This Woman Doesn’t Drink Water?!?!

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  1. Ben and Jack Vlogs

    Ben and Jack Vlogs

    Ora fa

    2:07 that snake isn't too bad KSI could probably draw that

  2. Leonor Avery

    Leonor Avery

    2 giorni fa

    almost a wholesome moment.. almost hahahaha

  3. Cesar Alonso

    Cesar Alonso

    2 giorni fa

    8:36 did you mean crack?

  4. Coatesy C

    Coatesy C

    3 giorni fa

    It makes sense as water from New York taps is trash

  5. Android Tablet

    Android Tablet

    4 giorni fa

    4:14 we all know where JJ's looking!😄. Also that Harold guy can't honestly be that sad. His life seems to be going fairly well.

  6. Android Tablet

    Android Tablet

    4 giorni fa

    After this KSI goes to the shop and buys some balloons!

  7. FaZe Lord

    FaZe Lord

    7 giorni fa

    Water isn’t slimy it’s because of the other things with like the sugar in the coffee remains in your mouth and I turns slimy and when you drink water it’s like water is slimy

  8. Sydney Whitfield

    Sydney Whitfield

    9 giorni fa

    How is water slimy? Like I just don't get it.

  9. L


    10 giorni fa

    Petition to have the spoon lady on KSI next album

  10. Adheel Crawage

    Adheel Crawage

    10 giorni fa

    Ksi I just started watching your channel and now me and my friends watch you in class every day

  11. Just A Person

    Just A Person

    11 giorni fa


  12. Just A Person

    Just A Person

    11 giorni fa


  13. Just A Person

    Just A Person

    11 giorni fa


  14. Just A Person

    Just A Person

    11 giorni fa


  15. Just A Person

    Just A Person

    11 giorni fa


  16. Just A Person

    Just A Person

    11 giorni fa


  17. Just A Person

    Just A Person

    11 giorni fa


  18. Just A Person

    Just A Person

    11 giorni fa


  19. Just A Person

    Just A Person

    11 giorni fa


  20. Just A Person

    Just A Person

    11 giorni fa


  21. Just A Person

    Just A Person

    11 giorni fa


  22. Just A Person

    Just A Person

    11 giorni fa


  23. Just A Person

    Just A Person

    11 giorni fa


  24. Just A Person

    Just A Person

    11 giorni fa


  25. Lars Morabe

    Lars Morabe

    11 giorni fa

    "U get payed for being a troll?" Yes, in the Philippines they use millions of our taxes to pay pro government trolls

  26. Akeem Wilson

    Akeem Wilson

    13 giorni fa

    ksi: u get more vitemen :me mom my head hurts can i have a vitemen

  27. Jacob Lin

    Jacob Lin

    13 giorni fa

    Bro if u can't drink water just eat ice cubes=big brain level

  28. Demoniio SS13

    Demoniio SS13

    15 giorni fa

    8:24 i thought he was about to end the vid right there lmaooo

  29. Alan Escareno

    Alan Escareno

    16 giorni fa

    That Face though.

  30. Fluteboy


    19 giorni fa

    How about a Tesco Value tattoo?

  31. Parker Roberts

    Parker Roberts

    20 giorni fa

    Does she realize that coffee is mainly water?

  32. Maximilian 0 Zero

    Maximilian 0 Zero

    22 giorni fa

    I like to burn stages



    23 giorni fa

    0:38 Mission failed

  34. Fake Ninjazz

    Fake Ninjazz

    24 giorni fa

    I can't breath Im still laughing😂😂🤣

  35. Wheelie_jay1


    25 giorni fa

    JJ at 4:15 what colour is the plant pot

  36. Samuel Parsons

    Samuel Parsons

    25 giorni fa

    I can’t fucking hear the meme guy video because he’s laughing so fucking loud through the whole thing.

