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  1. PEScharlie


    4 ore fa

    Okay but actually what was happening at 10:20

  2. Carl Ashworth

    Carl Ashworth

    4 ore fa

    The thumbnail scared the shit outta me

  3. Anime Warlord

    Anime Warlord

    11 ore fa

    why is this in @heisuten reacts HxH playlist

  4. Jesus Is King

    Jesus Is King

    13 ore fa

    Bruh jj ares was trash ngl

  5. Michael Simbana

    Michael Simbana

    18 ore fa

    6:46 KSI to Simon on a regular...

  6. 禁Snickers X Clorox

    禁Snickers X Clorox

    Giorno fa

    Tf he laughing like scooby Doo for

  7. Cj_Thekxller Gaming

    Cj_Thekxller Gaming

    2 giorni fa

    0:00 spam it

  8. Amelia Brasher

    Amelia Brasher

    2 giorni fa

    i love how ksi could get canceled in so many ways but he just doesn’t gaf

  9. Gyenimaa Agyapong

    Gyenimaa Agyapong

    3 giorni fa


  10. Andre Costa

    Andre Costa

    3 giorni fa


  11. Random Gamer

    Random Gamer

    3 giorni fa

    Stop JJ abuse

  12. Augusto Santos

    Augusto Santos

    3 giorni fa

    11:00 please tell me there is a compilation of memes from this part somewhere



    4 giorni fa

    Scripted ?

  14. Ryan Abreau

    Ryan Abreau

    4 giorni fa

    The itchy waitress moberly extend because comb universally entertain besides a bouncy soldier. precious, colossal house

  15. Rylan Parks

    Rylan Parks

    4 giorni fa

    Is it just me , or is he saying alfhorn .

  16. ya boi obama

    ya boi obama

    4 giorni fa

    Why am i here

  17. Tay K

    Tay K

    4 giorni fa

    4:48 guy forgot about Ddg

  18. Frauxd


    4 giorni fa

    At 7:26 a add came up so I couldn’t see 😢

  19. Suha Alam

    Suha Alam

    4 giorni fa

    “ay it’s covid you can’t tickle me” lmaoo Randolph is jokes man

  20. Person 145

    Person 145

    5 giorni fa

    ive gotten an add everytime he jumps on the snow

    • ZyEr0 X2

      ZyEr0 X2

      4 giorni fa


  21. muad abdi

    muad abdi

    5 giorni fa

    6:15 if you did not see it says niggamind lol

  22. Mike Tubman

    Mike Tubman

    5 giorni fa

    The smelly arm coherently raise because radish perioperaively clean abaft a mellow index. tearful, glossy internet

  23. CCGStatic


    5 giorni fa

    Nobody... All the dogs in my neighborhood at 2am 9:44

  24. Crazyketchupguy


    5 giorni fa

    I love the tunes

  25. Crazyketchupguy


    5 giorni fa


  26. Otaku UwU

    Otaku UwU

    5 giorni fa

    Nobody: My car when i try to turn it on : 9:43

  27. Mbongeni Ncube

    Mbongeni Ncube

    5 giorni fa

    Can someone help me get pes 2017 on pc

  28. Finlay Hamm

    Finlay Hamm

    6 giorni fa

    m a n s m a i n s t r e a m n o w i n n i t

  29. Andrew Zeitler

    Andrew Zeitler

    6 giorni fa

    The selective earth radiographically live because stock indisputably rejoice astride a cluttered chive. natural, adjoining slice

  30. Tony Gryciuk

    Tony Gryciuk

    6 giorni fa


  31. chlo


    6 giorni fa

    how is jj over the age of 20..

  32. chlo


    6 giorni fa

    what about jojo siwa instead of joji ??

