My Thoughts On Logan Paul Vs Floyd Mayweather

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  1. leo stewart

    leo stewart

    19 ore fa

    3:25 I've tackled worse😂

  2. Labion60fps


    22 ore fa

    everyone put captions on at around 7:10 and wait another 3 seconds as in the captions it says bearus is alive...

  3. Labion60fps


    22 ore fa




    22 ore fa

    Some people want to see mayweather win but Ksi just wants to see the world burn lmao 😂

  5. IsRaEl


    Giorno fa

    loss To Ksi And Fight The Beast In The World Is That How It Works

  6. Ethan Baker

    Ethan Baker

    Giorno fa

    Like look, imma be real, I know I don't know much about boxing, just Floyd's general record. All I need to know is the fact that the dude has never lost any of his fights and, if I remember right, is a heavy weight. No matter the circumstances of some of his fights, he would not be where he is if he wasn't really god damn skilled. He is one of the best boxers CURRENTLY around, and Logan is gonna break.

  7. zlegend360


    Giorno fa


  8. caped baldy

    caped baldy

    Giorno fa

    just noticed that he has two vids called "My Thoughts On Logan Paul Vs Floyd Mayweather" and "My Thoughts On Floyd Mayweather Vs Logan Paul"

  9. Renjitha Ulhas

    Renjitha Ulhas

    Giorno fa

    Logan pauls career is like his name, starts with an L and ends on an L

  10. fifa Jack 09

    fifa Jack 09

    Giorno fa

    7:06 the Internet when logan beats Mayweather

  11. 29gnik


    2 giorni fa

    win or lose the fight at the end of the day Logan is the real winner. if may wins he got a pay check and looks smaller in peoples eyes if he loses bye bye his history, so its a lose lose for him.



    2 giorni fa

    its like rocky roky takes a shot loses first rematch he wins

  13. Larenzo


    2 giorni fa

    Here before: “Who’s here after Logan won?” “Who’s here after Logan lost?”

    • Ethan Baker

      Ethan Baker

      Giorno fa

      Dude, let's be real. It's only gonna be "Who's here after Logan lost?" Logan has a -100% chance of winning. Boy will be lucky to fuckin survived.

  14. Isaiah Fong

    Isaiah Fong

    2 giorni fa

    the more you know

  15. Azreal Leroy

    Azreal Leroy

    2 giorni fa

    If Logan couldn't beat KSI what hope does he have against Floyd 😹😹😹😹😹😹 Logan's gonna get shit on

  16. Naseem Premdutt

    Naseem Premdutt

    3 giorni fa

    My dude is a man of culture wwe moves 👍👍

  17. azam alamgir 02/10/1972

    azam alamgir 02/10/1972

    4 giorni fa


  18. David Mckirdy

    David Mckirdy

    4 giorni fa

    ksi you will knock jake paul out in first round

  19. Lowkey


    4 giorni fa

    Logan can't even fucking beat a ITputr, How about a Dude who beat Manny Paquiao who's one of the best Boxer in the Boxing History.

  20. Eduardo Cardona Gomez

    Eduardo Cardona Gomez

    4 giorni fa

    Thumbnail my thoughts on Floyd vs Logan. Him look at sub Reddit

  21. Tekkerz osman

    Tekkerz osman

    4 giorni fa

    We all know Logan Paul gonna get f*** up

  22. Austin Jijo

    Austin Jijo

    5 giorni fa

    Minecraft pineapple design confirmed

  23. Ananda Deva Arjuna

    Ananda Deva Arjuna

    5 giorni fa

    Clip this without context 7:04

  24. r e v e l a r e_ XVII

    r e v e l a r e_ XVII

    6 giorni fa

    *For Nate Robinson.*

  25. jake schofield

    jake schofield

    6 giorni fa

    Logan quick the he hung him self

  26. Mackenzie Howell

    Mackenzie Howell

    6 giorni fa

    i dont think jj got why it said waking up at a juice wrld concert... lmao

  27. Austin Gurley

    Austin Gurley

    6 giorni fa

    Who wasnt using captions until he did the mumble then went back with captions and seen the sublim from moe

  28. extinct storms lover

    extinct storms lover

    6 giorni fa

    I love how he still has to use the paul brothers for views

  29. Your Boss

    Your Boss

    7 giorni fa

    So ksi lives in a minecraft Earth that's why he ate a cube pineapple

  30. Fujiwara Genji

    Fujiwara Genji

    7 giorni fa

    he dont even know how to cut pineapple

  31. fr0z3n Shark

    fr0z3n Shark

    7 giorni fa

    We now have a win win situation if ksi loses we get baldski if he dosnt jake shuts the fuck up

