Reacting To MrBeast's Youtube Rewind 2020

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  1. Ishaan Rishi Pridhnani

    Ishaan Rishi Pridhnani

    55 minuti fa

    ksi swears alot

  2. Sebastian Munkli

    Sebastian Munkli

    9 ore fa

    JJ «TikTok is like Vine, everybody from Vine moves to ITput, now everybody on TikTok is moving to ITput» David Dobrik «👁👄👁»

  3. apple samet

    apple samet

    9 ore fa

    I watched almost the whole community of ITput

  4. mr.mimeboy 1

    mr.mimeboy 1

    10 ore fa

    JJ always has a shit christmas

  5. Max Woods-Evans

    Max Woods-Evans

    12 ore fa

    12:24 or asian

  6. Funny Videos

    Funny Videos

    12 ore fa

    Watch at 3:53

  7. Charles Jordan

    Charles Jordan

    12 ore fa

    here he is talking about corpse's voice well was the a touche to HIMSELF in purpose

  8. Pantomias


    13 ore fa

    Perfekt Danke

  9. DoubleTaps


    14 ore fa


  10. SMJ


    15 ore fa

    He left out the Logan Paul part

  11. Tame Platinum

    Tame Platinum

    15 ore fa

    As much as people may hate him, he has such a wholesome laugh.

  12. Yoban Art

    Yoban Art

    16 ore fa

    make fun people not nice



    17 ore fa

    can you get me likes pls and ksi see this

  14. FrixLT


    18 ore fa


  15. Its Syft BTW

    Its Syft BTW

    19 ore fa

    I can hear jj's laugh all day long

  16. Sert Hayden

    Sert Hayden

    20 ore fa

    Fatneek didn’t realize it’s not the same place 😂

  17. Raja Abdul mannan جحطكمن 1245 Fishwick raja gamer

    Raja Abdul mannan جحطكمن 1245 Fishwick raja gamer

    22 ore fa

    what a legend

  18. J wal

    J wal

    22 ore fa

    Corpse's music is soo deeeeep

  19. Caren Tañala

    Caren Tañala

    23 ore fa

    Thank God its over?? NEW VARIANT OF COVID 19 INCOMING....

  20. Aamina Farooq

    Aamina Farooq

    23 ore fa

    Rewind 2020 is made to embarrass KSI lol

  21. xXShadowClawz5Xx 4

    xXShadowClawz5Xx 4

    Giorno fa

    "at least we know hes white" - JJ 2021

  22. andezp


    Giorno fa

    unus beastus

  23. måŕşhmęłłøw đřěåm

    måŕşhmęłłøw đřěåm

    Giorno fa

    Lol Mr beast comment under my comment

  24. FaZe RaheemKing

    FaZe RaheemKing

    Giorno fa

    2020 yeah.. oh I mean *"FUCK OFF 2020"* 2021 yeah I like you already. -KSI

  25. FaZe RaheemKing

    FaZe RaheemKing

    Giorno fa

    12:33 JJ Olatunji ✔️

  26. Ryde


    Giorno fa

    Mr bEAST commented lol

  27. Ryde


    Giorno fa


  28. Lion cards Gameday

    Lion cards Gameday

    Giorno fa

    12:32 jj do be on there

  29. T C S

    T C S

    Giorno fa

    I see you cutting out logans part you aint slick😏

  30. Leia River Glass

    Leia River Glass

    Giorno fa

    me: *clicks on ksi channel for the first time in to long* also me: *watches first 30 seconds* the vid // piont one: *STRIPPERS* me again: 'ahhhh just another ksi vid nothings changes' (:

  31. Master Yoda

    Master Yoda

    Giorno fa

    Am I the who feel a goosebumps when they show Kobe and Chadwick. 😢

  32. Umme Salma

    Umme Salma

    Giorno fa

    Wakanda forever F in the chat

  33. Uma Kooloth

    Uma Kooloth

    Giorno fa

    When jj says u naught u naughty, his face made my night sivaratri ( scary face 😂)

  34. Llewellyn Benjamin

    Llewellyn Benjamin

    Giorno fa

    Its clearly not shot at the same location as Will. Mountain background is different, but more obvious, is that Mr Beast crudely used silver duct tape, roughly cut perspex and prob sprayed pvc pipe silver to create that location shot of being on the same balcony.

