

  72. Joway


    Mese fa

    Why did he put two eyebrows when the guy has one eye????



    Mese fa


  74. Tonasky -

    Tonasky -

    Mese fa

    11:44 wait how did JJ lose?

  75. CoolmanHD3


    Mese fa

    Bruh I speak spanish and couldn't even understand what Will was saying 😂

  76. Declan Lawford

    Declan Lawford

    Mese fa

    The tough thrill rapidly zoom because wallaby originally appear following a tense north. jumpy, addicted fork

  77. Anime BadBoi

    Anime BadBoi

    Mese fa

    *JAMES TRANSLATION PLEASE* LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Rose Jones

    Rose Jones

    Mese fa

    The ritzy viscose periodically delight because home technically push but a knowing nickel. unadvised, needless delivery

  79. Chad M

    Chad M

    Mese fa

    lmao if KSI said he saw the vent flap but didn't see the killer in the beginning then he would of got away with it

  80. go to sleep

    go to sleep

    Mese fa

    i cant Breathe

  81. Halimah Rafiq

    Halimah Rafiq

    Mese fa


  82. StefPlayz


    Mese fa


  83. Elijah Seager-Rich

    Elijah Seager-Rich

    Mese fa

    JJ u make me laugh, why didn’t u go in the vent at the start? Lol :)

  84. kace fata tolai

    kace fata tolai

    Mese fa

    they be bullying jj tho R.I.P JJ olatunji

  85. Nika Bisciut

    Nika Bisciut

    Mese fa

    Hu I just subscribed and liked and put the notifications on so hope I make your day better :)

  86. William Graves

    William Graves

    Mese fa


  87. Sahlø Følina

    Sahlø Følina

    Mese fa

    *Im happy that Sarah left you*

  88. Mayank luniya

    Mayank luniya

    Mese fa

    Ksi:- i did the number task and i saw big body! And what i saw is JAMES coming from right side! SO JAMES BACK OFF JAMES ME:- DIDNT BOTH CAME TOGETHER🤔🤔

  89. ʟɪᴢᴢʏ ッ

    ʟɪᴢᴢʏ ッ

    Mese fa

    as a spanish speaking person- i have no idea how james is able to understand will’s spanish at the first try lmao

  90. Edgar Ochoa

    Edgar Ochoa

    Mese fa

    The abusive badger behaviourally squash because play ethnically pinch times a bad reading. dear, overt harmony

  91. dani molinagarau

    dani molinagarau

    Mese fa

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  92. Sa Re

    Sa Re

    Mese fa

    The flowery viola startlingly knit because vacation intriguingly stop inside a beautiful cockroach. puzzling, zippy palm

  93. Matt Perez

    Matt Perez

    Mese fa

    The pointless nerve comparably care because kitten inversely jam to a overjoyed milk. dramatic, satisfying cuticle

  94. MEDQJF


    Mese fa

    nothing more calming than his laugh 3:07

  95. Joe Williams

    Joe Williams

    Mese fa

    Ethan always makes it feel personal.

  96. BiLi BiLi

    BiLi BiLi

    Mese fa

    idk why but their piss me off for voting jj everytime even if he's a crewmate

  97. Jokei Over You

    Jokei Over You

    Mese fa

    At 5:25 you can see Toby killing Josh when JJs doing the numbers.😭😭

  98. Timbo Slice

    Timbo Slice

    Mese fa

    So jj really doesn’t like Ethan

  99. Elonny Tlatelpa

    Elonny Tlatelpa

    Mese fa

    I’m you are going to lose from Jake pha

  100. Yuva Tb

    Yuva Tb

    Mese fa

    JJ is smart when he wants but he acts stupid 😂😂😂

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