  37. soulJ


    25 giorni fa

    yo wassup its ksi lgbti

  38. islam ameur

    islam ameur

    26 giorni fa

    I was not ready for the "hide your pain harold" one 😂

  39. Ken Kaneki

    Ken Kaneki

    26 giorni fa

    There’s a story of a couple who thought it would be a great idea to put a balloon in the girl’s vagina then blow into the balloon. It popped and they needed surgery.

  40. Ken Kaneki

    Ken Kaneki

    26 giorni fa

    Being allergic to water is a very real thing, that lady just doesn’t like water.

  41. Nah 1

    Nah 1

    27 giorni fa

    "This women"

  42. tmmh 56

    tmmh 56

    27 giorni fa

    Well...that was weird

  43. RomitheHomi


    28 giorni fa

    why is no one talking about jj saying we are 8 percent water

  44. Verified_snags


    Mese fa

    Bruh that tattoo of himself tattooing himself is actually good

    • fly me to the moon

      fly me to the moon

      14 giorni fa


  45. Chris 3765

    Chris 3765

    Mese fa

    Actually some people are allergic to water but only externally.

  46. Dog Lover

    Dog Lover

    Mese fa

    Who else went to get a glass of water after watching this video ?



    Mese fa

    Plot twist: JJ had just ordered some balloons and didn't know what to do with them, until now.

  48. Bossman youdig

    Bossman youdig

    Mese fa

    Me: Ksi: Bulling and old man1

  49. Sarah Bolduc

    Sarah Bolduc

    Mese fa

    Just waiting to hear the spoon woman featured on KSI's new album..

  50. Aang Avatar

    Aang Avatar

    Mese fa

    Oh man Bro, eine Deutsche Frau mit balloon Fetisch, peinlich für uns 😂

  51. Timothy Ayers

    Timothy Ayers

    Mese fa

    I know I should be drinking water, *takes sip of coffee

  52. ianbop


    Mese fa

    Doesn’t drink water: Bazza Gazza has appeared

  53. bobeu 70

    bobeu 70

    Mese fa

    What is water

  54. Kaleb Torres

    Kaleb Torres

    Mese fa

    The 4k who didn't like this have no soul and a black heart



    Mese fa

    I feel kinda bad for that old man

  56. gurtaj mahal

    gurtaj mahal

    Mese fa

    1:39 it was KKK 🤣🤣🤣

  57. Oscar Veal

    Oscar Veal

    Mese fa

    Ngl lost a lot of respect u laughing at the third one

  58. Itzz Isauraa

    Itzz Isauraa

    Mese fa

    We all know what jj did after this video

  59. Demetri Dabrio

    Demetri Dabrio

    Mese fa


  60. Kohan


    Mese fa

    why does abby look like the old lady from ratatouille

  61. Erik V.k

    Erik V.k

    Mese fa

    Americans spell flavour-flavor wtf

  62. Yo Swag

    Yo Swag

    Mese fa

    Weapon of choice SPOON 🥄

  63. Haroon Wazir

    Haroon Wazir

    Mese fa

    I accidentally noticed JJ's hair and I couldn't enjoy the video.

  64. Soy Saucing

    Soy Saucing

    Mese fa


  65. Gaurav Hodage

    Gaurav Hodage

    Mese fa

    It’s 3 am I watching this video with no headphones and I can’t watch it without having to lower the volume every time

