Someone Hacked and Stole My Diamond Play Button...

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  1. Unbreakable Crab

    Unbreakable Crab

    2 ore fa

    I got rick rolled trying this

  2. Chinmay Rao

    Chinmay Rao

    7 ore fa

    lol that Reddit post predicted the future!! JJ was vikks assistant for 24 hours!!!

  3. Noah Patel

    Noah Patel

    10 ore fa


  4. Zquig 06

    Zquig 06

    13 ore fa

    It's weird because now jj has been viks assistant

  5. vProspectives


    Giorno fa

    He did both admitted he wasn’t 6’0 and was was Vikks assistant

  6. Rocco


    Giorno fa

    4:40 thanks jj you did both

  7. rae ludiansa

    rae ludiansa

    Giorno fa

    Actually ksi play button the real one has surpassing while the fake one has passing

  8. 0fNature


    Giorno fa

    pause at 4:01 it says ksi is 1.83

  9. MM//MysteriousMaster


    Giorno fa

    4:39 the prophecy has been fulfilled

  10. Sebastian Christensen

    Sebastian Christensen

    2 giorni fa

    a diamond play button is worth 17k

    • village brudda

      village brudda

      Giorno fa

      No its worth 3k

  11. 00Gameplayer


    2 giorni fa

    Have you noticed he hasn't activated windows yet

  12. 10 minutes of nothing

    10 minutes of nothing

    3 giorni fa


  13. Taylor Ryan

    Taylor Ryan

    3 giorni fa

    10:29 KSI: O_O

  14. Vedant Pingle

    Vedant Pingle

    3 giorni fa

    I love how JJ chooses the red pill over the green but somehow a few months later he ended up becoming vik's assistant 😂.

  15. Marcus Tehnoob

    Marcus Tehnoob

    3 giorni fa

    he said jack is an imposter but jack isn’t sus

  16. Yusuf_PlayZ


    3 giorni fa

    Who’s here after ksi became vikks assistant for 24hours

  17. Tanner Fontenot

    Tanner Fontenot

    4 giorni fa

    I support you JJ

  18. kraber


    4 giorni fa

    Ksi isn't straight believe me he ain't getting girl cause he won't try cause he is gay......

  19. Manish Deo

    Manish Deo

    4 giorni fa

    deji just got 2 diamond play buttons, i wonder where he got it from

  20. PDR Supreme

    PDR Supreme

    4 giorni fa


  21. -DoDo 385-

    -DoDo 385-

    4 giorni fa

    Karma predicted that u will steal from vik

  22. Henry Kuhlmann

    Henry Kuhlmann

    5 giorni fa

    Now JJ has actually picked both bills



    5 giorni fa

    Wait you are ksi I didn’t know that :0

  24. Olof K

    Olof K

    5 giorni fa

    4:38 he have now done both

  25. BrokenLuck


    5 giorni fa

    You know you can shrink with age

  26. Mehaan


    5 giorni fa

    buddy he didnt even take that, if u go on the same website u get RICK ROLLED AT 10:23

  27. kdan_ 7

    kdan_ 7

    5 giorni fa

    4:44 we got both

  28. Kay


    5 giorni fa

    Bruv he didn't show the ting on the screen when it said he could order one that shit fake af

    • village brudda

      village brudda

      Giorno fa

      He did on his channel

    • Lufuno Raf

      Lufuno Raf

      Giorno fa

      He did on his on channel

  29. jimmy b

    jimmy b

    5 giorni fa

    He's a bloody tampon

  30. Reindawn


    6 giorni fa

    Not suprised you clickbaited your reaction

  31. Mohammed JAHANGIR

    Mohammed JAHANGIR

    6 giorni fa

    Congrats of hitting 10 million subs

  32. Abdulla Mubarak

    Abdulla Mubarak

    6 giorni fa

    U are 5’11

  33. Quzeyxl


    6 giorni fa

    I like you saying NOOO NOOO NOOO WTF??

  34. Dennis Sulemani

    Dennis Sulemani

    7 giorni fa

    How the table turn he admitted to be under 6ft and now he just been vikks assistant for 24hrs

  35. Truvelo Kalbo

    Truvelo Kalbo

    7 giorni fa

    Jake Paul American ITputr and Internet personality Cleveland-born social media star, actor, entrepreneur, author, singer, and founder of the Team 10 collective. Born: January 17, 1997 (age 23), Cleveland Height: 5'10" (1.79m) Parents: Pamela Ann Stepnick, Gregory Allan Paul hell yeah

  36. Schnitzel


    7 giorni fa

    Fun fact: if you type in the link today, you will be sent to never gonna give you up

    • Schnitzel


      2 giorni fa

      @G prank from youtube

    • G


      2 giorni fa

      Lmao why does that happen?

