My Thoughts On Floyd Mayweather Vs Logan Paul



  1. [TRIPLEX]


    21 ora fa

    If LOGAN lost against KSI, LOGAN has no chance against Mayweather.😅🤣

  2. Elrushaidat dana

    Elrushaidat dana

    Giorno fa

    Google says your 5 ft 10

  3. trevor frankum

    trevor frankum

    2 giorni fa

    The dazzling rutabaga preoperatively reach because brow pathologically race concerning a wiry stream. massive, rustic bagpipe

  4. Larenze ‘The Dream’ Galloway

    Larenze ‘The Dream’ Galloway

    2 giorni fa

    “Adidas” anybody else hear how he said it

  5. Henriko il tedesco

    Henriko il tedesco

    2 giorni fa

    10:08 hahahaha watching this now, when the Logan vs Mayweather Fight is just a bit over a month away, is kinda jokes.

  6. tomo nagachi

    tomo nagachi

    3 giorni fa

    Lol logan should fight pacman pacquio rather than hi cause if he cant defeat him he cant defeat mayweather

  7. Dawid SEMENIUK

    Dawid SEMENIUK

    4 giorni fa

    3:40 😂😂😂😂😂 lol

  8. Dominic Manriquez

    Dominic Manriquez

    4 giorni fa

    ksi unlike floyd has pride an priorities hes shallow so that ez payday was a no brainer for him

  9. ThatOneDude579


    4 giorni fa


  10. Yoboypatrickstar :

    Yoboypatrickstar :

    5 giorni fa

    4:20 laughing my ass off 😂😂😂 why is he dancing like that

  11. IMMORTAL travis

    IMMORTAL travis

    5 giorni fa

    Jj u know that yall are both the same level cause if he didnt lose the 2 points it would of ben another draw

  12. Mariya Malik

    Mariya Malik

    7 giorni fa

    Are we not gonna talk about vik on a pole🤣🤣🤣

  13. Blackest Hole

    Blackest Hole

    7 giorni fa

    You know you’re a good ITputr if my parents hate your old vids and hate you because of them

  14. memoried games

    memoried games

    7 giorni fa

    my uncle met jj and my uncle is 5,11 and he said that jj is shorter than him lol

  15. Prengelz


    7 giorni fa

    3:00 lets not forget jj bought his dad that for Christmas with the same headlights

  16. Zezy zhujikop

    Zezy zhujikop

    8 giorni fa

    Logan is gonna go on comma

  17. Wendy Van Ginneken Schraauwen

    Wendy Van Ginneken Schraauwen

    9 giorni fa

    3:09 you cant talk to a miata like that

  18. Andy's Boxing workout videos

    Andy's Boxing workout videos

    9 giorni fa


  19. Victor Brito

    Victor Brito

    9 giorni fa

    Logan and Floyd actually fighting

  20. Alex Paylor

    Alex Paylor

    10 giorni fa

    You’ve been bald for how long like actually you are a waste

  21. KarKris KS

    KarKris KS

    10 giorni fa

    JJ should be coming out. I am not even kidding, Simon looks more cheerful and bright near JJ. And JJ looks the same too

  22. officaltakuche209


    10 giorni fa

    Let's get mo to 1 mill by the end of 2021

  23. Robbie Wilson

    Robbie Wilson

    11 giorni fa

    I like seeking to and I'm two%African

  24. Btw _Devil

    Btw _Devil

    12 giorni fa

    Every one: who’s after floyd vs Logan is confirmed Me: who’s after domains music video is finally released

  25. N1TRO


    12 giorni fa

    3:41 funniest moment..........

  26. Andy's Boxing workout videos

    Andy's Boxing workout videos

    12 giorni fa

    Watch ITput vid called Blind-folded Speedbag trick faster than Floyd MAYWEATHER

  27. khaled aldoraee

    khaled aldoraee

    13 giorni fa


  28. Seriouslydumb 257

    Seriouslydumb 257

    14 giorni fa

    Idk get why ksi was trying to say he should fight mayweather instead of Logan if he is focusing on his music career

    • Gulam Mustafa

      Gulam Mustafa

      13 giorni fa


  29. Mukund Saiteja

    Mukund Saiteja

    14 giorni fa

    ayo dont be toxic to logan ..keep it calm



    15 giorni fa

    10:05 that didn’t age well

  31. AJ


    15 giorni fa

    Two of the most hated boxers gonna fight? 😂😂😂 sign me up But this just still proves that mayweather picks easy opponents and would pay judges just in case he understimated shit lmao

    • jk Sureiya

      jk Sureiya

      6 giorni fa

      Sooo you’re saying manny and canelo are easy opponents?

