Playing Fall Guys

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  1. Elisha Succar

    Elisha Succar

    6 ore fa

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    • Elisha Succar

      Elisha Succar

      6 ore fa

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  2. Juvhern Caleb Villanueva

    Juvhern Caleb Villanueva

    8 ore fa

    This is how many the said "Your Mom!" 👇

  3. NJE RoboNick

    NJE RoboNick

    2 giorni fa

    you need to activate windows

  4. mrdotwow


    5 giorni fa

    2:13 candians be like

  5. cringey flamingo

    cringey flamingo

    5 giorni fa

    2:52 My ears . Yes im bleeding i had max volume.

  6. Tyson Boyd

    Tyson Boyd

    5 giorni fa

    The Young screeching ksi's back

  7. Glory TV

    Glory TV

    9 giorni fa

    jj broke my speakers from shouting

  8. David Valdez

    David Valdez

    11 giorni fa

    Jj Simon 😗

  9. Konik Repulse

    Konik Repulse

    11 giorni fa

    If ur a headphone user click on the blue numbers 2:53



    13 giorni fa

    Please talk to talk to Hindi

  11. muja MR

    muja MR

    14 giorni fa

    Nobody : JJ : YOUR MUM! YOUR MUM!

  12. Sharon Eniye

    Sharon Eniye

    14 giorni fa

    I know this is late but omfg JJ stop jumping!!!!

  13. Diss Tracks

    Diss Tracks

    15 giorni fa

    This is how many times JJ said Ur Mom 👇🏾

  14. Brianna Latter

    Brianna Latter

    15 giorni fa

    get off me pelican

  15. Pat Kelly

    Pat Kelly

    15 giorni fa ලියන්නෙමි සඳහා අධිකරණය යන දෙකම උපදෙස්

  16. king z

    king z

    15 giorni fa


  17. Clueless animates

    Clueless animates

    15 giorni fa

    When fall guys was relevant

  18. Vinluan Reyes

    Vinluan Reyes

    16 giorni fa

    9:35 wtf WHAHAHAHA

  19. Anonymous4


    16 giorni fa

    how can i play this game? where can i find it?

  20. H


    16 giorni fa

    Mo fu

  21. Weeblz


    18 giorni fa

    It takes a specialist level of dickhead to cheat in a game like this LOL What a fucking weapons grade plum.

  22. Steve Austin

    Steve Austin

    18 giorni fa

    jj plays fall guys jj : YO MUM ??!?! YO MUm

  23. the running man

    the running man

    19 giorni fa

    You need to play among us next

  24. King


    23 giorni fa

    Hold up I was in the same game 🙀

  25. Why is Life

    Why is Life

    23 giorni fa

    This just reminds me of how good his gaming video’s were 😐

  26. Legends Sportmastercaster

    Legends Sportmastercaster

    25 giorni fa

    "YOUR MOM YOUR MOM,YOUR MOM IS A FANNY"- Im ded 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  27. DX yearn

    DX yearn

    25 giorni fa

    Guys must wach these Among us moments 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣



    25 giorni fa

    What a Sound?🔊 👂=🛇

  29. Outlaw_ 81

    Outlaw_ 81

    25 giorni fa

    I was sweating my ass of

  30. Yencheng Lee

    Yencheng Lee

    26 giorni fa

    Well we got over fall guys fast Btw I meant among us is everywhere

  31. Popcorn Millington

    Popcorn Millington

    26 giorni fa

    me when mom turn the WiFi off 2:50

  32. I’m moder

    I’m moder

    27 giorni fa

    Sufficient time

  33. Rock Plays

    Rock Plays

    27 giorni fa

    This is how many jj said “ur mom” |

  34. John Felix

    John Felix

    27 giorni fa

    Play among us

  35. Bizzy Ballin

    Bizzy Ballin

    27 giorni fa

    ya mom

  36. 999 milk

    999 milk

    27 giorni fa

    He’s probably a millionaire but still haven’t activated windows lol



    28 giorni fa

    Is why u look like me brother

  38. Lil Desj

    Lil Desj

    28 giorni fa

    Nobody JJ: Your Mom

  39. Geraldine Merasty

    Geraldine Merasty

    29 giorni fa

    Every game I go in there's actors everywhere

  40. Storm


    29 giorni fa

    2:52 Me wHeN tHe InTeRnEt gets taken AwAy

  41. Cazek


    Mese fa


  42. ishan deb

    ishan deb

    Mese fa

    We need a part 2 w the same people

  43. Brandi Barnes

    Brandi Barnes

    Mese fa පසුගිය මාලාවක් ඊළඟ ස්ථානයට දැවෙන

  44. K MG

    K MG

    Mese fa

    On 2:52 u can hear the real Spartan roarr

  45. Eat your Cereal

    Eat your Cereal

    Mese fa

    2:51 still can screams like a little kid

  46. Akuma


    Mese fa

    anyone else see bits of theodore come out ?

  47. hoveno polenlogan

    hoveno polenlogan

    Mese fa 45s

  48. hoveno polenlogan

    hoveno polenlogan

    Mese fa 45s

  49. hoveno polenlogan

    hoveno polenlogan

    Mese fa 45s

  50. hoveno polenlogan

    hoveno polenlogan

    Mese fa 45s

  51. hoveno polenlogan

    hoveno polenlogan

    Mese fa 45s

  52. Lightning


    Mese fa

    From 4:48 to 5:07 watch with your eyes closed.

