Reacting to "KSI TYPE BEATS" 2

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  1. Travis Nech

    Travis Nech

    16 ore fa

    The only youtuber who hasn't activated windows

  2. SSDante


    17 ore fa

    bra this is hilarious, especially the faces!

  3. ChugNug420


    Giorno fa

    Would of been sick if he attempted to freestyle no matter how bad it could possibly be

  4. Progamer YT

    Progamer YT

    Giorno fa

    you should hear South Africans at it dope af

  5. Ronan dooleyphillips

    Ronan dooleyphillips

    Giorno fa

    oh hey



    Giorno fa

    the KSIX TOBI one was an mobile app i use to make shitty beats

  7. henr8770 henr8770

    henr8770 henr8770

    2 giorni fa

    we need scar and jj on a song together. maz and ksi

  8. Suyash Alva

    Suyash Alva

    2 giorni fa

    This vid didn’t show up in my subscription list

  9. Michael Li

    Michael Li

    2 giorni fa

    18:26 theme is def smh to do with Joker and some crazy dark shit

  10. Its Umgozy

    Its Umgozy

    3 giorni fa

    damn quadeca be 9 years younger than ksi but has a better beard

  11. sLush_21 mUnk

    sLush_21 mUnk

    3 giorni fa

    12:08 ksi's face is me when my teacher asks me a question and I didnt put my hand up

  12. Toks Basson

    Toks Basson

    3 giorni fa

    Please make another one plzz

  13. buck dope

    buck dope

    4 giorni fa

    i can just hear this rooooooooooooooooooooo in the back ground

  14. Declan Wauchope

    Declan Wauchope

    4 giorni fa

    24 degrees beats were better 👍😂

  15. Benedick M. Aguinaldo

    Benedick M. Aguinaldo

    4 giorni fa

    E 16,000th Comment

  16. X66 Hip-Hop

    X66 Hip-Hop

    5 giorni fa

    The best is on some Travis shit

  17. Phone Pyae Aung

    Phone Pyae Aung

    5 giorni fa

    (stolen comment from part 1) Snakes when people play flutes vol.2 - 13:45

  18. B0ssAver Gaming

    B0ssAver Gaming

    6 giorni fa

    When jk tries to spit lyrics off the top of his head 15:20 to 15:38

  19. 5PID5


    6 giorni fa

    ngl the grew up one lowkey sounded like a ringtone

  20. Raj T

    Raj T

    6 giorni fa

    yo what his hair

  21. ReactiveRStar Gaming

    ReactiveRStar Gaming

    6 giorni fa

    2:39 I thought the age of consent in the UK was 16

  22. Harami Kuta

    Harami Kuta

    6 giorni fa

    What he hears when beat drops: Beat drops What i hear when beat drops: AAAEYYYYY , JEEEZ, GIMME SOME MORE

  23. Zach-Axel Ponce

    Zach-Axel Ponce

    7 giorni fa

    Who's here after 5 months 👇

  24. Itsmezoger


    8 giorni fa

    20:38 When You And Your Uncle Are In The Room Alone

  25. Adam Boesky

    Adam Boesky

    8 giorni fa

    Portnoy would be unhappy with those rookie scores

  26. THXO music

    THXO music

    8 giorni fa

    JJ u need to collaborate with ski mask!!!!



    8 giorni fa

    the dislikes are the producers that ksi said were shit

  28. Banna Shaar

    Banna Shaar

    8 giorni fa

    That bqpd one was close to my one but mine for sure is better

  29. The Meg

    The Meg

    8 giorni fa

    React to beats that were made using your voice, for example when you reacted to that dog breathing fast and you were like, "thas a beat" and someone actually made a full 30second beat out of it and it was dope. We need more of those

  30. Fakhar Karamat

    Fakhar Karamat

    8 giorni fa

    Ksi enjoying the beat Ksi: na man 2/10

  31. Ezequiel Palacios

    Ezequiel Palacios

    9 giorni fa

    Mans just verbally abusing the producer for 20 mins

  32. SoulsMaster


    9 giorni fa

    I don't think JJ understands beat production lmao.

