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  1. Jeff Crombie

    Jeff Crombie

    22 ore fa

    You are actually a really bad and boring rapper, you’re only rapping because you made money playing fifa. Your music is so draining man

  2. Matulis


    4 giorni fa

    Wheres Deji?

  3. Max Faber

    Max Faber

    4 giorni fa

    Shaq is the goat

  4. HappyMi


    4 giorni fa

    No life Shaq dats tuff

  5. Bruh Moment

    Bruh Moment

    5 giorni fa

    This is cut down way too much

  6. Mikaele Rosecrans

    Mikaele Rosecrans

    5 giorni fa

    10:00 IM FUCKING DEAD!!!!! 🤣💀

  7. Mikaele Rosecrans

    Mikaele Rosecrans

    5 giorni fa

    5:00 KSI in a nut shell 🤣💀

  8. Abyaz Anwar

    Abyaz Anwar

    5 giorni fa

    Finally agreed he is 5ft.11!!!

  9. Jimli


    6 giorni fa

    These reactions along wiith JJs are the best

  10. ThatOneDude579


    7 giorni fa

    The second guy looks high off his ass ngl

  11. Dan Morris

    Dan Morris

    9 giorni fa

    “I’m like Nate Robinson but I’m 5”11” Let’s hope he doesn’t get dropped by Jake like Nate

  12. Thobarniey Ndlovu

    Thobarniey Ndlovu

    15 giorni fa

    4:29 Did you really just say 5 foot?

  13. Jim Brumwell

    Jim Brumwell

    15 giorni fa

    Or like FATNEEK

  14. Jim Brumwell

    Jim Brumwell

    15 giorni fa

    Anyway we love u JJ!!!!!

  15. Jim Brumwell

    Jim Brumwell

    15 giorni fa

    Who was the girl singing

  16. Jim Brumwell

    Jim Brumwell

    15 giorni fa

    Who was the girl

  17. RKH Animations

    RKH Animations

    16 giorni fa

    me just trying to enjy the music in the video but everytime ksi laugths

  18. gamername013 0

    gamername013 0

    18 giorni fa

    Even though i dont like this kind of mucic but i really like it

  19. Travis s

    Travis s

    21 giorno fa


  20. Aaron Kontio

    Aaron Kontio

    22 giorni fa

    “Like Nate Robinson but in 5’11’’ can you repeat that fatneek also you would be 5’9” if your forehead wast so big

  21. Prezley Martin

    Prezley Martin

    23 giorni fa

    jj not ganna lie the white do rag makes u look like an ndian othere than that gang gang

  22. ihaterickowens


    Mese fa


  23. PF Curry

    PF Curry

    Mese fa

    JJ: "Like Nate Robinson" Nate After getting knocked the fuck out: 👁️💧👄💧👁️

  24. A_B_D_U_L W_A_S_S_A_Y

    A_B_D_U_L W_A_S_S_A_Y

    Mese fa

    Ksi is only one who is heappy on his own songs reactions 🤣

  25. Ezra Przytyk

    Ezra Przytyk

    Mese fa

    4:25 that Nate Robinson comment aged well lmao

    • yoda calvin

      yoda calvin

      16 giorni fa

      So if someone says Nate Robinson before the fight they automatically predicted the future?

  26. Kel L

    Kel L

    Mese fa

    When JJ wins an Oscar: Ayo I’m gassed

  27. Abubakar Adamu

    Abubakar Adamu

    Mese fa

    Yo what ever mood you might be in, watching **KSI** will always lighten you up. Man's just so likeable

  28. DatBoii Charlie

    DatBoii Charlie

    Mese fa

    “I’m Nate Robison but I’m 5’11” later did he know jake Paul knocked him out and It’s KSI TURN

  29. Moon


    Mese fa

    4:54 is just reacting with the BOYSS

  30. Wayne D

    Wayne D

    Mese fa

    I could see you doing an absolute classic with m huncho

  31. Savvy


    Mese fa

    “yeah thats fucks”

