This News Reporter Can’t Read (Try Not To Laugh)

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  1. adam vlogs

    adam vlogs

    14 minuti fa

    1:42 got me

  2. owohinator__ 01

    owohinator__ 01

    3 ore fa

    10:09 the jogging joke i dont rlly understand and even if it pg, i wanna know

  3. Karim Scaterovic

    Karim Scaterovic

    5 ore fa


  4. Po tater

    Po tater

    9 ore fa

    Was anybody else happy when jj stop being mad?

  5. Pradesh Csk

    Pradesh Csk

    14 ore fa

    Aston village🤣🤣🌀

  6. Yo Nxva

    Yo Nxva

    14 ore fa

    JJ: I have consoles xQc: No this can't be right u need "6 CONSOLES"

  7. Aung Kyaw Lynn

    Aung Kyaw Lynn

    15 ore fa

    Arr you are an arsenal fan 😁😁

  8. omer rebaz

    omer rebaz

    16 ore fa

    today your boy may be the first time he wont laugh = laughs at the first clip

  9. Vasilije Dimitrijevic

    Vasilije Dimitrijevic

    16 ore fa

    JJ: This might just be one of the first Try Not To Laugh's where I actually don't laugh Also JJ: *laughs at the first clip*

  10. Mike Tubman

    Mike Tubman

    17 ore fa

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  11. salime72


    21 ora fa

    racist people now know the truth of African Americans

  12. salime72


    21 ora fa

    6:35 i actually almost died 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • salime72


      15 ore fa

      @Blade *tik tok dances* hi i have aids i will die in a few days

    • Blade


      16 ore fa

      Same lmao 🤣🤣

  13. Frank Harris

    Frank Harris

    22 ore fa

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  14. bboyweir -

    bboyweir -

    Giorno fa

    im sry why tf you need 3 consoles



    Giorno fa


  16. Roy Racer

    Roy Racer

    Giorno fa

    Why was he laughing at himself

  17. The Commentator

    The Commentator

    Giorno fa


  18. mr. movies

    mr. movies

    Giorno fa

    Jj can i have that 1 ps5 please coz my parents can't afford it i subscribe,hit the like button turned on notifiction bell,and comment God Bless and keep safe........

  19. Yaksha


    Giorno fa

    JJ live life laugh😂😂

  20. Reset


    Giorno fa

    3:12 hit diff

  21. Lego Baruja

    Lego Baruja

    Giorno fa

    OMG!!!!! Playstation 5!!!! 😳

  22. Laura Maric

    Laura Maric

    Giorno fa

    Aston Village

  23. Randy Jr., Selarta

    Randy Jr., Selarta

    2 giorni fa

    The reporter is a great reader tho ≧∇≦😂🤣

  24. kenneth steven

    kenneth steven

    2 giorni fa

    his laugh though

  25. Louis Johnson

    Louis Johnson

    2 giorni fa

    damn i remember seeing this channel 8 years ago. lotta stuff happen since then lol

  26. Eizen Threesixfive

    Eizen Threesixfive

    2 giorni fa

    KSI asking why is someone so loud 😂😂😂

  27. Hcthci Ssss

    Hcthci Ssss

    2 giorni fa

    JJ: i’m in a bad mood today. Also JJ: 6:49

  28. Talitha Cumi Smith-Malcolm

    Talitha Cumi Smith-Malcolm

    2 giorni fa

    Me and my mu died watching the african reporter

  29. travis mingione

    travis mingione

    2 giorni fa

    SUNY Brockport! 😂😂😂

  30. Bl Channel

    Bl Channel

    2 giorni fa

    He has been trending with this

  31. alia ferguson

    alia ferguson

    2 giorni fa

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    3 giorni fa

    My mom told me that if I got 5k subs by the end of the year she'll will get me a new monitor PLS

  33. Qweku Incoom

    Qweku Incoom

    3 giorni fa

    7:50 This is hilarious😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  34. Qweku Incoom

    Qweku Incoom

    3 giorni fa

    This is Hilarious🤣

  35. Jurantii Paul

    Jurantii Paul

    3 giorni fa

    7:16 had me dying 🤣🤣🤣

  36. Rins Nonie

    Rins Nonie

    3 giorni fa

    Cmon for the first one everyone knows Wolverhampton Wanderers is pronounced Portugal.