  35. # ARMISS

    # ARMISS

    Giorno fa

    hahahahah nabagiii

  36. Alex Alex

    Alex Alex

    Giorno fa

    I woke up and I couldnt breathe *i can see how people can die from this*

  37. Sam Wood

    Sam Wood

    Giorno fa

    I swear, if mandem in the past saw what shits like In this day and age.💀 💀 The world is actually fucking mad these days.

  38. Mikos Duman

    Mikos Duman

    Giorno fa

    @furiosfade should be there

  39. Darshan kumar

    Darshan kumar

    Giorno fa

    1:14 that means u r dead

  40. The Jewtuber

    The Jewtuber

    Giorno fa

    Pause at 12:30 instead of JJ Mo put himself

  41. CyberEye 88

    CyberEye 88

    Giorno fa

    Please React ITput Rewind Indonesia 2020.... 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  42. Aryanth Venugopal

    Aryanth Venugopal

    Giorno fa

    RIP Chadwick.

  43. Me Squad Official

    Me Squad Official

    Giorno fa


  44. Me Squad Official

    Me Squad Official

    Giorno fa


  45. Eri ck

    Eri ck

    Giorno fa

    I'm hacker man

  46. LMN Vanix

    LMN Vanix

    2 giorni fa

    Oh yea its the computer science class I'm the hacker Man

  47. N04h _002

    N04h _002

    2 giorni fa


  48. Team Arx

    Team Arx

    2 giorni fa

    Rip Maradona

  49. Creamy


    2 giorni fa

    Breaking news boxing youtuber KSI taken out by the common cold

  50. Epileptic Chocobo

    Epileptic Chocobo

    2 giorni fa

    Corpse’s song E-Girls Are Ruining My Life actually faintly plays during the Rewind near the beginning

  51. Biju Jose

    Biju Jose

    2 giorni fa

    Everybody: cmin here to watch JJ's video Le me: cmin here for that LAUGH(YES YU HEARD THAT RIGHT.....THAT...GODLY....LAUGHH)🤣🤣

    • Biju Jose

      Biju Jose

      Giorno fa

      @KERL CUBER alllpinneh...pever thanne pever



      Giorno fa


  52. Ripzys


    2 giorni fa

    his lowest video has 19k views

  53. Tristan Hope

    Tristan Hope

    2 giorni fa

    JJ”I couldn’t breathe.” JJ starts laughing 😂😂

  54. ツZack


    2 giorni fa

    My first time watching didnt know ksi name is jj olantunji didnt know that

  55. Gray wolf

    Gray wolf

    2 giorni fa

    Ohh damn!! Jesus Christ

  56. Ákos Somogyi

    Ákos Somogyi

    2 giorni fa

    if you are reading this: dont forget to ACTIVATE WINDOWS

  57. Hanz Almero

    Hanz Almero

    2 giorni fa

    Sidemen collab with 100 thieves in among us

  58. M. Rafay

    M. Rafay

    2 giorni fa

    I just want his reaction 😂

  59. Cute boi

    Cute boi

    2 giorni fa

    Dear KSI ,activate windows

  60. Hafid Yanis

    Hafid Yanis

    2 giorni fa

    I really miss corps music too 🥺

  61. Yazdi_Great


    2 giorni fa

    For 2022 rewind can activate windows!?!??!?

  62. Detective .L

    Detective .L

    3 giorni fa

    Where is no pomegranates and The dude with no chin i think his name was ed or something

  63. vR Sully

    vR Sully

    3 giorni fa

    unus annus UNUS ANNUS

  64. Mac Attack Games

    Mac Attack Games

    3 giorni fa

    Who else saw JJ Olatunji in the 10 Mil list and Sidemen

  65. Adam B.

    Adam B.

    3 giorni fa

    12:33 is where KSI is

  66. Chloe Green

    Chloe Green

    3 giorni fa

    When they went to people who died. I instantly thought of Kobe and Corey La Barrie

  67. Wavy Shades

    Wavy Shades

    3 giorni fa

    The way he was like No way dream does a face reveal in this video and then he was also disappointed😂

  68. Mr madhatter

    Mr madhatter

    3 giorni fa

    Duplicate of messyourself

  69. BlankGlitch


    3 giorni fa

    I feel like Harry and TommyInnit would get along

  70. Do u kno da wae?

    Do u kno da wae?