  37. FazeRex100


    7 giorni fa

    I time traveled from three years ago to now. Where is JJ? And who is this guy?

  38. aatman joshi

    aatman joshi

    7 giorni fa

    12:38 man's guessed the rise of among us

  39. staring at a colour with no music

    staring at a colour with no music

    7 giorni fa

    2 diamond play buttons for KSI😂😂😂😂😂

  40. BrianKk0802


    7 giorni fa

    4:43 I guess he really chooses to not admit that's he's not 6ft

    • Ayaan 137

      Ayaan 137

      7 giorni fa

      He did both lol

  41. MC Cubing

    MC Cubing

    7 giorni fa

    Activate Windows

  42. Leo Goga

    Leo Goga

    8 giorni fa

    4:43 both

  43. Quartiermeister F

    Quartiermeister F

    8 giorni fa

    How can someone curse so much in one vid

  44. Blu Lota

    Blu Lota

    8 giorni fa

    The jake paul height has been changed. To 6'1

  45. JackSucksAtYoutube


    8 giorni fa

    New Project:... 🦌

  46. guntavare nykvistr

    guntavare nykvistr

    8 giorni fa

    I like how they took the screen off when they got the play button and it said it was added to your cart only on the bottom to make it look more fake

    • village brudda

      village brudda

      Giorno fa

      He showed everything on his channel

  47. Rizwan Malik

    Rizwan Malik

    8 giorni fa


  48. Rayyan Shahzad

    Rayyan Shahzad

    8 giorni fa

    1:01 it wasn't Simon because he was cheating him

    • ARCUS


      7 giorni fa

      Who was that actually tho

  49. Abdeslam Talemsani

    Abdeslam Talemsani

    9 giorni fa

    jj you will break a rib if u try hit a horse

  50. Fahad Talal

    Fahad Talal

    9 giorni fa

    Jake Paul is bigger then you stupid you look bigger then him cuz of your hat idk what’s the name

    • village brudda

      village brudda

      Giorno fa

      Your just mad because Jake lost in the fight

  51. Suzy Hanna

    Suzy Hanna

    9 giorni fa


  52. YoBoi Splash2.0

    YoBoi Splash2.0

    9 giorni fa

    I love how KSI went from a bandana to a durag

  53. Bolt Default

    Bolt Default

    9 giorni fa

    Jacksucksatlife was the impostor 0 impostors remain

  54. holmesTheGamer


    9 giorni fa

    You got no tick when I checked now

  55. Howie Tran

    Howie Tran

    10 giorni fa

    Their is one imposter among us

  56. Giraffe


    10 giorni fa

    I’m 12 and i’m almost taller than JJ

    • MonsterBlox


      9 giorni fa

      Same Lol

  57. Cylis Locklear

    Cylis Locklear

    10 giorni fa

    Is it just me or was Simon not in the first mirror pic?

  58. Shitter123


    10 giorni fa

    if you are reading this,i hope you have a great day :)

  59. Shitter123


    10 giorni fa

    it's turd boi420-------------------------------------------------------------------------- is a god im sick

  60. Shitter123


    10 giorni fa

    let's gooooooooooooooooooo he stole ur play button

  61. spider_life305


    10 giorni fa


  62. cam0_blackout Plays

    cam0_blackout Plays

    10 giorni fa

    0:21 when jj put on the lighter preview if you look in the bottom right corner you can see the activate windows pop up 😂

  63. Rayan Nannoni

    Rayan Nannoni

    10 giorni fa

    Damn JJ ate both pills he admitted that he isn't 6ft tall and he is going to be Vikk's assistant for 24 hours

  64. Zidane auto

    Zidane auto

    10 giorni fa

    jakes more taller than u

  65. TODarkShadowWolf6144


    10 giorni fa

    12:38 There is 1 imposter among us

  66. Austin Wilson

    Austin Wilson

    10 giorni fa

    I checked JJ’s height and it’s 6 foot idk what. Thank me later JJ

  67. Joshua


    10 giorni fa


  68. Joshua


    10 giorni fa


  69. Banana Equestrian

    Banana Equestrian

    11 giorni fa

    my bing research says JJ is 5'9''