  33. Brandon Cyrzyk

    Brandon Cyrzyk

    9 giorni fa

    why did i just get this recommended and didn't see it when it came out

  34. jacob v

    jacob v

    10 giorni fa

    “24 degrees has leveled up”

  35. Lucky Ducky

    Lucky Ducky

    10 giorni fa


  36. Dx2008 Y

    Dx2008 Y

    10 giorni fa

    Ksi: AH AH AH AH After the beat ends: trash

  37. SF Axstro

    SF Axstro

    10 giorni fa


  38. Unkind Panda

    Unkind Panda

    11 giorni fa

    Nobody: KSI: Oh you Naughty Naughty

  39. Splinx


    11 giorni fa

    I can't seem to find the track that starts at 12:48 anymore. Any help would be appreciated Thanks

  40. Y.mstizzy


    12 giorni fa

    why could i hear the thumb nail before clicking it

  41. Jonah Thomas

    Jonah Thomas

    12 giorni fa

    Me: trying to watch KSI: boom bap yeah ratch ungh uh ok a ok a ok a ok a alright yo yo yo yo

  42. Aniket Singh

    Aniket Singh

    12 giorni fa

    talking abt dead beats: i m gonna feel lighter ( squeeky voice)

  43. ShakesJnr


    13 giorni fa

    JESUS 13:54

  44. Ishaan Guha

    Ishaan Guha

    14 giorni fa

    my man really put reverb on his bass 9:26

  45. Fillet


    14 giorni fa

    12:48 reminds me of crash bandicoot for some reason

  46. Emran Almukhaini

    Emran Almukhaini

    15 giorni fa

    Jj stop screaming when there’s a good beat your fans want to hear it so please just shut up

  47. Tristle


    15 giorni fa

    Idk but he‘s defenetly not watching for the mix bro cuz all of them were trash at the mix

  48. X20 Beats

    X20 Beats

    15 giorni fa

    Who the FUCK stole soulker beat? That bitch....

  49. SiI-GuL


    15 giorni fa

    14:21 close your eyes and just listen

  50. Masii


    15 giorni fa

    24 degrees got snapped by thanos and got deleted

  51. Keerthik Roshan

    Keerthik Roshan

    16 giorni fa


  52. Amir Mahdi Shirzad

    Amir Mahdi Shirzad

    16 giorni fa

    The tobi x ksi beat was made with Groovepad an app that makes beats using simple layers even a todler can use it

  53. // Virus //

    // Virus //

    17 giorni fa

    Me :- Going To listen the beat Kai :- Ok!!!!! Ok!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!

  54. y2renny


    18 giorni fa

    nigga ur not funny stop making long ass intros

  55. Zorls


    19 giorni fa

    11:40 🤣🤣🤣 Someone make something like that but with no drop for like 4 minutes, then make the beat get cut off with the video ending. 🤣🤣😂😂



    20 giorni fa KSI TYPE BEAT 2020 ROAR

  57. Blinded II

    Blinded II

    20 giorni fa

    i want... a little boy remix bro id have a seizure

  58. Broken Umbrella

    Broken Umbrella

    21 giorno fa

    Pause at 3:23 that type of beat is off of a app where it teaches you how to learn that beat or do it yourself the fact that he did that pisses me off bc he still aint good even after usin an app to learn but still come out as trash tho

  59. Wizardof-Oz


    21 giorno fa

    Most of them "KSI TYPE BEATS" are probably self-promoting using his name

  60. Alexandru Mihai

    Alexandru Mihai

    22 giorni fa

    this should be called KSI reacts to 24 degrees

  61. VOXX3Z


    22 giorni fa

    As a producer myself, i see a few problems in the beats. Muddiness in the mix and no progression. Almost all beats are too muddy on the mix, either ahve too much low end, or just not letting each element have its own space. I am no means an expert, but i do recognize the mistakes. Secondly, the beat isnt interesting enough to going on for 2 mins. It could be a loop on loop mode. But as a song???? i dont think so. I'd prefer to have like a beat change or like 808 pattern change. I am not a hiphop producer. I am a future bass, trap, EDM producer and dont know shit about hiphop and how beats progress. Any hiphop producers out there??? lemme know.

