They Tried To Make Fun Of Me



  1. Mason Nelson

    Mason Nelson

    5 minuti fa

    He flexing cause he knows how to wear a mask now

  2. Steve03kidd


    23 minuti fa

    Me: Shouldn't the mask cover your entire chin, can still see that beard though. JJ: Allow it fam!

  3. Semper Fish

    Semper Fish

    47 minuti fa

    You think you're protecting yourself from yourself with a mask that will only make yourself more prone to respiratory illness caused by yourself.

  4. Raizzz


    48 minuti fa

    Can I get a save for the jihads Ahmed Muhammad Ibrahim Imran(me)

  5. Mighty Ninja

    Mighty Ninja

    Ora fa

    Who is going to tell him

  6. Barry Allen

    Barry Allen

    Ora fa

    3:36 I still don’t get it can someone tell me



    Ora fa

    who wants to see adam saleh vs ksi

  8. Pastix


    2 ore fa

    You scared the crap out of me

  9. Cece


    2 ore fa

    Lol how is his beard matching the map on the mask😂😂

  10. Josh Waller

    Josh Waller

    2 ore fa

    Tbh Ksi ain’t even that bad.....

  11. Drummer Jo

    Drummer Jo

    4 ore fa

    Who is this person?

  12. god shooter

    god shooter

    5 ore fa

    He's wearing it upside down

  13. Taher Ahmed

    Taher Ahmed

    5 ore fa

    Ksi:Mans just styling on u fam Me:ur mask is on the wrong way



    6 ore fa

    Upside down masks

  15. Get on this level Fam

    Get on this level Fam

    6 ore fa

    Mans mask is upsidown

  16. TheNate371


    6 ore fa

    lol I’m 19 and have a fuller beard than jj

  17. Jxrry_ nepy

    Jxrry_ nepy

    8 ore fa

    Oh mate...when the guy on Reddit said that his mask is upside down 😂😭🤣

  18. Ashere Mguye

    Ashere Mguye

    8 ore fa

    I just saw the “SABC1” logo and I’m hella confused , how ? 😭😂

  19. BenjiThaGamer


    8 ore fa

    He just has to cut it and grow it back n rinse and repeat

  20. BenjiThaGamer


    8 ore fa

    Nah KSI beard is getting there

  21. DurrtyTBH


    8 ore fa

    JJ, the more you cut a hair the strong it gets. The hair enters a state of recovery and grows back thicker. Just keep shaving and it'll be thick eventually

  22. Jaskarn Singh 606s

    Jaskarn Singh 606s

    8 ore fa

    Ksi try using a dermaroller(0.5mm)for your beard and pair it with a serum

  23. Don’t sub

    Don’t sub

    10 ore fa

    The lonely kid trying to rap 15:41

  24. ON1_Bech


    11 ore fa

    He would steal thousands of dollars from his friend but not a video that someone he doesn’t know made

  25. Pxtxr


    11 ore fa

  26. Viktor Cvetkovic

    Viktor Cvetkovic

    11 ore fa

    Its upside down

  27. Filming Australia

    Filming Australia

    12 ore fa

    the mask is just to hide the beard bro

  28. Tiresa Lene

    Tiresa Lene

    13 ore fa

    Mate ur mask is the wrong way

  29. Demos TheGameingbear _

    Demos TheGameingbear _

    13 ore fa

    his laugh is awesome and makes me laugh

  30. Big Bess

    Big Bess

    14 ore fa

    the masks upside down😂😂

  31. TheWafflesBehindTheSlaughter 2020

    TheWafflesBehindTheSlaughter 2020

    14 ore fa

    *I j u s t g o t a Y o u T u b e a c c o u n t w h a t t h e h e l l h a p p e n e d ?*

  32. Mohammad Jaffer

    Mohammad Jaffer

    15 ore fa

    JJ: "Man's just styling on you bro!!" Me: You are wearing the mask upside down."

  33. HyperDragon TM

    HyperDragon TM

    16 ore fa

    I'm Nigerian too! Are you Yoruba??

