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  1. Maria Santos

    Maria Santos

    5 ore fa

    You can see the salt dripping

  2. Shawn Gallagher

    Shawn Gallagher

    8 ore fa

    8:44 what game is this

  3. Joe Danger Finesse

    Joe Danger Finesse

    13 ore fa

    What's the song in the end?

  4. Kabir Sen

    Kabir Sen

    13 ore fa

    he should react to xbox live kids he finna have salt for a decade then :>

  5. derrick khoo Jing yu

    derrick khoo Jing yu

    15 ore fa

    Intro was great

  6. Serbian Empire

    Serbian Empire

    Giorno fa

    KSI Should react to wizard yensid



    Giorno fa

    who else whatched this and lost a tooth



    Giorno fa

    sad jj

  9. cheesy crackers

    cheesy crackers

    Giorno fa

    The guy raging over street fighter his got was nillkiggers

  10. King Kress

    King Kress

    Giorno fa

    What this people are mad

  11. GGMann .10

    GGMann .10

    Giorno fa

    9:09 door ksi

  12. Marvin Yoani

    Marvin Yoani

    Giorno fa

    I accuatly was eating while i watch the salty compelation part 1 and 2

  13. kare-_-197


    Giorno fa

    Ksi do be temporarily landing doe😳9:09

  14. NOAHP00L


    Giorno fa

    jj: there is no salt me: seeing that salt falling out of the food

  15. Among us

    Among us

    Giorno fa

    KSI have money to afford a car but can't afford salt.

  16. BlameJacc


    Giorno fa

    5:25 is that kids biggest mistake

  17. Miguel Coelho

    Miguel Coelho

    Giorno fa

    2:37 got me

  18. Sceptix Luvs u

    Sceptix Luvs u

    2 giorni fa

    When he said that guy alt f4ed out of the game I said he alt f4ed our of life

  19. Marlon Claassen

    Marlon Claassen

    2 giorni fa

    Yoo fxck them double legss 🤣🤣🤣🤣 im crying dude

  20. RyanIsAlwaysBored


    2 giorni fa

    "Sounds like he was about to take off" got me lmao

  21. FakeDan m

    FakeDan m

    2 giorni fa

    i love xqc

  22. Mohammed Sadi

    Mohammed Sadi

    2 giorni fa

    U said ur not happy when u laugh at the start of the video

  23. Lucas Pereira

    Lucas Pereira

    2 giorni fa

    pouse the vid and see the name of the clip LMAO 0:43

  24. its leo 1

    its leo 1

    2 giorni fa

    Ai i the only one tht after watching this trying this too?

  25. the woo

    the woo

    2 giorni fa

    All the salty clips were so salty that i got heart disease

  26. Juan Gonzalez

    Juan Gonzalez

    2 giorni fa

    JJ: omg this bullshit the girl: you know what's bullshit your face

  27. Juan Gonzalez

    Juan Gonzalez

    2 giorni fa

    youtubers: I AM SO MAD I LOST me: its just a game bro

  28. Andrei Riza

    Andrei Riza

    2 giorni fa

    This video made me laughter so much man respect KSI.

  29. Ducky


    2 giorni fa


  30. Brandon Lockett

    Brandon Lockett

    2 giorni fa

    5:25 Man sent him to the next dimension

  31. Rip.


    2 giorni fa

    Not gonna lie i saw mark and i was like finally ksi and mark make a video.

  32. Hi There.

    Hi There.

    2 giorni fa

    Is it just me or does jj’s food look so good

  33. Scooptic


    3 giorni fa

    Bro stop calling xQc ninja jr

  34. Moises Perez

    Moises Perez

    3 giorni fa

    5:21 Ksi reaction:😐

  35. Breezy Lightning

    Breezy Lightning

    3 giorni fa

    3:15 he lit made my headphones break XD

    • Breezy Lightning

      Breezy Lightning

      3 giorni fa

      Lit my headphones broke

  36. chozzers H

    chozzers H

    3 giorni fa

    Hahahaha he is 1 55 im 1 60

  37. Isaiah Sievert

    Isaiah Sievert

    3 giorni fa

    I got salt less food too and I can taste the salty ness while I eat

  38. Kj_2004


    3 giorni fa

    Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; 2 By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. 3 For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; 4 And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures

  39. Jonathan Martinez

    Jonathan Martinez

    3 giorni fa

    So nobody gonna say that he trying so much

  40. Smokey1127 Bear

    Smokey1127 Bear

    4 giorni fa

    Bro where’s part 3 it’s been four months

  41. Jake


    4 giorni fa

    10:20 that laugh though 😂

  42. Tor


    4 giorni fa

    5:20 I’m fucking dead

  43. Lani


    4 giorni fa

    I just lost it when I saw markiplier I FREAKING DIED THAT WAS HILARIOUS

  44. EntityZero


    4 giorni fa

    imagine you're live streaming and die in a game and the entire chat goes 3:26

  45. KickRocksBud


    4 giorni fa

    Ngl that pasta looks HEELLLLLLAAAA GOOD

  46. Hugh Janus

    Hugh Janus

    4 giorni fa

    7:25 My mans really got so mad that he disintegrated

  47. Vortex SparKz

    Vortex SparKz

    4 giorni fa

    My guy 1 shot 1 kill with a keyboard😂

  48. Shin-chan


    4 giorni fa

    Of course trick2g is here

  49. Saaeesh Namburu

    Saaeesh Namburu

    5 giorni fa

    bruh one of the clips was the same one as last time LOL

  50. DragoFire Dragonasty

    DragoFire Dragonasty

    5 giorni fa

    13:36 lol yassuo is here

  51. joshua johnson

    joshua johnson

    5 giorni fa

    2:25 when iron shoots his beams

  52. First name Last name

    First name Last name

    5 giorni fa

    Salty compilation 1 was the first KSI video that i sawp

  53. Sam Vids

    Sam Vids

    5 giorni fa

    I think this is enough salt for a decade

  54. Frans Forsell m

    Frans Forsell m

    5 giorni fa

    suomalinen ksi:n videolla kohdassa 14.13 guy from finland in 14.13

  55. Loki


    5 giorni fa

    12:53 Ayo its Ozil's brother hahahahahaha

  56. SebVidsTv


    5 giorni fa

    Quick question how do you not throw up from all the salt

  57. Eliso Boxashvili

    Eliso Boxashvili

    5 giorni fa

    11:15 12 yrs old me when i cant register in game

  58. Nathan Lebednik

    Nathan Lebednik

    5 giorni fa

    What’s he eating

  59. Hallenberger


    5 giorni fa

    4:23 bruh Anyone else see his name's nillkiggers

  60. Ashwin Hessler

    Ashwin Hessler

    5 giorni fa

    The sequel we’ve been wanting

  61. Ice Cream

    Ice Cream

    5 giorni fa

    5:25 bro he dead I mean like he dead dead



    5 giorni fa

    Anyone know what pasta dish he’s eating?

  63. Emperor Moist

    Emperor Moist

    5 giorni fa

    9:08 bruh he sound like a parrot

  64. whateverthefiwantgotit ok

    whateverthefiwantgotit ok

    5 giorni fa to my girlfriend

  65. xMR-CHAOSx


    6 giorni fa

    3:50 haha there’s no girls here ;)

  66. CMC


    6 giorni fa

    I’m 15 and my pb deadlift is 180

  67. Mikaele Rosecrans

    Mikaele Rosecrans

    6 giorni fa

    We feel bad for poor desk

  68. Mikaele Rosecrans

    Mikaele Rosecrans

    6 giorni fa

    6:45 I love his reaction so much

  69. TMP Prediking

    TMP Prediking

    6 giorni fa

    jj activate windows man

  70. Trap Vaccine

    Trap Vaccine

    6 giorni fa

    Markiplier rage is a fine type of salt

  71. the blonde gamer

    the blonde gamer

    6 giorni fa

    again he only did this vid to eat whilst filming

  72. RockyGaming


    6 giorni fa

    PART 3 JJ

  73. Xkirby Channel

    Xkirby Channel

    6 giorni fa

    I love how on 4:37 there was a dancing vegeta lol love how Ksi laughed to that! 😂😂😂😂