  32. Nishan Sp

    Nishan Sp

    15 giorni fa

    whos here after mayweather beat logan?

  33. Ismael


    18 giorni fa

    Logan is fighting Floyd Mayweather on February 20 2021 JJ I'm big fan but u kinda speak a little too fast

  34. kyrus


    19 giorni fa


  35. Saif Jamal

    Saif Jamal

    20 giorni fa

    See you in 3 years

  36. H3R3W3G0


    20 giorni fa

    1990 NA miata teeth

  37. Nasreen Bibi

    Nasreen Bibi

    21 giorno fa

    4:13 JJ is officially gay

  38. Fire Pig

    Fire Pig

    21 giorno fa

    Im not even 30 pounds

  39. josephhwtff


    21 giorno fa

    what are the headphones he’s wearing ?

  40. Pontus Hansson

    Pontus Hansson

    22 giorni fa

    3 mounts later ( Logan vs mayweather)

  41. Atlas Apexor

    Atlas Apexor

    22 giorni fa

    I’m surprised no one is talking about Vikstars pole dancing skills.



    25 giorni fa

    This didint aged well

  43. Eric Diaz

    Eric Diaz

    26 giorni fa

    How did not JJ not realize that he re-used the video title😂

  44. Evan Brock

    Evan Brock

    26 giorni fa

    "Fuck Jake Paul" You've earned my respect and my sub and my like.

  45. clutchorkick


    28 giorni fa

    How is that watching one guy watching the jokes about him be so much entertaining

  46. HyperAJN


    28 giorni fa

    If JJ fights Mayweather it will be detrimental to Mayweather’s health, that is why he is fighting the loser.

  47. Shadow YxT

    Shadow YxT

    28 giorni fa

    Logan offered 1m for mayweather to throw

  48. Swagger Guru

    Swagger Guru

    29 giorni fa

    The Sweet Science Like this for Floyd: Like this for Logan:

  49. Raihan Khan

    Raihan Khan

    29 giorni fa

    Why is Logan fighting mayweather when it should JJ doesn’t make sense KSI beat Logan which means he should fight mayweather

  50. Jacob Cody

    Jacob Cody

    29 giorni fa

    Jake gets alot of hate, its not about who he fights, its how he fights you have to watch that, jake will beat connor

  51. Roman McMillan

    Roman McMillan

    Mese fa


  52. Funtime Thrills

    Funtime Thrills

    Mese fa

    I'm 14 and 6 feet ;-;

  53. Dave Buckley

    Dave Buckley

    Mese fa

    KSI might have “beat” Logan but it was obvious that Logan was the better boxer if you watched the whole fight. Even one of the announcers admitted it. And I’m sorry my dude you are not a bigger draw than Logan 😂. Floyd chose Logan for both of those reasons

  54. DMM tv

    DMM tv

    Mese fa

    Damn its already been 2 months!!!!!😳

  55. Sultan Buksh

    Sultan Buksh

    Mese fa

    i got my dad fiered but the vik part just made him suiside

  56. avnish naik

    avnish naik

    Mese fa


  57. Brandon Sutton

    Brandon Sutton

    Mese fa

    dude 100% lost to Logan if you know anything about boxing

  58. Hotmemes YT

    Hotmemes YT

    Mese fa

    JJ vs forehead

  59. Jatin Pani

    Jatin Pani

    Mese fa

    Everyone wants to see Logan getting beat up , notJJ

  60. Callum Green

    Callum Green

    Mese fa

    Someone jealous, might have something to do with the fact he makes videos and content where he’s not just sat in his room and it’s took him 5 minutes to make



    Mese fa

    A few years for your beard to grow in after a couple of rounds of beard products more like 22 years



    Mese fa

    I'm just saying how is no one picking up on the fact of him mispronouncing Adidas

    • Arman Lone

      Arman Lone

      Mese fa

      that’s how everyone besides americans say it lol

  63. mrkiwi


    Mese fa

    Ksi missed the drawing joke

  64. Brandon Gallegos

    Brandon Gallegos

    Mese fa

    Where where in dafuke is your eyebrows 😂😂😂😂💀💀

  65. Fudfj4 Ffjbdtj

    Fudfj4 Ffjbdtj

    Mese fa

    24434alreadyfinished onthatdays

  66. Princess Alexiss

    Princess Alexiss

    Mese fa

    10:06 “this anti happening” 2 months later it’s happening

  67. FroddeB


    Mese fa

    Turns out he wants to fight what he knows he can win.

