My Top 10 KSI Youtube Videos



  1. Amman


    Ora fa

    ‘My mate who shagged my girl, I’m calling you a bigger dickhead’ that statement never fails to crack me up

  2. Asian Viet

    Asian Viet

    Ora fa

    Cant believe that “guy get angry on FIFA” video is not a top 10 video😭

  3. iDestinyIV 12e

    iDestinyIV 12e

    Ora fa

    At 5:59 has anyone clocked how he says argos 'argass'

  4. Kim Pettersson

    Kim Pettersson

    Ora fa

    Back to when you actually did something good

  5. Ben Misovic

    Ben Misovic

    7 ore fa

    The Sax video still gets played at my house about every 4 months each year, still class

  6. Eliot Dunn

    Eliot Dunn

    8 ore fa

    Guy gets mad over FIFA should have been on here pal

  7. Seán Downes

    Seán Downes

    9 ore fa

    ksi reacts to teens reacting to ksi

  8. Toby Irving

    Toby Irving

    10 ore fa


  9. SubSimpich


    10 ore fa

    12:37 I thought JJ was gonna comment on the way the creature ran past them again, I mean that was hilarious!

  10. MrFifa


    12 ore fa

    He should do top 10 worst videos

  11. Daniel Evans

    Daniel Evans

    13 ore fa

    Heskey time?

  12. Anej Kladnik Volf

    Anej Kladnik Volf

    14 ore fa


  13. VitoPlays


    15 ore fa


  14. scott Hewitt

    scott Hewitt

    15 ore fa

    The one where you crash the f2 freestylers ahhah 😂

  15. Menessy27


    19 ore fa

    I actually remember I packed an IF Akinfenwa and it sold for something crazy like 500k solely because KSI made a video on it lmaooo cheers JJ

  16. H C

    H C

    19 ore fa

    my fav vids as a teenager back in 2013~15 were the Q&As. Fucking hilarious and also got to know you a lot better. The ones with your mum and dad where the best. 😂

  17. αlinuș


    19 ore fa

    bring back Guiles theme

  18. Cameron Nunn

    Cameron Nunn

    22 ore fa

    i remember watching all of these videos when they came out 😭😭 the nostalgia. been here since the beginning

  19. Aba Dibi

    Aba Dibi

    23 ore fa

    I want to do the type of vids you made of division one but with another video game. its insane and has probably impacted my editing style on my personal videos.

  20. gaposaurus_rex


    23 ore fa

    Never forget the time he interviews Sacha baron cohen

  21. J L

    J L

    Giorno fa


  22. cfsg_ familyguy47699

    cfsg_ familyguy47699

    Giorno fa

    Me being 10 years old when that video came out lmaoo

  23. Maximillian edward Shepherd

    Maximillian edward Shepherd

    Giorno fa

    A sick vid idea for you now, after this, would be to make a new race to division 1. New fifa. Maybe try strike a deal for next year with EA? Got all of us OG's feeling nostalgic about the old, funny KSI you might aswell, youtube's been missing you for years and ya know it. You know it would be a solidly watched series. So do it pussy, you wont.

  24. PurplePete


    Giorno fa

    U copied gutrood

  25. sawan


    Giorno fa

    I‘m watchin with headphones bro they broken now

  26. Victor Gullberg

    Victor Gullberg

    Giorno fa

    race to division one fifa 12 is the best series to ever be released. Screw netflix.

  27. PL3K1 FR

    PL3K1 FR

    Giorno fa

    Now when ksi try to scream like that before but when he plads the game he can scream like that🤣😭

  28. Kian JP

    Kian JP

    Giorno fa

    What about ksi trolls Fifa player, the YOU MADDDDD??

  29. Ria Hennessey

    Ria Hennessey

    Giorno fa


  30. Garfield69 is the best

    Garfield69 is the best

    Giorno fa

    blow that thing whos blowing?

  31. Kushagra Peshin

    Kushagra Peshin

    Giorno fa

    Honourable mentions: The FIFA funny where KSI just stares and smiles at you but he’s narrating during the video. The intro to FIFA 13 R2D1. The Valentine video.