  32. DamBoy


    Mese fa

    Even the durag is lighter

  33. Josh Robinson

    Josh Robinson

    Mese fa

    The excitement jj has truly shows his appreciation for his fans 👌

  34. Sijan Thapa

    Sijan Thapa

    Mese fa


  35. Abdul Khalek Mohamed

    Abdul Khalek Mohamed

    Mese fa

    did he just say he was 5.11

  36. Taxable_ Trophy

    Taxable_ Trophy

    2 mesi fa


  37. Taxable_ Trophy

    Taxable_ Trophy

    2 mesi fa


  38. Taxable_ Trophy

    Taxable_ Trophy

    2 mesi fa


  39. Cdeez XD

    Cdeez XD

    2 mesi fa

    3:46 me December 1st

  40. gohan


    2 mesi fa


  41. Diego Flores

    Diego Flores

    2 mesi fa

    Hey KSI do you think you can make my music come to life

  42. r ee

    r ee

    2 mesi fa

    jj: i like being unpredictable deji: *predicts everything*

  43. harinder Jot singh

    harinder Jot singh

    2 mesi fa

    3:43 13 year old me in the night

  44. HorridSneeze


    2 mesi fa


  45. Harrison Stanley

    Harrison Stanley

    2 mesi fa

    I didn’t even know girls had legs I’m fucking dying

  46. RZN_FrZdy


    2 mesi fa

    The song is alright... not the best.. cuz i dont want to boosts this pricks ego.

  47. Tayyeb Huzaifa

    Tayyeb Huzaifa

    2 mesi fa


  48. leanna edwards

    leanna edwards

    2 mesi fa

    samantha bee

  49. Asaad Boubala

    Asaad Boubala

    2 mesi fa

    2:18 he said he's not loud as him

  50. Andrew Brown

    Andrew Brown

    2 mesi fa

    Love the energy bro

  51. Rimi Shukla

    Rimi Shukla

    2 mesi fa

    Let's be real...............we all love when Anthony Fantano reviews KSI😂😂

  52. Angel Herrera

    Angel Herrera

    2 mesi fa

    Yep Disney film material music video

  53. Splx Lew

    Splx Lew

    2 mesi fa

    He needs to react to when Deji reacted to it Like so he can see

  54. Judy Kagwi

    Judy Kagwi

    2 mesi fa

    JJ says he did that dunk but once you reach the credits it says double act

  55. Niranjan Raut

    Niranjan Raut

    3 mesi fa

    you heard it here jj is 5 foot 11 timestamp 4:27

  56. tameem ahmad

    tameem ahmad

    3 mesi fa

    What is JJ doing with his hand when Nick Fantano is reacting to lighter

  57. Fabio Goudmijn

    Fabio Goudmijn

    3 mesi fa

    His ego is over 9000!!!!

  58. Baraklo_-206


    3 mesi fa

    8:04 earthquake warning

  59. Eternal


    3 mesi fa

    Were is the vidio were he says i write my songs at the desk



    3 mesi fa

    wait we are watching JJ watching ITput watching someone watching ITput.

  61. Wreckon P

    Wreckon P

    3 mesi fa

    I am proud of our fat neek

  62. oh


    3 mesi fa

    3:43 no context

  63. NaughtyNoobLife


    3 mesi fa


  64. SnowmanChief 24

    SnowmanChief 24

    3 mesi fa


  65. Mister Universe

    Mister Universe

    3 mesi fa

    So happy for you dawg

  66. Linky Boi

    Linky Boi

    3 mesi fa


  67. C JJ

    C JJ

    3 mesi fa

    This man’s laugh is one I feel very comfortable laughing along with

  68. Isaac Flores Morazan

    Isaac Flores Morazan

    3 mesi fa

    7:58 JJ’s reaction tho 😂

  69. Derby Crash

    Derby Crash

    3 mesi fa

    Why was Nathan Dawe in it he did nothing

  70. Charley Gibbons

    Charley Gibbons

    3 mesi fa

    Just subscribed brother!