  68. Bosnian Babo

    Bosnian Babo

    Mese fa

    5ft 10 ¼ (178.4 cm)

  69. Rhylee Douglas

    Rhylee Douglas

    Mese fa

    No one: Comments on this vid: WhO’s HeRE afTER tHe FIghT waS ConFiRmed?

  70. Mitchell Daly

    Mitchell Daly

    Mese fa

    I’m taller than JJ and I’m 14

  71. najia waseem

    najia waseem

    Mese fa

    Man vik got the money ehh

  72. Asd123 Asd123

    Asd123 Asd123

    Mese fa

    Boy this floyd is unbelievably funny... instead of paul atleast he should fight jake.. ow! shit! Flyod he cherry pick this youtuber? The TBE even cherry pick this fucking youtuber.... boy my boy floud mayweather the best of the best. I domt knownwhat to say the self proclaim TBE tryimg to fight a fucking youtuber...

  73. The Irish Savage

    The Irish Savage

    Mese fa

    logan if mcgregor lost u don't have a chance

  74. Lorenzo Boyer

    Lorenzo Boyer

    Mese fa

    Like belly dance this is new invented booty dance.😁😁😁😁 Just shake booty n dance is over. Just once step.

  75. Keshav


    Mese fa

    This guy has two videos with the same title lmao

  76. Dylan Marchant

    Dylan Marchant

    Mese fa

    Are we forgetting my boy slated a Miata

  77. Miningdiamond47 Mobile

    Miningdiamond47 Mobile

    Mese fa

    JJ play fnaf

  78. Fuzionx3


    Mese fa

    oh brother, once mayweather ends logan jake is gonna try to fight him, the end of the pauls

  79. Jaidan Knight

    Jaidan Knight

    Mese fa

    Logan will 100% sell more of anything than you will. Your context is just yelling at nothing Scooby

  80. Jaidan Knight

    Jaidan Knight

    Mese fa

    Your scared because jake will win, and his music is better than your shit you call music

  81. PHillip Odarchuk

    PHillip Odarchuk

    Mese fa

    1:25 what was the theme song the editor used

  82. ahmet xxx

    ahmet xxx

    Mese fa

    He is fighting logan because he is a better showman

  83. vishwak 1

    vishwak 1

    Mese fa

    I love u so much ksi

  84. YUNGPLUG 223

    YUNGPLUG 223

    Mese fa

    Well Logan would get shit on and jj would get shit on by Mayweather... What if they can make a 2v1 possible???

  85. Karan Sharma

    Karan Sharma

    Mese fa

    jj is a bit jelouse

  86. Muhammed Yousuf

    Muhammed Yousuf

    Mese fa

    Hey KSI activate your windows

  87. chill bruhh

    chill bruhh

    Mese fa

    i am gonna make the video on this , love from india

  88. Maria Canton

    Maria Canton

    Mese fa

    For the 12 year old me one I figured that out at 8 and I’m 10 right now

  89. Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln

    Mese fa


  90. Alex Sandoval

    Alex Sandoval

    Mese fa

    Ksi is just struggling to be relevant

  91. Adam Dover

    Adam Dover

    Mese fa

    Logan and Jake would both fuck you up ong and dude ya nose is 4 inches wide 😂

  92. cain hughes

    cain hughes

    Mese fa

    who else had this in there recommended

  93. Sean Leutner

    Sean Leutner

    Mese fa

    I hate vik

  94. D D

    D D

    Mese fa

    If you're looking for what JJ said about Logan vs Mayweather, there you go 10:00

  95. Nicholas Tedesco

    Nicholas Tedesco

    Mese fa

    U know ksi ur a little cocky this episode aren’t u

  96. Void Orca

    Void Orca

    Mese fa

    Didn't age well innit?

  97. LiamAU -

    LiamAU -

    Mese fa

    this is kinda awkward now that there fighting lol

  98. Animekid


    Mese fa

    -the death of Logan Paul calling it now

  99. Team Legacy

    Team Legacy

    Mese fa

    Bro I guess ur wrong

  100. Tokynz


    Mese fa

    On my main page 4 days later after it was actually announced, confusing me in the process. ITput algorithm for the win!

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