  33. Mystaxen gaming

    Mystaxen gaming

    6 giorni fa

    loose woman be SLAPPING

  34. Efrain Hellen

    Efrain Hellen

    6 giorni fa

    The acidic maple prenatally reproduce because waiter philosophically realise before a low advice. glib, silky emery

  35. Will Wigglesworth sim racing

    Will Wigglesworth sim racing

    7 giorni fa

    we all love Lorraine in Britain - but nobody watches her

  36. Jessica Thompson

    Jessica Thompson

    9 giorni fa

    I love Lorraine

  37. trevor frankum

    trevor frankum

    10 giorni fa

    The auspicious creature conservatively surround because thailand conformably matter past a mere refrigerator. young, innate face

  38. Fazel Rehman

    Fazel Rehman

    10 giorni fa

    Everytime he watches the Really Love video when he is jumping legit there is always an ad

  39. JackGrealish69


    10 giorni fa

    I searched for ‘get checked my g ksi’

  40. SSwordSlingeRR


    11 giorni fa

    Milk has 230k subs now. Jeez

  41. Fareed yousuf

    Fareed yousuf

    11 giorni fa

    We all know he did the alphorn trick after the video 😂

  42. Output Kay

    Output Kay

    11 giorni fa


  43. Ian Stewart

    Ian Stewart

    11 giorni fa

    As of January 14 2021, MilkInABag has 230K subs.

  44. LWRN


    12 giorni fa

    That One About Ethan OMG made me laugh so hard aha look quite identical : )

  45. Ali Kasey

    Ali Kasey

    12 giorni fa

    Mo is a legend

  46. Layne Tucker

    Layne Tucker

    12 giorni fa

    0:00 my microwave when it goes off at 3 am be like

  47. Kado Keith

    Kado Keith

    12 giorni fa

    Who else watch bro high? I’m gone rn😂😂😂

  48. Mike Tubman

    Mike Tubman

    12 giorni fa

    The zonked crate inevitably introduce because dresser atypically rain outside a enormous canadian. enchanted, ludicrous adult

  49. Shae Alleigha

    Shae Alleigha

    13 giorni fa


  50. Senior Scouse

    Senior Scouse

    13 giorni fa

    Jj deletes his comment Him:YESSSS

  51. Andre Ribeiro

    Andre Ribeiro

    13 giorni fa

    The serious seagull ganguly spill because doctor morally produce past a hurried loaf. comfortable, eight hole

  52. arshullah 71

    arshullah 71

    14 giorni fa

    2:12 she looks like morgz mum from a far

  53. Sharkmanax 190

    Sharkmanax 190

    14 giorni fa

    We all know JJ plans these releases when he make a bet on doing something if a song hits number one

  54. Coco Cox

    Coco Cox

    15 giorni fa

    “I’m going to have to Tickle you”- ksi 2021 6:46

  55. Bobby robo

    Bobby robo

    15 giorni fa

    10:15 ayo 😂😳

  56. FreeFree


    15 giorni fa

    the way he raged quit was frickin hilarious. (9:59)

  57. mcboy 124

    mcboy 124

    16 giorni fa

    why do you look like your old self in the thumbnail you look like deji

  58. The Commentator

    The Commentator

    16 giorni fa


  59. Shade


    16 giorni fa

    Yo JJ

  60. Prengelz


    17 giorni fa

    7:10 jj is laughing even tho he is not the one being tickled

  61. GOLD MAN


    17 giorni fa

    I hate the fact that he is silent and in one secend he is lout as fuck

  62. シ¡DORALIS!シ


    17 giorni fa


  63. Genos675 _

    Genos675 _

    18 giorni fa

    8:03 soooooo true

  64. Minecrafter Oli

    Minecrafter Oli

    18 giorni fa

    the alphorn looks like a massive blunt

  65. VaxyyYT


    18 giorni fa

    when you got mad at randolph i thought you were going to like box him or something but you said ksi: im going to have to tickle you fam me: ahahhahahahahahahhahhahha

  66. Ash Blue

    Ash Blue

    19 giorni fa

    The vamps

  67. tatenda gomba

    tatenda gomba

    19 giorni fa

    Everything is a violation to JJ

  68. Anime Phantom

    Anime Phantom

    19 giorni fa

    Go to 9:43 😂😂😂

  69. Kratos


    19 giorni fa

    6:20 thats the same picture

  70. Jenson New

    Jenson New

    20 giorni fa

    12:13 "ROOFLESS" ~ JJ, 2020

  71. Elvis Sommar

    Elvis Sommar

    20 giorni fa

    Yo like i come from sweden and i got an ad basically saying who’s your dark favourite like a dark chocolate ad and then the video pops up and i see you screaming hell like😂😂 sry for bad english but it was really fucking funny

  72. IAO eZ Mistake

    IAO eZ Mistake

    20 giorni fa

    The word bae which is usally used to discribe someone who comes before anyone else but in Danish it means poop

  73. past


    20 giorni fa

    Holy F that intro made me jump

  74. Rajveer Rao

    Rajveer Rao

    20 giorni fa

    12:20 ok which video is he talking abt?

