Reacting To Jake Paul's New Song...

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  1. Clan blaze 4367

    Clan blaze 4367

    20 minuti fa

    He face went from 😎 to 😳

  2. 919KSO19


    Ora fa

    KSI showing a un biased reaction makes my respect for him go up

  3. Sasha Vlogs

    Sasha Vlogs

    4 ore fa

    activate windows my man

  4. Bryan Je

    Bryan Je

    4 ore fa

    More likes than the music vid

  5. Depressive_vader


    6 ore fa

    Yo KSI imma be honest jake will lose Nate is actually sick

  6. Mr. Meme

    Mr. Meme

    6 ore fa

    If you watch logan paul you're actually GAY! Watch this goat only!

  7. Abhay


    7 ore fa

    It sounds good........... And I don't like that it sounds good

  8. Jacob Waite

    Jacob Waite

    8 ore fa

    Jakes going to get dropped in the boxing fight Kai is going to dominate over jake

  9. Ryn 2007

    Ryn 2007

    9 ore fa

    U know jake took this from designer

  10. Brandonator


    10 ore fa

    I find it funny that this video has more likes than Jake's music video

  11. Mitchell Brown

    Mitchell Brown

    12 ore fa

    Designer did write it

  12. Knoxs Squad

    Knoxs Squad

    13 ore fa

    Ghost writer

  13. Zephaniah Lim

    Zephaniah Lim

    14 ore fa

    Can we see a collab between ksi and jake?

  14. Ian Josh

    Ian Josh

    16 ore fa

    That girl who DM'd JJ is a clown lol

  15. abhishek manandhar

    abhishek manandhar

    19 ore fa

    i get void vibes whenever i listen to the intro

  16. Owen Steele

    Owen Steele

    Giorno fa

    Good lyrics designer lmao



    Giorno fa

    what people see.....KSI VS JAKE..what i see EGO vs EGO

  18. Atmthe king

    Atmthe king

    Giorno fa

    Or dee watkins

  19. Atmthe king

    Atmthe king

    Giorno fa

    That shit sands like ddg kind of

  20. Ya Boy IC

    Ya Boy IC

    Giorno fa

    Fix that laugh of yours

  21. GamingWithKer


    Giorno fa

    yall saying jake is so fake and childish last time i check all of us are-

  22. Catherine O'Malley

    Catherine O'Malley

    Giorno fa

    Is it me or is Jake Paul copying straight outta Compton

  23. nehej7a


    Giorno fa

    i just realized jj has 10 mill subs, but not verified :/

  24. Icy Fire

    Icy Fire

    Giorno fa

    Okay so new update. Now if you go to ‘Fresh out of London’ by Jake Paul at the very top it says, “Written by Jake Paul.” I’ve never seen that before...



    Giorno fa


  26. Ivan Malonass

    Ivan Malonass

    Giorno fa

    Funniest part about jake is he’s all cocky about his likes and views but the only people that dislikes is jakes 15k other accounts

  27. Ivan Malonass

    Ivan Malonass

    Giorno fa

    No joke jake makes people write down his lyrics

  28. Aaron Dominguez

    Aaron Dominguez

    2 giorni fa

    Why does jake Paul’s distract sound better than the actual song

  29. Tuck Tuck

    Tuck Tuck

    2 giorni fa

    Ur songs need help

  30. Torin Jeske

    Torin Jeske

    2 giorni fa

    Idk why you talking shut when you didn’t want to fucking fight him

  31. C キャッスル | Castle The Catastrophe

    C キャッスル | Castle The Catastrophe

    2 giorni fa

    That’s the power of getting writers, come on now

  32. Matthew Garcia

    Matthew Garcia

    2 giorni fa

    Jake: there’s no competition. Yet he is currently the most irrelevant and dead person on ITput currently 😂😂 Like he is more dead then the guy that Logan Paul took a picture of in that fucking forest 🤣🤣

  33. WhoRUIAmME


    2 giorni fa

    There’s something really off about jake Paul. I don’t know why is it but he seems like a really odd person. I wouldn’t trust the guy at all.