  66. Kngpergeyt Chanel

    Kngpergeyt Chanel

    Mese fa

    That don’t like Patric more like the KKK😂😂

  67. Phumu Thoka

    Phumu Thoka

    Mese fa


  68. Jaxon Films

    Jaxon Films

    Mese fa

    this makes me want to see JJ react to some TLC

  69. Sketchy Bal3r

    Sketchy Bal3r

    Mese fa

    We need to make this an official series

  70. Gebmate


    Mese fa

    How does not drinking water run in the family

  71. Golem Girl

    Golem Girl

    Mese fa

    11:19 I thought my phone froze 👁👄👁

  72. Golem Girl

    Golem Girl

    Mese fa

    *when the funniest guy on Earth doesn’t get your joke*

  73. Melon Man

    Melon Man

    Mese fa

    I love your laugh 😂

  74. Nasim Hakimi

    Nasim Hakimi

    Mese fa


  75. Nasim Hakimi

    Nasim Hakimi

    Mese fa

    Ur so funny

  76. Comedy Zone JA

    Comedy Zone JA

    Mese fa

  77. Daniel Crossley

    Daniel Crossley

    Mese fa

    Everyone on about the water woman yet I lost it when JJ was trying not to laugh at the Down syndrome drag

  78. Spanktastic


    Mese fa

    I kind of get the water woman, i for some reason gag and sometimes even puke after i drink plain water. If it got like lemon in it im just fine.

  79. Carnage 75

    Carnage 75

    Mese fa

    I like to burn stages

  80. Dr.HazeBlaze


    Mese fa

    0:06 "uuuhhh weeee" who is this guy mr. poopy buthole now?

  81. Kade E

    Kade E

    Mese fa

    God bless you all, hard days are put on the shoulders of god strongest soldiers, stay strong!

  82. Jammy DoddgerZ

    Jammy DoddgerZ

    Mese fa

    Fun fact: beer is mainly water ...?

  83. d1.splashy


    Mese fa

    *we are 8% of water* -JJ

  84. picklejucie 69

    picklejucie 69

    Mese fa

    This is a wierd thing to watch while takin a shit

  85. Hossam Barhom

    Hossam Barhom

    Mese fa q

  86. Kxtie


    Mese fa

    Me drinking water rn 💧👅💧

  87. Mr Cloraxx

    Mr Cloraxx

    Mese fa

    9:20 when they tell you to smile but you realise how bad 2020 has been

  88. Slush Puppy

    Slush Puppy

    Mese fa

    I didnt drink water as a kid up until I was like 12 I think... by itself anyway. I could only drink it with squash but Now I really dislike squash and only drink water and some fizzy drinks (not good but it wakes me up) Idk why I didn't drink it.

  89. Räžor676


    Mese fa


  90. DankGaming Games

    DankGaming Games

    Mese fa

    When I watched the spoon lady one my thoughts were "Finally, it's someone who actually is a normal human being and isn't completely crazy" lmao (the troll wasn't exactly crazy he was just weird/bad at being a troll).

  91. Basketball News TV

    Basketball News TV

    Mese fa

    UM bru water has no taste 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  92. Colin Zera

    Colin Zera

    Mese fa

    500k likes for jj to get a dumb tattoo😁😁😁

    • Basketball News TV

      Basketball News TV

      Mese fa

      Brooooooooo your a Chicago bulls fan u are a legend 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  93. Ben Harman

    Ben Harman

    Mese fa

    he was really rude about harold

  94. Sarvesh Agarwal

    Sarvesh Agarwal

    Mese fa

    4:14 yeah boiiiii

  95. spider Jackson

    spider Jackson

    Mese fa

    11:18 KSI has found his new fetish 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  96. shinymango mango

    shinymango mango

    Mese fa

    You can be allergic to water and it is very dangerous

  97. one


    Mese fa

    Nah it's not a real different idea... It's literally the same more like memes but not the title

  98. Jackson Tillman

    Jackson Tillman

    Mese fa

    I’m starting a ITput channel with comedy skits please consider subscribing if you want to help me out. I’m trying to get my name out there. I will be uploading frequently 😅

  99. CHALLENGE: help me reach 1.5k subs pls xD

    CHALLENGE: help me reach 1.5k subs pls xD

    Mese fa

    Ksi should be in one of these vids because of how crazy he is.... and how far his hairline goes back JKJK SORRY

  100. Mikaya Siet

    Mikaya Siet

    Mese fa

    Sad sparkling juice noises

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