  34. Chimdi Nwoko

    Chimdi Nwoko

    16 ore fa

    0:14 ksi said He is looking smart to day but yet wear the mask upside down😂😂😂

  35. Ellis


    16 ore fa

    Mask is the wrong way around

  36. HyperDragon TM

    HyperDragon TM

    16 ore fa

    *B E S T N I G E R I A N Y U O TU B E R E V E R!*

  37. HyperDragon TM

    HyperDragon TM

    16 ore fa

    *E P I C*

  38. Rohan Chanan

    Rohan Chanan

    17 ore fa

    Stop putting hate in the comments Because I don't have enough time to like all of them

  39. Mahmoud Ramadan.

    Mahmoud Ramadan.

    17 ore fa

    JJ there is something called shaving your fucking beard so that it will grow back thicker

  40. sav_ age

    sav_ age

    18 ore fa

    its ksi LGBTQ+

  41. Asian Baby

    Asian Baby

    19 ore fa

  42. Lance Webb

    Lance Webb

    19 ore fa

    Who’s gonna tell home the mask be upside down

  43. Rock8foru


    20 ore fa

    Did anyone else get a random notification that he just uploaded 5 days later?

  44. Lachlan Lenz

    Lachlan Lenz

    20 ore fa

    Don’t worry JJ over here in Australia your wearing the mask right

  45. Kaleb Gomez

    Kaleb Gomez

    20 ore fa

    peep the jotaros theme music

  46. Danny is lame

    Danny is lame

    20 ore fa

    The mask has the same pattern as his beard

  47. Sam The ram

    Sam The ram

    21 ora fa

    Go ksi

  48. Aayush Shah

    Aayush Shah

    22 ore fa

    His mask is upside down 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  49. Soupisamyth


    22 ore fa

    Do a most dangerous sport on Motorsport (F1, NASCAR, motocross, etc.)

  50. ThelightAssasin 117

    ThelightAssasin 117

    23 ore fa

    TRIED or DID is my question

  51. Hari Baidwan

    Hari Baidwan

    23 ore fa


  52. scott Hewitt

    scott Hewitt

    Giorno fa

    It's upside down 👀😵 ...... 😂😂😂

  53. Judgemental Reaction

    Judgemental Reaction

    Giorno fa

    Man's really wore the mask upside down

  54. Just Smith

    Just Smith

    Giorno fa

    Mans flexing with an upside down mask.

  55. Hype Six

    Hype Six

    Giorno fa

    Bruh the fact that he has the mask on upside down

  56. 360 Fov

    360 Fov

    Giorno fa

    "we move, we move" does my head in....but nowhere near as much as when bambinobecky says it. clout chasing biffer

  57. Alejandro Canseco

    Alejandro Canseco

    Giorno fa

    His mask is upside down ha what a legend

  58. Bentmen XIX Vidios

    Bentmen XIX Vidios

    Giorno fa

    JJ your mask is upside down

  59. GTS_ Bluey

    GTS_ Bluey

    Giorno fa

    Is someone gonna tell the man he’s wearing the mask upside down 😷 🙃

  60. Theory Forever

    Theory Forever

    Giorno fa

    what team you in

  61. MythicalBeefster


    Giorno fa

    thanks for the laughs man. i needed a good laugh today

  62. Abrahem Nassar

    Abrahem Nassar

    Giorno fa

    Can we talk about how the mask is upside down

  63. Can we Annoy youtubers

    Can we Annoy youtubers

    Giorno fa

    Ok boomer

  64. Sarah Amine

    Sarah Amine

    Giorno fa

    slims tiktok was hilarious omg

  65. Derek Greenaway

    Derek Greenaway

    Giorno fa

    Mans got the mask upside down hahahhahahhahahah

  66. Ghøst


    Giorno fa

    Fam take off that durag we love the new hair

  67. Arjan Teji

    Arjan Teji

    Giorno fa

    I’m still surprised this hasn’t been a title of a video already ever since he started doing Reddit videos 🤣. That’s literally it: “they tried to make fun of me”