  34. PRVK Quake

    PRVK Quake

    2 giorni fa

    jakes song is nis not bad

  35. libics


    2 giorni fa

    7:53 this mans rich af and doesn’t even activate windows lol (look at the bottom right corner)

  36. the bot

    the bot

    2 giorni fa

    Anyone notice not 1 black person except. A guard

  37. Twizz XY5

    Twizz XY5

    2 giorni fa


  38. Riley Blackmore

    Riley Blackmore

    2 giorni fa

    Just a friendly reminder he was on Disney

  39. scott gammon

    scott gammon

    2 giorni fa

    whats that wight thing

  40. RZN_FrZdy


    2 giorni fa

    he doesn't have ghost writer, he just has more help writing his music. His producers do most of the work, but he helped.

  41. IIcon_


    3 giorni fa

    Dislike Jake Paul but this song slaps

  42. Conasia Wilson

    Conasia Wilson

    3 giorni fa

    Sometimes I forget Jake Paul was in bizaardvark ._.☠️☠️☠️

  43. adam sobhi

    adam sobhi

    3 giorni fa

    Jake:i don’t need new friends Jake with different friends every year

  44. Johnston Blaik

    Johnston Blaik

    3 giorni fa

    ksi is the worst 1 like = 1 jakepual is better

  45. Brayden Hildebrandt

    Brayden Hildebrandt

    3 giorni fa

    You don’t write yours

  46. WGGamer7


    3 giorni fa

    Hahahah ksi s reaction his awesome hahaha the Moment Jack began to Rap hahahahha

  47. Abid Aslam

    Abid Aslam

    3 giorni fa

    I got an ad just when the song started, the one time I didn't mind having an ad

  48. Joey Kennedy

    Joey Kennedy

    3 giorni fa

    Me: Its shit Jj: Its alright Me: It’s alright

  49. Jordan Kelly

    Jordan Kelly

    3 giorni fa

    Me and one other freind

  50. AwOkEn x BeAsT

    AwOkEn x BeAsT

    3 giorni fa

    JJ BE like: it takes a huge changed. He is just amazed and he won't just tell us.

  51. Jack Dud

    Jack Dud

    4 giorni fa

    I don't care if Jake wins or loses, I'm still hyped to see the KSI & Jake Paul fight, because him losing doesn't take away from the years of waiting for this match up

  52. itz_ _chace

    itz_ _chace

    4 giorni fa

    2018 Jake Paul: ksi isn't relevant 2020 Jake Paul: struggling to stay relevant

    • Ella Gregory47

      Ella Gregory47

      Giorno fa

      you really believe jake paul didn't write this then google who wrote fresh outta London you will see and if desiigner wrote it then it wouldn't say designer it would say his real name soooo...........

  53. arfalow arfalow

    arfalow arfalow

    4 giorni fa

    It's called fresh outa London, but they got a Mariachi band? Tf? Also, I don't even think there was a trumpet playing in the song, so it just looks stupid XD. The only "London" in this song is the accent of the girl in the beginning. So dumb lmaoo XD

  54. Lord Bread Ass

    Lord Bread Ass

    4 giorni fa

    So when is Jake fighting Nate again?

  55. Amaan Sadiq

    Amaan Sadiq

    4 giorni fa

    Jj is so honest compred to the pauls

  56. Itai Sadon

    Itai Sadon

    4 giorni fa

    U can see how jealous Ksi is omg 😂😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😒 he so jealous

    • arfalow arfalow

      arfalow arfalow

      4 giorni fa

      Bruh, at least he writes his own songs dude. KSI ain't jealous, he's shocked that a trash rapper with a trash personality actually can rap now, and it's because he isn't writing his own shit.

  57. Rasansingh


    4 giorni fa

    Jake u lie so jake he not cool ksi yes

  58. Abel Aby

    Abel Aby

    4 giorni fa

    Watch the end of the video

  59. Cr4ckedM4ango _

    Cr4ckedM4ango _

    4 giorni fa

    6:36 Xxx never died

  60. Minecraft Shit

    Minecraft Shit

    4 giorni fa

    Panda man actually wrote his songs no wonder it actually slaps

  61. Brody Overlander

    Brody Overlander

    4 giorni fa

    He should fight lance stuwert

  62. Cruze Karney

    Cruze Karney

    4 giorni fa

    KSI u look like a girl when you box you swing your arms

  63. The black Gamer

    The black Gamer

    4 giorni fa

    Ksi he stiff hes not rotating Also ksi swings arms at the fight

  64. Rodolpho KDS

    Rodolpho KDS

    4 giorni fa

    Dislikes are jake paulers

  65. Gage Flynn

    Gage Flynn

    4 giorni fa

    who here after tory is innocent 💯🔥

  66. TJ HOOPS


    4 giorni fa

    Shaq is 7'2



    5 giorni fa

    there is no way desiigner helped him write this ....his music SUCKS!