  62. Joab Golding

    Joab Golding

    22 giorni fa

    jordan comalli yaaaaa what u doing here

  63. Aveoa


    22 giorni fa

    realizing that ksi will die one day is the sad part :(

  64. the legend ricer

    the legend ricer

    25 giorni fa

    make that 4:22

  65. the legend ricer

    the legend ricer

    25 giorni fa

    14:27 when your constipated on the toilet

  66. Thewhitevanman


    26 giorni fa

    1:48 - ksi to Simon every night

  67. # 24K - Forever Real King

    # 24K - Forever Real King

    26 giorni fa

    Yo KSI I wondering if me and you can make a song together

  68. JayLewt


    26 giorni fa

    You can tell he wants to freestyle so bad hahaha

  69. Skedaddle


    26 giorni fa

    The Gordon Ramsey of music is at it again

  70. QLF


    27 giorni fa

    you have the worst taste ever trust

  71. Itz Solarr

    Itz Solarr

    27 giorni fa

    EvEry 60 sEconds in africa a minutE passEs

  72. ismael bäckström

    ismael bäckström

    27 giorni fa

    Eiaten Eiaten Eiaten

  73. LLeo


    27 giorni fa

    I made a ksi type thats it

  74. EmVe


    28 giorni fa

    Jj should react to my beats

  75. AmDanishboy


    Mese fa

    1:54 this is the reason why i don’t watch these kinda videos from JJ

  76. A1a2a3 Abc123

    A1a2a3 Abc123

    Mese fa

    All these beats were shit. Ksi would like them.

    • BPH


      Mese fa


  77. Abdulmuiz Shittu

    Abdulmuiz Shittu

    Mese fa

    KSI is judging beats like he's marking an essay

  78. LalFN


    Mese fa

    Can we appreciate how consistently jj posts.

    • Itz Solarr

      Itz Solarr

      27 giorni fa

      Yep 👍

  79. Bronny


    Mese fa

    jj thought the beast was gonna change up on "Invincible" 😂😂😂😂😂

  80. Hugh Kaliski

    Hugh Kaliski

    Mese fa

    Just realised JJ is subbed to LEETOTHEVI! If you know you know

  81. Οραματιστές


    Mese fa

    13:50 when you on a cruise boat and realize that the captain stole the boat in a cop chase.

  82. Boss


    Mese fa

    How about drill type beats for KSI, that would be a mad one.

  83. Muzi Muffin

    Muzi Muffin

    Mese fa check this out

  84. ATEEZ Going Global

    ATEEZ Going Global

    Mese fa

    Could you react to To The Beat and Hala Hala by Ateez?

  85. 365 Label

    365 Label

    Mese fa

    Me:- this track is good. Ksi:- this is bad Me:- this is bad.

  86. Team Robinson

    Team Robinson

    Mese fa

    14:55 wrong black guy

  87. byBoogie


    Mese fa

    8:00 so no one clocked that my guy Central beats just stole Soulkers Producer tag?

  88. Corey Battiscombe

    Corey Battiscombe

    Mese fa

    8:00 could've been hard with a better 808 pattern

  89. soulblade


    Mese fa

    Love the drums bro 🔥🔥🔥 💪

  90. Gaming Is Fun

    Gaming Is Fun

    Mese fa


  91. Minutae


    Mese fa

    I just realized that I have the same wallpaper as JJ , and I don't know what to do with this information

  92. Ishaan Limaye

    Ishaan Limaye

    Mese fa

    u are here for 23:07

  93. UKEY


    Mese fa

    10:31 wtf you gave a better beat 2 out of 10

  94. TheMiniME


    Mese fa

    Do another one of these jj

  95. SHADOW


    Mese fa


  96. Captain_A


    Mese fa

    Why is this appearing on top of my subscribed

  97. prodbychxd


    Mese fa

    My newest beat is a ksi type beat

  98. Ian Smith

    Ian Smith

    Mese fa

    KSI: "OOOOHHHHhhh Shit!! AahhhfuuUuu that's RIGHT!!!!...yea, 4 out of ten."

  99. koyeta_face UWU

    koyeta_face UWU

    Mese fa

    8 months later KSI type beats 3

  100. KILLERFRILL Montage


    Mese fa

    6:07 never thought KSI would be my English teacher 😂😂😂

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