  74. ArmsTL Gaming

    ArmsTL Gaming

    6 giorni fa

    Tfue 🤣

  75. 七anjiro


    6 giorni fa

    5:22 when a classmate got straight A’s but the other not

  76. 七anjiro


    6 giorni fa

    2:24 when me and ksi writing and the other friend not yet finished be like 🤣

  77. 草{Free Music} mobile music creator

    草{Free Music} mobile music creator

    6 giorni fa

    Part 3? Like and ksi will post the part 3

    • 草{Free Music} mobile music creator

      草{Free Music} mobile music creator

      2 giorni fa

      @JLKY 234 y u take serious bro 😆

    • JLKY 234

      JLKY 234

      2 giorni fa

      he is not gonna see ur comment mate. And no one is liking ur comment lol.

  78. Jer'Shawn Lavan

    Jer'Shawn Lavan

    6 giorni fa

    2:53 he just puts his head set back on like hes going to keep playing after he broke his pc

  79. Aj Fragata

    Aj Fragata

    6 giorni fa

    He says that he doesn’t have salt but it looks like he has salt on his plate

    • DUSKY TV

      DUSKY TV

      6 giorni fa

      Thats the joke.

  80. ReshHash 12

    ReshHash 12

    6 giorni fa

    No too much salt

  81. nehej7a


    6 giorni fa

    Me: tryna sneak sum snacks at 3am My fukin door: 9:09

    • JLKY 234

      JLKY 234

      2 giorni fa

      bruh lmao.

  82. Fake Apology

    Fake Apology

    7 giorni fa

    I’m ashamed that I used to be like these people

  83. Cathy Bowlin

    Cathy Bowlin

    7 giorni fa

    The rocket ship lmao😂 and the metal clanking to XD

  84. Theo Sidnor

    Theo Sidnor

    7 giorni fa

    Man's got the same microphone as MarkPlier at the thumbnail lmao!

  85. Rossi


    7 giorni fa

    this video is so underrated funniest thing i've watched in a long time

  86. Korlel Asara

    Korlel Asara

    7 giorni fa

    What food is he actually eating?

  87. NACROキング


    7 giorni fa

    Aye xqc

  88. Yeshi Dorji

    Yeshi Dorji

    7 giorni fa

    make a third one too XD

  89. Brody_Official


    7 giorni fa

    KSI returns 😂🧂

  90. fap and forget

    fap and forget

    7 giorni fa

    he needs the salt

    • JLKY 234

      JLKY 234

      2 giorni fa

      to grow his dead patchy beard. jk

  91. Raúl Ruiz

    Raúl Ruiz

    7 giorni fa

    Gamer: Break all their belongings in their room KSI: *eating intensifies*

  92. Sulaiman S

    Sulaiman S

    7 giorni fa

    honestly surprised jj even knows what alt f4 is

  93. Viggo Via-Schneider

    Viggo Via-Schneider

    7 giorni fa

    No way KSI just called xqc ninja jr.

  94. Dra Groch

    Dra Groch

    7 giorni fa

    Not gonna lie, that double leg desk slam is pretty impressive.

    • Miguel Alcala

      Miguel Alcala

      18 ore fa

      I was laughing so bad at the double leg drop till I saw this comment while I was laughing

    • Poptrop


      Giorno fa

      He’s xqc on twitch if you’re wondering

    • Fragsy


      2 giorni fa


    • El Chapo

      El Chapo

      4 giorni fa


    • Mikaele Rosecrans

      Mikaele Rosecrans

      6 giorni fa


  95. Vekenzel Serdena

    Vekenzel Serdena

    7 giorni fa

    7:26 the way hes cam disappear get me

  96. Peter Parker

    Peter Parker

    8 giorni fa

    5:25 the slap with da keyboard thooooo lmao

  97. Mr POTaTo

    Mr POTaTo

    8 giorni fa

    every door in horror movies be like:9:08 (15 likes is my highest can u like so i can go 16)

  98. Chill King

    Chill King

    8 giorni fa

    9:40 mark

  99. Maho


    8 giorni fa

    xQc is GOAT

  100. A V E R N U S

    A V E R N U S

    8 giorni fa

    me: loses game keyboard: [Softly] Don't

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