  32. Christoph Bertels

    Christoph Bertels

    Giorno fa

    his scream sounds like destroyed chicken ngl lol

  33. Stacey Evans

    Stacey Evans

    Giorno fa

    the length of this video is so right and the way he knows whay he said

  34. Sam Dabreo

    Sam Dabreo

    Giorno fa

    0:48 me trying to explain the song to Siri

  35. Max Holden

    Max Holden

    Giorno fa

    fifa funny moments wasnt on there?

  36. Esben Lomholt

    Esben Lomholt

    Giorno fa


    • _d3v3n_


      Giorno fa

      Oi oi

  37. cHUCKl


    Giorno fa

    Truly those were some epic times

  38. Victor Rafstedt

    Victor Rafstedt

    Giorno fa

    Honorable mention: "If the owner of EA was Black"

  39. Isaac Konadu

    Isaac Konadu

    Giorno fa


  40. Patric -A

    Patric -A

    Giorno fa

    The black sax guy had to be number 1

  41. Johannesmannen


    Giorno fa

    Activate Windows ffs

  42. Buddha


    Giorno fa


  43. Magic Hunter

    Magic Hunter

    Giorno fa

    Honestly I really love the Erie video that was so good funny video to me.

  44. Joe Doran

    Joe Doran

    Giorno fa

    I say bring back African mums punishments that never fails to make me laugh it’s so accurate 😂😂😂

  45. It’s Suplex

    It’s Suplex

    Giorno fa

    Ayoo where my Ksi ogs at

  46. Spude3 Spude3

    Spude3 Spude3

    Giorno fa

    Guy gets angry over fifa ! Man where is that banger

  47. Moosa_mmjc


    2 giorni fa

    I legit watched all the videos on his top 10 when they acc came out

  48. RebelGaming


    2 giorni fa

    Surly KSI play Erie again

  49. JJ's Automotive

    JJ's Automotive

    2 giorni fa

    I came to see what is KSI up... At least he reminded me in this video why I ever enjoyed him. About to watch that #43.

  50. wazeEU


    2 giorni fa

    where tf is how to be black ?

  51. wazeEU


    2 giorni fa

    anyone realise how the messi part was cut 😳

  52. Max Sturdee

    Max Sturdee

    2 giorni fa

    any QnA, what is it like to be black, get hyper, the list is endless

  53. Shay Crowe

    Shay Crowe

    2 giorni fa

    Honourable mentions: Crossbar challenge, Fifa funnies, Whats it like to be black, q&a with my dad, how to avoid a fight, get hyper, if kfc closed down

  54. Ethan Robertson

    Ethan Robertson

    2 giorni fa

    Brooo, How to Avoid A Fight is ez Top 3.... and its not even here!

  55. Reng Sayeed

    Reng Sayeed

    2 giorni fa

    Only if he put the vid annoying the shit out of f2 freestyle

  56. Mike DiMat

    Mike DiMat

    2 giorni fa

    “Pop it in the goal like your dad pops in your hole son” Greatest line of all time

  57. DanIsSoCool


    2 giorni fa

    I guessed number 1 I remember that coming out unbelievable video

  58. MYRE


    2 giorni fa

    that division 1 video hit me in the feels.

  59. DanIsSoCool


    2 giorni fa

    11:21 what did you skip there jj?

  60. Linda Bennet

    Linda Bennet

    2 giorni fa

    People say Deji only has American fans. Like this if you're not AMERICAN

  61. Linda Bennet

    Linda Bennet

    2 giorni fa

    People say Deji only has American fans. Like this if you're not AMERICAN

  62. Linda Bennet

    Linda Bennet

    2 giorni fa

    People say Deji only has American fans. Like this if you're not AMERICAN

  63. Linda Bennet

    Linda Bennet

    2 giorni fa

    People say Deji only has American fans. Like this if you're not AMERICAN

  64. Rick Gerhartl

    Rick Gerhartl

    2 giorni fa

    I'm still sad African Mums didn't go on to become a series...