  32. Eddie Fenn

    Eddie Fenn

    7 giorni fa

    If loganwins, jj is the best boxer ever

  33. ChingChang Woo

    ChingChang Woo

    8 giorni fa

    You used 20% of the pinapple xD

  34. Ismail Omar

    Ismail Omar

    8 giorni fa

    If Logan wins KSI is one of the best boxers of all time

  35. Junior Junior

    Junior Junior

    8 giorni fa

    Slavery Fifa

  36. Ghostfacedgamer


    9 giorni fa

    Yo ass would be fired for cutting that damn pineapple like that! You forgot all the meat on that skin lol 😂

  37. SavageGaming BS

    SavageGaming BS

    9 giorni fa

    KSI cutting off 50%of the pineapple 🍍

  38. Only Whiz

    Only Whiz

    9 giorni fa

    1) paused this @ 0:00 to comment cause ur trash. 2) imagine getting clout off the DUDE you beat LMFAO #trashcan

    • Only Whiz

      Only Whiz

      8 giorni fa

      @Neave X do I care about statistics 😂

    • Neave X

      Neave X

      8 giorni fa

      Your still giving him comments and views for the algorithm, but you do you.🤔

  39. Juan Perez

    Juan Perez

    9 giorni fa

    i think ksi hit logan a bit too hard and he stayed on the trip

  40. MoTheUser


    9 giorni fa

    Everybody A Gangsta Until JJ Become Juan...

  41. Visar Abdulhakim

    Visar Abdulhakim

    9 giorni fa

    Jj its me Peter Adjei Jesus i will see you soon🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁

  42. Eli De Sa

    Eli De Sa

    10 giorni fa

    Would you root for jake Paul

  43. Shihab Pattat

    Shihab Pattat

    10 giorni fa

    Any indians🤣🤣

  44. t0xic.Fluidzz


    10 giorni fa


  45. Aveangelo42 Gaming

    Aveangelo42 Gaming

    10 giorni fa

    Lo the captionswhen he was saying gibberish was "ksimon for life" and "im a fatneek"

  46. SnowwyXL


    10 giorni fa

    The OGs remember he was KSI

  47. James Doherty

    James Doherty

    11 giorni fa

    6:57 Idk why but this just looks wrong

  48. nittic


    11 giorni fa

    the subtitles tho haha

  49. nittic


    11 giorni fa

    him eats 1/13 of a pinaple core

  50. RIL0


    11 giorni fa

    7:05 the subtitles said I’m a fat meek 💀

  51. TheWhitePanther 11

    TheWhitePanther 11

    11 giorni fa

    JJ - "I'l always until I die be on the youtube side" Soo he will be on Jake's side when he fights someone Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  52. Alwyn Lance

    Alwyn Lance

    11 giorni fa

    I always thought ksi saying his intro was "ksilgbt" lmfao

  53. sapnu puas

    sapnu puas

    11 giorni fa

    If Logan wins, he’s basically better than McGreggor too

    • JessyJS


      12 ore fa

      Mcgreggor is washed either way

    • Aiman Mirza

      Aiman Mirza

      4 giorni fa

      Then ksi better than all of them

    • OfF1ce


      7 giorni fa

      Mcgregor isnt a boxer tho

    • keinbockaufschule


      7 giorni fa

      @Morgan Foster because mayweather beated connor

    • Hussain Khawaja

      Hussain Khawaja

      7 giorni fa

      Thats not gonna happen

  54. Edward Harrison

    Edward Harrison

    11 giorni fa

    KSI is a good minecraft player

  55. Elite Maori

    Elite Maori

    11 giorni fa

    KSI: "If I was playing rugby and I had the ball and I was charging at you like that, you'd definitely move out the way" New Zealanders: "RUN IT STRAIGHT"

  56. Jose Flores

    Jose Flores

    12 giorni fa

    I like your cup g

  57. Its_ Alright

    Its_ Alright

    12 giorni fa

    Yellow Tesseract

  58. Thee7BookOfSeal


    12 giorni fa

    Ksi You Want Logan To Win This Dude Don't Even Like You

  59. JB Studios

    JB Studios

    12 giorni fa

    JJ needs to make a cooking series

  60. Andrew Rafferty

    Andrew Rafferty

    12 giorni fa

    You cut the pine apple all wrong G

  61. SkyTheSavage


    12 giorni fa

    Wasted 70% of pineapple 😂

  62. Dominic flash

    Dominic flash

    12 giorni fa

    *a gift for u all* 7:22

  63. sauceD


    13 giorni fa

    How about, manny and logan??? Jkjkjk

  64. Jax Benson

    Jax Benson

    13 giorni fa

    You should go to the fight ksi

  65. Srishti hehe

    Srishti hehe

    13 giorni fa

    3:34 what u came for

  66. Sean Fehmer

    Sean Fehmer

    13 giorni fa

    Well 6:58 proves KSIMON is real

  67. Astar LonDoN

    Astar LonDoN

    13 giorni fa

    It should be kSI vs Mayweather

  68. Darragh Connolly

    Darragh Connolly

    13 giorni fa

    Man wasted so much pineapple

  69. SevenDeMagnus


    13 giorni fa

    Yup, Mayweather trying to unwind with Paul, later Jake for some easy money but anything can happen. God bless, Rev. 21:4