  68. Khalifa Man

    Khalifa Man

    Giorno fa

    who came here after knowing that ksi's mask was upside down this whole?😂😂😂

  69. The Grim Reaper

    The Grim Reaper

    Giorno fa

    Styling with that patchy beard 🤔 stop gluing your pubes your face 🤣

  70. Brandon Munson

    Brandon Munson

    Giorno fa




    Giorno fa

    jj ur face mask is up side down

  72. Mr JOSHLR


    Giorno fa

    JJ: I’m loookinggggg swave todayyyyyyy Us: the mask is the wrong way

  73. Aarish Bhayani

    Aarish Bhayani

    Giorno fa

    He is wearing it upside-down

  74. Mohammed Maal

    Mohammed Maal

    Giorno fa

    Who's gonna tell him the mask is upside down

    • Sock_muffin


      Giorno fa

      Who's gonna tell him we know this is a copied comment

  75. Amy Clarke

    Amy Clarke

    Giorno fa

    The upside down mask is fine be on reddit

  76. life is amazing

    life is amazing

    Giorno fa

    I died on the fouseytube one😂🤣🤣

  77. Charlie


    Giorno fa

    Jay Barstow 😂😂😂😂😂

  78. Harkamal Saran

    Harkamal Saran

    Giorno fa

    Is he wearing his mask upside down?

  79. Alston Metoxen

    Alston Metoxen

    Giorno fa

    0:07 I only saw his beard lmao sorry I only saw his patches but the mask looks hella good

  80. Ismail Abdulwahab

    Ismail Abdulwahab

    Giorno fa

    Mask still don't cover hi beard

  81. Christian_sk8s


    Giorno fa

    Who’s here after he made the video finding out the mask was backwards

  82. Majid Al jaburi

    Majid Al jaburi

    Giorno fa

    Anyone who wants babatunde to react to the Reddit page

  83. micheal alongi

    micheal alongi

    Giorno fa

    I think is, is that KSI's forehead isnt bring bullied, its his fucked up beard



    Giorno fa

    He's wearing the mask upside down...

  85. Jay Jay GG

    Jay Jay GG

    Giorno fa

    He’s using his mask the wrong way

  86. I V

    I V

    Giorno fa

    Ksi fans are carrying this channel with reddit.

  87. Andrew Davis

    Andrew Davis

    Giorno fa

    Who is watching after he realized that he wore the mask upside down

    • Jantuan Garrett

      Jantuan Garrett

      7 ore fa

      Tuff mate

    • Mr Grav

      Mr Grav

      10 ore fa

      I am

    • Gotcha_TY OnYoutube

      Gotcha_TY OnYoutube

      Giorno fa


  88. Thunder Of Thor

    Thunder Of Thor

    Giorno fa

    Ay to heart my comment Ksi bro Ay yo i got a valid reason I HAVE THE SAME MASK 😂

  89. Christoffer Brynjulvsen

    Christoffer Brynjulvsen

    Giorno fa

    Ur using the mask upside down 😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣

  90. Nadeem Noor

    Nadeem Noor

    Giorno fa

    what browser are you using here

  91. Jalen Curry

    Jalen Curry

    Giorno fa

    A yoooooooooo u sus

  92. Kainen Augustine

    Kainen Augustine

    Giorno fa

    he dont know who jonny bairstow is

  93. Abade Az

    Abade Az

    Giorno fa

    Can you do the translation in Arabic

  94. ConixD


    Giorno fa

    I just wanted to say ive been really down lately and you really make me feel better

  95. Hayden Schooler

    Hayden Schooler

    Giorno fa

    He wearing a mask coz Simon is in the room

  96. micheal alongi

    micheal alongi

    Giorno fa

    10:28 was JJ drunk?

  97. micheal alongi

    micheal alongi

    Giorno fa

    Who is matt?

  98. Carl Pimentel

    Carl Pimentel

    Giorno fa

    I don’t get the 0.69 joke.....

  99. X Blade

    X Blade

    Giorno fa

    U guy should make a sidemen thing on Twitch and go live

  100. Lars Iver Heggem

    Lars Iver Heggem

    Giorno fa

    KSI Knowledge: 50 cent is less than 0.69 Strengt: a small period before the fight Integrity: *Snakes Vik*

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