  37. Nathan Robson

    Nathan Robson

    3 giorni fa

    are we gonna ignore the fact he said aston village lol



    3 giorni fa

    Mans said what is this called😂😂

  39. Leonardo Mendez

    Leonardo Mendez

    3 giorni fa

    Apu speaks better 🤣

  40. _universal_symbol_


    3 giorni fa

    He said Liverpool with confidence

  41. K Vikas

    K Vikas

    3 giorni fa

    🤣🤣🤣🤣I laughed a lot



    3 giorni fa


  43. Ryy Annn

    Ryy Annn

    3 giorni fa

    Wtf is lagdefp

  44. HnT-mIracLe GAMING

    HnT-mIracLe GAMING

    3 giorni fa

    3:15 made me laugh so hard

  45. Talitha Cumi Smith-Malcolm

    Talitha Cumi Smith-Malcolm

    3 giorni fa

    Shffiled united

  46. EJ PLAYZ


    3 giorni fa

    00:50LOL 😂

  47. Riley Daugherty

    Riley Daugherty

    3 giorni fa

    yes jj. that was our president. i honestly don’t think he knows what he’s saying



    4 giorni fa




    4 giorni fa


  50. Nathaniel Guerrero

    Nathaniel Guerrero

    4 giorni fa

    9:01 when the Pizza rolls with are done

  51. sheilatayy


    4 giorni fa


  52. Wow moments of the day

    Wow moments of the day

    4 giorni fa

    Am from Ghana. He ain’t a reporter man he’s a comedian and actor. He’s usually featured alongside other comedians by the channel just to make people laugh 😂

  53. Not Happy

    Not Happy

    4 giorni fa

    5:17 To understand this language, learn chicken language 🐔



    4 giorni fa

    you can tell the news reporter was sped

  55. Zoluhwa


    4 giorni fa

    It's not Aston villa it's Aston village...

  56. Not Happy

    Not Happy

    4 giorni fa

    5:17 I lost 10 kg of eye sweating of how much I laughed at this 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  57. RKH Animations

    RKH Animations

    4 giorni fa

    The news reporter reminded me of the old folabi

  58. TheTJammers


    5 giorni fa

    Man just rewatching this makes me sad cause he posts even at the lowest.

  59. BlankGlitch


    5 giorni fa

    JJ is being smart here, hes laughing, and laughing makes you thinner and makes you live longer, he is actually smarter than Folabi he is just making it seem dumb. Another one of his 10000 iq moves, now he can beat anyone.

  60. Yezeed Maglad

    Yezeed Maglad

    5 giorni fa

    3:26 the ols kdi renewed.

    • Yezeed Maglad

      Yezeed Maglad

      5 giorni fa

      *old ksi.

  61. TheGr8Ak


    5 giorni fa

    JJ's mom will be like how tf does he have so many things to laugh about??? He enters his room and all day i hear 1 sound ---- HIS LAUGHTER XD

  62. Nidhirdh Manoj

    Nidhirdh Manoj

    5 giorni fa

    JJ: "your boy is not in a mood to laugh and this is gonna be the first time i am not gonna laugh" LITERALLY BREAKS UP IN THE FIRST VIDEO....

  63. LilD Da Ruthless

    LilD Da Ruthless

    5 giorni fa

    When the news reporter said Sheffield he said it like shafizazaza

  64. Aelred Torno

    Aelred Torno

    5 giorni fa

    Temple run real life haha before it start you should insert a coin haha😂😂😂😂



    5 giorni fa

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  66. Andaman_playz Z

    Andaman_playz Z

    5 giorni fa

    The first clip 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  67. Hanno Neethling