  70. Pro Gaming

    Pro Gaming

    14 giorni fa

    Ksi cut the pineapple like it a was a orange

    • that one BRUHH guy

      that one BRUHH guy

      14 giorni fa


  71. Mr. Swingy

    Mr. Swingy

    14 giorni fa

  72. Big Behz Cr1tic

    Big Behz Cr1tic

    14 giorni fa

    Floyd to JJ: I will finish what you started

  73. Joachim Sanez

    Joachim Sanez

    14 giorni fa

    He took out Spongebob from pineapple XD

  74. Titan


    14 giorni fa

    Bruhhh😂😂😂 just for this video , it made me sub and liked 😂😂😂



    14 giorni fa

    Logan is gonna be injured for sure if he face Flloyd

  76. Fishy Boi

    Fishy Boi

    14 giorni fa

    “There might have been some boxing fans that have killed them selfs over this” it’s a win win bc Logan can film it for views.

  77. Ashish Sharma

    Ashish Sharma

    14 giorni fa

    The way he laugh 😂😂 subscribed today

  78. SwaeIsGoated TTV

    SwaeIsGoated TTV

    14 giorni fa

    Logan gonna get his ass rocked

  79. Nicky baloney

    Nicky baloney

    14 giorni fa

    Ksi screaming is one of the best things ever🤣🤣

  80. Dr Mikias

    Dr Mikias

    15 giorni fa

    JJ please 🙏🙏🙏 React To Ethiopian Music Please Links Here Original Video👉 Concert Video

  81. obito Uchiha

    obito Uchiha

    15 giorni fa

    Put it at 6:57 and have the subtitles on you can see that it says (mo is the best. KISMON is real)

  82. Orisha Eshu

    Orisha Eshu

    15 giorni fa

    JJ your beard isn't growing because you lack the androgen receptors on your face to respond to your testosterone levels. This indeed is genetic, and even if you have the highest testosterone levels ever, you will not see much beard growth. However, what you can do is get a hair transplant for your beard. You would look clapped for a few weeks, but it will heal and last for your entire life. Up to you if you really want to go through with it.

  83. Angela Vickers

    Angela Vickers

    15 giorni fa

    he cut off all the good part and then just ate the core

  84. Falcon


    15 giorni fa

    ahahaha thats how the rich cut there pinapples lol

  85. Sahil Palkar

    Sahil Palkar

    16 giorni fa

    His fucking channel is all about logan and jake why???

  86. Luffy Ichigo

    Luffy Ichigo

    16 giorni fa

    Jj be wasting food while children in Africa be starving

  87. Ala Tia

    Ala Tia

    16 giorni fa

    What a waste of pineapple

  88. Editz


    16 giorni fa

    1 Like = 1 More Person Knowing That Khabib Is The Best Fighter

  89. Savinroo Sooriyage

    Savinroo Sooriyage

    16 giorni fa

    When he went silent in the deaf meme I actually thought that I became deaf

  90. Ashywastaken


    16 giorni fa

    watch it be a draw

  91. A Name

    A Name

    16 giorni fa

    The subtitles when ksi was trying to mess with him at 7:03 😂😂😂

  92. Alex Torres

    Alex Torres

    16 giorni fa

    The subtitles 😂

  93. Ayokunle Awude

    Ayokunle Awude

    16 giorni fa

    Yooooooo😭 the subtitles are funny asf @ 6:54 😂

  94. Paddy Owens

    Paddy Owens

    16 giorni fa

    Willie trade



    16 giorni fa


  96. Craig Hudson

    Craig Hudson

    16 giorni fa

    6-59 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 on subtitles

  97. Darth Bane

    Darth Bane

    16 giorni fa

    Simulations been fucked for months

  98. Candeez


    16 giorni fa

    JJ pineapple cutting said 🍍 ->▫️

  99. Darren Roehit

    Darren Roehit

    16 giorni fa


  100. Anton Arena

    Anton Arena

    16 giorni fa

    If u wanna grow hair wash ur hair in rrice water

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