  71. Tsultrim Zala

    Tsultrim Zala

    3 mesi fa


  72. That one Cool kid

    That one Cool kid

    3 mesi fa

    Who knew JJ had moves? 8:02

  73. Ammar Butt

    Ammar Butt

    3 mesi fa

    elton john

  74. Aidanmc19 ,

    Aidanmc19 ,

    3 mesi fa

    Ksi dancing at 8:11 . Simon in the bed behind like wtf is he doing

  75. ahmedeltaher Elshagmani

    ahmedeltaher Elshagmani

    4 mesi fa

    No you are definitely more liuder

  76. Suzeuski


    4 mesi fa

    0:05 not for long

  77. Official Travis

    Official Travis

    4 mesi fa

    Me looking at my computer when my parents are gone with baby lotion @3:45

  78. Bryan Eddinga

    Bryan Eddinga

    4 mesi fa

    gentle whispering

  79. Zara Ayunts

    Zara Ayunts

    4 mesi fa

    The song is a bangar

  80. Zara Ayunts

    Zara Ayunts

    4 mesi fa

    JJ u ded not dunk ok!!!!!!!!!!! .song is amsing

  81. No Bar Ace

    No Bar Ace

    4 mesi fa

    Bruh imagine JJ did some drill

  82. Le Von Swafford

    Le Von Swafford

    4 mesi fa

    7:58, KSI getting all excited and bouncing to his own music on beat has me 😭😂😂😂😂love it🤣

  83. YoUmAdSuS


    4 mesi fa

    Guys im sorry but ksi does have a ghostwriter 😞 Its sorry i had to expose him.

  84. Sijan Thapa

    Sijan Thapa

    4 mesi fa


  85. trash x trash

    trash x trash

    4 mesi fa


  86. Jan jaranjanjan

    Jan jaranjanjan

    4 mesi fa

    KSI is like a kid hearing the teacher tell good things about him to his mom

  87. Mumblezz Volgz

    Mumblezz Volgz

    4 mesi fa

    Baldski in the reaction vid

  88. Isaiah Malladi Rasmussen

    Isaiah Malladi Rasmussen

    4 mesi fa

    Fantano: KSI is not terrible KSI: LEEEEEETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOO

  89. anime weeb who

    anime weeb who

    4 mesi fa

    Milk it

  90. Lewis Brown

    Lewis Brown

    4 mesi fa

    If you haven’t bought lighter on iTunes then what are you doing? Listening to it on ITput, Spotify and on the radio every 5 minutes

  91. Michael Eugene Cheng

    Michael Eugene Cheng

    4 mesi fa

    fr tho KSI x disclosure

  92. cortex Bruh

    cortex Bruh

    4 mesi fa

    Bruh seeing KSI happy makes my DAY

  93. K Gupta

    K Gupta

    4 mesi fa


    • Stealthy ➐

      Stealthy ➐

      4 mesi fa


  94. Babar Siddiqui

    Babar Siddiqui

    4 mesi fa

    you didn't even react to your brother's reaction wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

  95. Mori Bob Fort nite

    Mori Bob Fort nite

    4 mesi fa

    Lighter is the best aren’t I right

  96. C Dods

    C Dods

    4 mesi fa

    it looked like ksi and shaq were laughing together lol

  97. Devon Wilson

    Devon Wilson

    4 mesi fa

    Did JJ just say he was 5 foot 11? 🤣

  98. Mitsuha Nonamso

    Mitsuha Nonamso

    4 mesi fa

    idek that you wrote this song till i heard it on the radio and even then i nearly pissed myself i was so shocked..

  99. MuddledCape 5571

    MuddledCape 5571

    4 mesi fa

    Did kJ say he was 5,11 thought you were 6 feet

  100. Zeus


    4 mesi fa

    a moment of silence for deji. jj didnt even see him react to his song.

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