    Hanno Neethling

    5 giorni fa

    I'm laughing more at you as the vids because of the face you show

  68. Shayan Shahbaz

    Shayan Shahbaz

    5 giorni fa

    This video is on 🔥

  69. Frederik2807 Larsen

    Frederik2807 Larsen

    5 giorni fa

    7:16 Oooh Shit

  70. Soar Max

    Soar Max

    5 giorni fa

    I support Tottenham Hotspur

  71. Joel William

    Joel William

    5 giorni fa

    8:52 That was Just Lowkey Hard. Ievann Polkka

  72. yours truly

    yours truly

    5 giorni fa


  73. Zenscraps


    6 giorni fa

    he readed the tottenham hotspur like hes from the harry potter

  74. Ronny Patrick

    Ronny Patrick

    6 giorni fa

    People think Africa is so low that they think that reporter is serious and not doing comedy

    • Ronny Patrick

      Ronny Patrick

      8 ore fa

      @Shalev Hasson Schrager All I was saying was if this "reporter" was from any other continent, everyone would have known this was a comedy act..I didn't even mention race 😂😂

    • Ronny Patrick

      Ronny Patrick

      8 ore fa

      @Shalev Hasson Schrager I didn't say "black" I said "Africa" why are you so angry?

    • Shalev Hasson Schrager

      Shalev Hasson Schrager

      4 giorni fa

      Wow that's so racist right? Ffs stop making literally anything racist and enjoy the laughs

  75. RiftayzYT


    6 giorni fa

    14,000 comment boiz

  76. Naim Braici

    Naim Braici

    6 giorni fa

    4:20 this is what happens if u dont go to school

  77. korrekt 17

    korrekt 17

    6 giorni fa

    4:15 in which country we pronounce 228 like '' two two two twenty-two twenty-two ''



    6 giorni fa


  79. Deric Putra

    Deric Putra

    6 giorni fa

    7:00 this is so funny i cant 😂

  80. Katie Hobson

    Katie Hobson

    6 giorni fa

    When i here his laugh i laugh

  81. Shaik Moosa Kalam

    Shaik Moosa Kalam

    6 giorni fa

    Wow dude has 5 consoles and I don't have 1

  82. Nitesh Kumar

    Nitesh Kumar

    6 giorni fa

    JJ earns between $263.9K - $4.2M a year and still doesn't Activate Windows. Simplicity Level - Ꝏ

  83. Nitesh Kumar

    Nitesh Kumar

    6 giorni fa

    Tottenham hotspuspus

  84. Elements Of Infinity

    Elements Of Infinity

    6 giorni fa


  85. Ian Cromie

    Ian Cromie

    6 giorni fa

    That news reporters numbers is worse Jacob zuma😂😂

  86. Joel Bill

    Joel Bill

    6 giorni fa


  87. Jermone Pemberton

    Jermone Pemberton

    7 giorni fa

    I never laughed soo hard in my life .... I'm weak 1:56🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭

  88. LordBurger


    7 giorni fa

    1:57 pufpufpufpufpuf

  89. FaZe Minaj

    FaZe Minaj

    7 giorni fa


  90. Ryan Abreau

    Ryan Abreau

    7 giorni fa

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  91. collins tafirenyika

    collins tafirenyika

    7 giorni fa

    I’m from Wolverhampton 😂😂

  92. Laufi Mitiakigi

    Laufi Mitiakigi

    7 giorni fa

    Your my fav youtuber

  93. Laufi Mitiakigi

    Laufi Mitiakigi

    7 giorni fa

    Your my fav youtuber

  94. yasmine osman

    yasmine osman

    7 giorni fa

    0:26 i saw this video on tiktok i was dying form laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  95. Wonderlapse


    7 giorni fa

    i dare you should resist while the clips are not paused

  96. JadeZ


    7 giorni fa

    Watching ksi is already funnier than tntl

  97. Retired Bacca

    Retired Bacca

    7 giorni fa


  98. Animeraikiri


    8 giorni fa

    0:48 when a homeless person says he was not always homeless and you try to offer him a job

  99. John Messay

    John Messay

    8 giorni fa

    His laugh is contagious

  100. Toxic trooper Fn

    Toxic trooper Fn

    8 giorni fa

    First in 2021

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