    • village brudda

      village brudda

      Giorno fa

      @Banana Equestrian guess so lol

    • Banana Equestrian

      Banana Equestrian

      Giorno fa

      @village brudda only me :p

    • village brudda

      village brudda

      Giorno fa

      Who uses bing in 2020

  70. Gianluca Molina

    Gianluca Molina

    11 giorni fa

    Hees the imposter. Vote jack

  71. Television


    11 giorni fa

    Hippity hoppity your diamond play button is now my property

  72. Kevin Childress

    Kevin Childress

    11 giorni fa

    Who's here after JJ snaked Vik for $93k

  73. ViaisLame


    11 giorni fa

    He really put diamond play button sucks to find it

  74. Kujo Jotaro

    Kujo Jotaro

    11 giorni fa

    12:39 jack was kinda sus

  75. sasq Watch

    sasq Watch

    11 giorni fa

    JJ is 6 foot because his forehead is 2 inches without his forehead he would be shorter than Jake Paul and he would be 5”10

  76. Matthew Hammond

    Matthew Hammond

    11 giorni fa

    Im 5,8 and im 13



      11 giorni fa

      I'm 14 and 5,10

    • Matthew Hammond

      Matthew Hammond

      11 giorni fa

      My dads 6,3

  77. Shifted


    11 giorni fa

    *Jack was the Impostor*

  78. Omer Nadir

    Omer Nadir

    11 giorni fa

    10:31 oh rah

  79. Adele Mariexo

    Adele Mariexo

    12 giorni fa

    And now he has agreed to be vikk's assistant so he chose both 😂

  80. BoredCloud


    12 giorni fa

    the link actually takes you to somewhere good, if you wanna see it... here it is-

  81. Yathish Manivannan

    Yathish Manivannan

    12 giorni fa

    When you realise Jake is 6'1 and Jj is 6'0 I ain't no hater🥺👉👈

  82. Ojas Maisekar

    Ojas Maisekar

    12 giorni fa

    Cant concentrate while seeing snakes on the video

  83. NANI?! !

    NANI?! !

    12 giorni fa

    4:40 I guess he is not going to admit now...

  84. theevenonein dark dark dark

    theevenonein dark dark dark

    12 giorni fa

    Me putting emerald/ ruby/ uranium

  85. Ayham Safwat Lotus

    Ayham Safwat Lotus

    12 giorni fa

    Now his subscriber with most subs is ksi NONI

  86. Anniaeza Yuan Ebora Angchangco

    Anniaeza Yuan Ebora Angchangco

    12 giorni fa

    i=Imagine susan watching this

  87. Subscribe to me even though I won’t upload

    Subscribe to me even though I won’t upload

    12 giorni fa

    4:40 WELL Now it seems we have both

  88. BedHeadBrian


    13 giorni fa

    4:39 well now we got one and we’re getting the other

  89. Jan Yeet

    Jan Yeet

    13 giorni fa

    i am twelve and am 5.05 feet

  90. Mini Fag

    Mini Fag

    13 giorni fa

    Lol you still did the asisaain tign

  91. Dinesh Kunjunni

    Dinesh Kunjunni

    13 giorni fa

    JJ you did not defeat the lion it was the great babatunde 😂😂😂

  92. Diamond yeet

    Diamond yeet

    13 giorni fa

    13:24 😂😂😂



    13 giorni fa




    13 giorni fa


  95. Baylin Barrett

    Baylin Barrett

    13 giorni fa

    Are you ever gonna activate windows😂

  96. Clanel Sevillena

    Clanel Sevillena

    13 giorni fa

    The fact that the guy didnt clickbait us 🤭😎👌

  97. Alex the epic

    Alex the epic

    13 giorni fa

    jacksucksatlife was voted off (imposter)

  98. Gul Zada

    Gul Zada

    13 giorni fa

    His laugh is enough to cure a patient with depression 😂

  99. Michael Botha

    Michael Botha

    13 giorni fa

    He can go to jail for that

    • village brudda

      village brudda

      Giorno fa

      No he can't karen



    13 giorni fa

    *T H E R E I S O N E I M P O S T E R A M O N G U S*

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