  65. Jose Ruiz

    Jose Ruiz

    2 giorni fa

    Why didn't you put the racist computer in the top 10

  66. Jinja Skiilz 22

    Jinja Skiilz 22

    2 giorni fa

    Am i the only one who thinks fifa 12 midget edition should be on here

  67. Ajay Tormey

    Ajay Tormey

    2 giorni fa

    So many parts of his vids can’t be shown because of ITput being stupid

  68. Keatan


    2 giorni fa

    When you're a millionaire and can't even Activate Windows

  69. Connor Young

    Connor Young

    2 giorni fa

    Pace pace pace needed to be on that list

  70. Jorge2104


    2 giorni fa

    Reddit needs to make a top 10 and he’s gotta redo this video

  71. Mauro Schepers

    Mauro Schepers

    2 giorni fa

    Where is the video Get Hyper in the top ten??

  72. W_ Spectra

    W_ Spectra

    2 giorni fa

    jj: some ogs were with me when this happened and understand how big of a deal it was me; "im not crying you are"

  73. Nick Fitzy

    Nick Fitzy

    2 giorni fa

    Van persi forgets how to walk first ksi vid I watched been fan since think that was 10 years ago

  74. reallysmallguy3


    2 giorni fa

    Still to this day I always say 'This wasn't even an attempt'

  75. Bengal Sultan

    Bengal Sultan

    2 giorni fa

    Ksi lgbtsaffsafcaadgg

  76. Kav


    2 giorni fa

    11:20 only the OG will remember the scene that doesn’t exist anymore coz it was a bit too far 😂😂

  77. Kevin Paiz

    Kevin Paiz

    2 giorni fa

    Old ksi better 😔

  78. SlapMy Ass

    SlapMy Ass

    2 giorni fa

    You’re actually bad at ITput now

  79. Phresh_Giuspi


    2 giorni fa

    Anyone see the spit?

  80. Shockwave


    2 giorni fa

    and yet you still cant seem to activate windows................

  81. iPepy


    2 giorni fa

    Honorable mentions: Two blacks vs. the world What it’s like to be black Awkward in public Fifa 97,98

  82. Aisultan-Askhat Yesmagambetov

    Aisultan-Askhat Yesmagambetov

    2 giorni fa

    KSI why did you skip the part when you had your hands in your knickers?

  83. Jack Marshall

    Jack Marshall

    2 giorni fa

    What about the vid f kfc closed down

  84. Matthew Gunning

    Matthew Gunning

    2 giorni fa THE KITCHEN IS ON F I R E ! 😂😂😂

  85. demonsluger


    3 giorni fa

    So when are new videos that can top these ten come out?

  86. Bailey Gardiner

    Bailey Gardiner

    3 giorni fa

    Reckon at 11 million subs he should remake some of these videos

  87. Maghrabi


    3 giorni fa

    The entire time i was hoping to see the "race to division one" final clip! Crazy moment back when it got uploaded the first time

  88. Jineth Weragama

    Jineth Weragama

    3 giorni fa

    Did man just say argess

  89. R3 Cod

    R3 Cod

    3 giorni fa

    This video was to jokes

  90. Frank Kya

    Frank Kya

    3 giorni fa

    YOu look beat 😂😂😂 number 6

  91. gengis khan

    gengis khan

    3 giorni fa

    crossbar challenge

  92. LuLzMrTom


    3 giorni fa


  93. Aatif Inam

    Aatif Inam

    3 giorni fa

    How is none of his fortnite vids in the top 10

  94. Christopher Macdonald

    Christopher Macdonald

    3 giorni fa

    Notice how he cuts the savile joke out hahahaha

  95. Kyle Mountford

    Kyle Mountford

    3 giorni fa

    If the owner of EA was black should be up there

  96. Tobzz -095

    Tobzz -095

    3 giorni fa

    That GTA bit had me 😂😂😂😂😂

  97. Aditya Joshi

    Aditya Joshi

    3 giorni fa

    Not your top videos its "ours"

  98. Syed Ashir Ali Official

    Syed Ashir Ali Official

    3 giorni fa

    my relative is a footballer called EASAH SULIMAN

  99. Bl4ke


    3 giorni fa

    Why is JJ mooching off of KSI for content?

  100. Tunde Ogunpola

    Tunde Ogunpola

    3 giorni fa


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