  53. George Pilkington

    George Pilkington

    Mese fa

    Why did he jump on the fruit falling thing

  54. heheshlosh


    Mese fa

    jj: im on the last one (falls) also jj: im on the last one actually (falls again) also jj: actually on the last one (falls again) precedes to have a seizure

  55. GreenBanana83


    Mese fa

    I tink you had like 50 neybors already bro

  56. Joseph Pandoli

    Joseph Pandoli

    Mese fa

    UR MUM!!! lol

  57. Curious Cat

    Curious Cat

    Mese fa

    Really? Hacking on a kids game that is basically digital sugar?

  58. Hermes Alconcel

    Hermes Alconcel

    Mese fa

    i love watching this 😂



    Mese fa

    I really laugh so much😆😆🙄

  60. Ganbold Bayarkhuu

    Ganbold Bayarkhuu

    Mese fa

    hey dont play with hacker ok he will hack your file everything and you pc died ok ksi

  61. Anointed Agundu

    Anointed Agundu

    Mese fa

    People hack this game? Where is the fun in that?

  62. T1C3


    Mese fa

    so close fam, well done.

  63. SayfRG2874


    Mese fa

    The greatest game of 2020. Fight me.

  64. Abhishek Rajput

    Abhishek Rajput

    Mese fa

    please activate the windows

  65. Slundervik 07

    Slundervik 07

    Mese fa

    Play more fall guys

  66. Moistzz


    Mese fa

    imagine hacking in fucking fall guys, how can you be so shit

  67. 1k Subs With 2 Videos Challenge

    1k Subs With 2 Videos Challenge

    Mese fa

    I gotta admit JJ's pretty good in this than other ITputrs in their first try

  68. Russell Nga pala

    Russell Nga pala

    Mese fa

    Hahahaha butplugs

  69. Lorenzo Farinotti

    Lorenzo Farinotti

    Mese fa

    Best moment from 7:53 - 9:02!!! But the very best is at 8:53 🙈😂😂😂

    • Conspiracy Theory

      Conspiracy Theory

      Mese fa

      Lorenzo Farinotti why fall guys is the best game.

  70. Ethan Iraguha

    Ethan Iraguha

    Mese fa

    how is he playing on x box

  71. ً ً

    ً ً

    Mese fa

    2:52 💀

  72. Kim Garcia

    Kim Garcia

    Mese fa

    Plz like my comment for fall guys to come out on xbox

  73. pop lol

    pop lol

    Mese fa

    JJ,ur addicted to saying ur mom

  74. AcidTech


    Mese fa

    *No One:* *Not Even My Dog:* *Me In The Back Of The Class: **7:43*

  75. Rishab Sreekumar

    Rishab Sreekumar

    Mese fa

    Nobody: JJ when he loses: UR MUM UR MUM JJ when he quals: UR MUM UR MUM

  76. devonmck


    Mese fa

    5:16 xD

  77. L4va Crumpet o_o

    L4va Crumpet o_o

    Mese fa

    2:52 me when I see a spidee

  78. Jack Morss

    Jack Morss

    Mese fa

    When boys have wet dreams for the first time 7:46

  79. Lloyd Williams

    Lloyd Williams

    Mese fa

    Can someone tell JJ to stop jumping

  80. Verx Ghost

    Verx Ghost

    Mese fa

    2:50 you got knock the fuck out

  81. Noah Eldridge

    Noah Eldridge

    Mese fa

    Ksi loses : YOuR mUm Ksi wins : YYyOuR MUm

  82. Samuel Simon

    Samuel Simon

    Mese fa

    Ur so funny

  83. PvP


    Mese fa

    Ksi is pretty good for not playing but he’s mostly lucky lol

  84. PvP


    Mese fa

    Default skins don’t matter they actually make u better cuz I think the bigger the skin the more it makes u lose balance

  85. PieFlavouredPii


    Mese fa

    JJ every time he falls a layer "I'M ON THE LAST ONE! I'M ON THE LAST ONE!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  86. Matt's Collections N Things

    Matt's Collections N Things

    Mese fa

    Your mom!!!

  87. Archie Shearman

    Archie Shearman

    Mese fa

    It’s weird watching Simon’s vid before this one

  88. DR. lite

    DR. lite

    Mese fa

    that note was incredible at 2:52 tho hahhahahha

  89. ITS ZENY


    Mese fa

    Anyone miss the old ksi?

  90. Y0ung11


    Mese fa

    2:50 holy shit im crying

  91. Flaqko _GTA

    Flaqko _GTA

    Mese fa

    i wish old ksi played this game

  92. MR. WHO

    MR. WHO

    Mese fa

    Fall guys in one sentence: interested games, but still gonna be fortnite in term of addiction

  93. Daniel Daigneault

    Daniel Daigneault

    Mese fa

    jj aint even activate windows

  94. Ultra Instinct Goku

    Ultra Instinct Goku

    Mese fa

    omg i didnt know i was playing in the same server as you guys! sorry for hacking

  95. Konz


    Mese fa

    a part of me doesn’t believe this is jj playing lmao

  96. Adham mohamed

    Adham mohamed

    Mese fa

    He still gets the scream though

  97. bruh guy

    bruh guy

    Mese fa

    UR MOM

  98. Darkrr


    Mese fa

    7:44 girls in high school when there crush like them

  99. bl_ kai

    bl_ kai

    Mese fa

    no body: my dog when i accidentally step on its tail: 2:51

  100. my dumbass

    my dumbass

    Mese fa

    Petition to have JJ make a series of him trying to get a win on fall guys.

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