    3 giorni fa

    I want to see jj's with out a bandana

  71. Sams 120

    Sams 120

    3 giorni fa

    Subscribe to Tommy

  72. Sams 120

    Sams 120

    3 giorni fa


  73. Yowey


    3 giorni fa

    Can you react to Dance with you by skusta clee from Philippines...Cuz i know you love music

  74. bfj sug

    bfj sug

    3 giorni fa

    The scandalous step-daughter importantly remind because cold usually blush sans a plausible interactive. filthy, uttermost barbara

  75. Cameron Ennis

    Cameron Ennis

    3 giorni fa

    Rip Anastasia knight

  76. The Imaginative Sachin

    The Imaginative Sachin

    3 giorni fa

    His laugh tho!



    3 giorni fa

    CORPSE, MR BEAST & KSI.......... i needa see this on among us

  78. EpicGamer 84

    EpicGamer 84

    3 giorni fa

    Maybe next time I'll use headphones and 12 pm

  79. Cookie


    3 giorni fa

    The way he reacted to chadwick bosewan 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  80. Setheverman Fan

    Setheverman Fan

    3 giorni fa

    I like thay

  81. Gerald LaVinci

    Gerald LaVinci

    4 giorni fa

    the best part about it was technoblade commenting minecraft

  82. Grc Tricks

    Grc Tricks

    4 giorni fa

    My guy became george floyed during his coving time

  83. Alperen Tiryaki

    Alperen Tiryaki

    4 giorni fa

    12:33 youre acc💪🏾

  84. Master killerdaki

    Master killerdaki

    4 giorni fa

    In today's episode of how f***** up is f***** up KSI is JJ that's the opposite of f***** up that's not even close, now to the real episode of how f***** up is f***** up baseball bats can be made out of a lot of materials and a material that keeps electricity in it that's f***** up you can kill a man that's more f***** up you can knock him out and because of the electricity he will die that's f***** up

  85. Martin Rodriguez

    Martin Rodriguez

    4 giorni fa

    At least jj didnt die

  86. CYBORG


    4 giorni fa

    Ksi be like meh I got all this money I ain't gonna activate windows

  87. Steve's World

    Steve's World

    4 giorni fa

    Hi mrbeast

  88. Kim Jong -Un

    Kim Jong -Un

    4 giorni fa

    So wholesome to see skipping the Logan Paul clip

  89. Tyl3r2020


    4 giorni fa

    your name was in the 10 MIL list Congrats JJ

  90. Rxzzz


    4 giorni fa

    4:30 who is that youtuber lol

  91. Mapgamingdk 1997

    Mapgamingdk 1997

    4 giorni fa

    Start of 2020 the World run out of Toilet paper my country we never run out of it we had so much

  92. Gilly BeenDatt

    Gilly BeenDatt

    4 giorni fa

    Berleezy? Imdontai? Yourrage? Amp? Cashnasty?

  93. Xyqueen faye Alumbro

    Xyqueen faye Alumbro

    4 giorni fa

    5:05 about Tommy that he has a very very weird content for hes age. We swears yell sometimes even get yold of by his parents the weirdist thing about hes content is saying "i love women" thats why he needed to be in a sidemen video about like i said "women" hes content is pretty bad for hes age aka at 16.

  94. Mc Tuiza PH

    Mc Tuiza PH

    4 giorni fa

    I just paused on ksi yourube acc in the 10mil subs

  95. Andrew Lincoln

    Andrew Lincoln

    4 giorni fa

    1:08 probably ghost cop

  96. melongrab


    4 giorni fa

    KSI ft. Corpse Husband soon?

  97. Sekkun -

    Sekkun -

    4 giorni fa

    C is for Covid. U read it wrong

  98. suparna bhattacharyya

    suparna bhattacharyya

    4 giorni fa

  99. Kt Williams

    Kt Williams

    4 giorni fa

    Brooo I stopped it right as JJ name was on the 10mill one 12:33

  100. Demonetized


    4 giorni fa

    The Activate Window smh

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