  68. ThE FiShY Guy

    ThE FiShY Guy

    5 giorni fa

    Because jake is amazing he can do anything

  69. melogames


    5 giorni fa

    ghost wirter

  70. VeLoCiTiE


    5 giorni fa

    Intro: Asian girl Song: British Starting tune: Mexican Hotel: Trivago

  71. Marius McCormack

    Marius McCormack

    5 giorni fa

    Wtf was that website, on Apple Music it says Writer: Jake Paul So idek

  72. aroofyy


    5 giorni fa

    lighter is still a shit ton better

  73. dripo 123

    dripo 123

    5 giorni fa

    Copied of void Jake Paul diss track

  74. Cobra


    5 giorni fa

    He probaly wrote this but spent his whole career on it

  75. God Cheekclapzz

    God Cheekclapzz

    6 giorni fa

    Kai is gay

  76. ĎĮƝǪŞΔỮŘ Pro


    6 giorni fa

    Dude just be honest you like the musics and your songs are trash

  77. That Weeb Bruh

    That Weeb Bruh

    6 giorni fa

    He stole it definitely

    • That Weeb Bruh

      That Weeb Bruh

      6 giorni fa

      The flow definitely but the lyrics are from different songs

  78. mobile elmatuer old school vidoe game

    mobile elmatuer old school vidoe game

    6 giorni fa

    If jake lose ksi shouldn’t fight jake at all

  79. Mohammad Bilal

    Mohammad Bilal

    6 giorni fa


  80. Mohammad Bilal

    Mohammad Bilal

    6 giorni fa


  81. Mohammad Bilal

    Mohammad Bilal

    6 giorni fa

    We all know KSI was Not Listening to this song for the First time...

  82. rekkid1 Heri

    rekkid1 Heri

    6 giorni fa

    Is that why you’re songs suck

  83. max hosier

    max hosier

    6 giorni fa


  84. max hosier

    max hosier

    6 giorni fa


  85. Furious Tiz

    Furious Tiz

    6 giorni fa

    Damn, the songs pretty cool but I still hate Jake lul

  86. Salvador Barroso

    Salvador Barroso

    6 giorni fa

    My brother is the music guy

  87. venomgaming 4ever

    venomgaming 4ever

    6 giorni fa

    Ksi bro I like both you and Jake y'all some lit ass people but Jake probs had some help get his flow and rhymes a little better

  88. Andreja Jovanovic

    Andreja Jovanovic

    6 giorni fa

    Void obviously watched this.

  89. Over Taken

    Over Taken

    6 giorni fa , bruh the same flow and everything.

  90. Lea Brennan

    Lea Brennan

    6 giorni fa

    He did write it I was in the room when he was working on the lyrics becuase my sister is his Assistants girlfriend and I was visiting her in Calabasas when they were making this song.

  91. Sophie and w

    Sophie and w

    6 giorni fa

    2:35 any one elts say it is what it is aswell

  92. user


    6 giorni fa

    in which app is he checking songwriters?

  93. Brayden feliciano

    Brayden feliciano

    6 giorni fa

    You soke

  94. Lachlan Alush

    Lachlan Alush

    6 giorni fa

    Ksi talking like he has impeccable technique ffs ur name should be the windmill not the nightmare



    7 giorni fa

    song was not even delivered well

  96. Fuzion_X


    7 giorni fa

    You gotta tell my G NOLIFESHAQ ABOUT THAT DM

  97. IGetTheBagzYT


    7 giorni fa

    Love or hate jake this is fire

  98. Homie At Home

    Homie At Home

    7 giorni fa

    jake saying when he stops playing fifa means jake wants to fight old ksi

  99. guadalupe coreas

    guadalupe coreas

    7 giorni fa

    If you think is real 5hen go look at the beihed the sene

  100. Bryan Berryhill

    Bryan Berryhill

    7 giorni fa

    Ahhahahahahhahqhahah urrrrrrrr maddddddddddd

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