  75. Nate W

    Nate W

    21 giorno fa

    me just trying to be stealthy and watch some ksi vids . 1 sec into vid: AAAAAAAAAHHH

  76. Name


    21 giorno fa


  77. Infernasu


    21 giorno fa

    Did I ask?

    • Infernasu


      20 giorni fa

      @LitModz oh no

    • LitModz


      21 giorno fa

      I asked.

  78. jigglejello9.0 KERMIT THE FROG

    jigglejello9.0 KERMIT THE FROG

    22 giorni fa

    jj:Im gonna have to tickle you fam randolph: no wattpad users:yes

  79. GoX91


    22 giorni fa

    KSI : He was incredible imposter.He was ROOFLESS (talking about Vik) Google : Did you mean ruthless?

  80. Liam Tate

    Liam Tate

    22 giorni fa

    That one there is a violation and personally I wouldn’t have it

  81. Average Mo

    Average Mo

    22 giorni fa

    when ksi said let me get my shorts raised a flag

  82. Fla5h Slayz

    Fla5h Slayz

    22 giorni fa

    12:38 perfect time with an ad

  83. Teja Koripalli

    Teja Koripalli

    22 giorni fa

    JJ your face is a violation

  84. Hochimin Rodriguez

    Hochimin Rodriguez

    22 giorni fa

    Joyner Lucas in the successful ITput musician category

  85. Jocy Torres

    Jocy Torres

    22 giorni fa

    Hopefully JJ shouts out Ellum, he’s soo funny 🥺

  86. Alexander Sanchez

    Alexander Sanchez

    23 giorni fa

    America: checkfriend United Kingdom: checkmate

  87. Ami-Z


    23 giorni fa

    Jj you change the pitch of the Alphorn by blowing harder and closing your lips harder

  88. Jokshan Sanchez

    Jokshan Sanchez

    23 giorni fa

    Been a real hard couple of days been watching you for the past couple of hours and lemme just say man you’ve made it better

    • Panda Panda

      Panda Panda

      Ora fa

      @DevC nah

    • DevC


      11 ore fa

      Didn't ask

    • Tsultrim Zala

      Tsultrim Zala

      13 giorni fa


    • Bibbaro


      14 giorni fa

      Glad you feel much better bro

    • Domo Premo

      Domo Premo

      17 giorni fa

  89. H0lyn3vil


    24 giorni fa

    wtf dis got recommended after last 2020 vid of ksi, so this was the sauce of the time travel

  90. shymakumari S.L

    shymakumari S.L

    24 giorni fa


  91. Nahian Jehan

    Nahian Jehan

    25 giorni fa

    Imagine if he did the madness would have died

  92. ÃVÎ


    25 giorni fa


  93. Black Ninja

    Black Ninja

    25 giorni fa

    After looking at those haunted pics of JJ and I thought in 2021 I would forget it🤣🤣



    25 giorni fa


  95. Solaire Solalalalalemon

    Solaire Solalalalalemon

    26 giorni fa

    They gonn have you Mia Khalifa an alphorn

  96. Lee Butler

    Lee Butler

    26 giorni fa

    Aye you I need to learn his background music. It slaps

  97. Zeeshan


    26 giorni fa

    watching this at 4 am in my room and im 100% sure im both deaf in one ear and that someone in my house definitely woke up 0:00

  98. Diego Delgado.2

    Diego Delgado.2

    27 giorni fa

    Right before jj was about to jump in the music video it showed a burger ad so he basicaly jumping into a Burger

  99. HAMUUD44


    27 giorni fa

    10:10 no no no no i can't this is so funny XD

  100. CubingTiger


    27 giorni fa

    9:51 🤣🤣🤣🤣 oh god

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