Low IQ Duo Imposter Attempt



  1. Jesse Buruma

    Jesse Buruma

    21 minuto fa


  2. Minecrafty Memes

    Minecrafty Memes

    35 minuti fa

    U r so shu*t at amung us

  3. julep


    44 minuti fa

    thanks moe

  4. Darren gang38

    Darren gang38

    51 minuto fa


  5. Zyxer


    Ora fa

    JJ actually has no brain cells

  6. Austinremexis


    2 ore fa

    I was with Cal Whos dead

  7. itzCookie


    2 ore fa

    Congratulations on 10 million

  8. slow mo

    slow mo

    2 ore fa

    Wrres the blue haur

  9. Venzo


    3 ore fa

    Do you think JJ knows when you vent you can go to different rooms and not just sit in one vent😂

  10. Can we Annoy youtubers

    Can we Annoy youtubers

    3 ore fa

    Ok boomer

  11. Moreno Ruvolo

    Moreno Ruvolo

    3 ore fa

    Love youu🤣😂😂🤣

  12. Triple Hit

    Triple Hit

    3 ore fa




    3 ore fa

    Why haven't you activated windows yet?

  14. GeorgeFloydOnYT


    4 ore fa

    Anyone see that vent open when jk died so sadiq

  15. lastupido


    4 ore fa

    jj really just not doing his tasks as a ghost

  16. Cool Pro

    Cool Pro

    4 ore fa

    Jj is so bad at among us

  17. Viktor Viktor01

    Viktor Viktor01

    4 ore fa

    Is IT just me that dont get this game? Dont know how to play it

  18. lil car crash

    lil car crash

    4 ore fa

    7:50 look at jj's eyes he almost pissed himself😂😂

  19. Exxo Loki

    Exxo Loki

    4 ore fa

    Nobody: That one player thats overreacting: 0:18

  20. Colby Rushton

    Colby Rushton

    4 ore fa

    hows this guy still not activated windows

  21. Hanat Hassan

    Hanat Hassan

    4 ore fa

    He was moving mad ~ ksi

  22. SGSan


    5 ore fa

    is anyone going to admit that, he has lambo but still didn't payed 10$ for windows activation key...

  23. Faizaan Naseem

    Faizaan Naseem

    5 ore fa

    This man has 10+m subs and is running a bootleg Windows

  24. Kevin Murray

    Kevin Murray

    5 ore fa

    Bruh he ratted out himself lol

  25. Darragh MC Daid

    Darragh MC Daid

    5 ore fa

    someone tell JJ if he hits the arrows in the vents he can move

  26. Tywdawg Stuff and more stuff

    Tywdawg Stuff and more stuff

    6 ore fa

    jj is so dummbbbb man

  27. Braxton T.

    Braxton T.

    6 ore fa

    JJ: I knew it 😂

  28. Brianna Lewis

    Brianna Lewis

    6 ore fa

    Mate love your videos 🤍🤝

  29. Go to my ChanneI - {MSG ME}

    Go to my ChanneI - {MSG ME}

    6 ore fa

    JJ’s not bad at being the imposter, it’s just that everyone is racist

  30. ImDisiTractorPt


    6 ore fa

    KSI is by far the dumbest Among Us player EVER... I can't xDD

  31. Justin Strassner

    Justin Strassner

    6 ore fa


  32. Juanangel


    7 ore fa

    petition for jj to make a channel called KSIGaming

  33. FatalFanatics


    7 ore fa


  34. Ryan Miller

    Ryan Miller

    7 ore fa

    Alhan is actually the worst

  35. BadBoyTV


    7 ore fa

    IT feels like they are letting JJ Get away with IT Even if they know its him 🤷‍♂️

  36. Chellapo


    7 ore fa

    How you got $5 to buy Among Us but dont have it to activate windows lol

  37. Alan Razo

    Alan Razo

    7 ore fa

    Yooo did y’all notice that sometimes when you do tasks the task bar doesn’t go up

  38. Ana Reyes

    Ana Reyes

    7 ore fa

    Dejo is under attack by some haters

  39. mohammed ibrahim

    mohammed ibrahim

    7 ore fa

    Knowledge 😂😂😂

  40. Zanib shamrez

    Zanib shamrez

    7 ore fa


  41. Yahya Ehtesham

    Yahya Ehtesham

    7 ore fa

    callux at the start the task bar didnt go up jj shouldve went with that

  42. Motchy


    8 ore fa

    JJ not knowing how vents work triggers me 😂

  43. Jaawxyz


    8 ore fa

    Oh yeah yeah

  44. AND REW


    8 ore fa

    Eveyone asks whos the Imposter but no one asks how the Imposter

  45. Mr.Bashed King

    Mr.Bashed King

    8 ore fa

    Post a video KSI it’s 2 days already

  46. kaoxz


    8 ore fa


  47. Alon Slom

    Alon Slom

    8 ore fa

    I’m from the future JJ fights Jake in May 22nd 2021 and KO’s him in the 4th round

  48. Jay and Samara J&SFamily

    Jay and Samara J&SFamily

    8 ore fa

    Love your videos also anyone that is reading this you will be successful Thanks for inspiring samara and I to start our couples channel on ITput Bruh appreciated that

  49. jay den david

    jay den david

    8 ore fa

    Hi bro love ur vids subbed four 4 years I know ur from Nigeria and ur dad is from ibadun

  50. joker joe

    joker joe

    8 ore fa

    hey jj pewd buyd it and it came

  51. Kim Howard

    Kim Howard

    8 ore fa


  52. Unknown_ Chaoss

    Unknown_ Chaoss

    8 ore fa

    JJ is such an idiot, but he’s our idiot 😌

  53. SoggyBreadSt1cks


    8 ore fa

    KSI is such a stupid prick Jesus man. He’s the opposite of Israel Adesanya. He doesn’t aim and fire he blind folds himself smashes his head against the desk spins around 5 times then shoots. So stupid.

  54. Ag 745

    Ag 745

    8 ore fa

    At least he was right about callux

  55. Praneet Prashant Mallik

    Praneet Prashant Mallik

    8 ore fa

    and he has Knowledge in his name

  56. JakkuWolf Insomnia

    JakkuWolf Insomnia

    9 ore fa

    JJ: “it’s Simon! It’s Simon! It’s DEFINITELY SIMON!” Also JJ: “it’s Callux! Fuck it’s Callux it’s Callux!” Also JJ: *gets killed by Saudi Khan* “SAUDI KHAN!! Fuck! I knew it!”

  57. Fabian D

    Fabian D

    9 ore fa

    Jj’s out here accusing people || LMAO

  58. Boqueefeus


    9 ore fa

    These videos are boring go back to reddit

  59. Great Shot 123

    Great Shot 123

    9 ore fa

    Activate windows plz

  60. Freddy Longtoes

    Freddy Longtoes

    9 ore fa

    Been subbed for years. Your killing it at minute bro. Tunes always on radio round here 👏🏻🎉

  61. SuperMattiaskarlsson


    9 ore fa

    We need reddit video

  62. GazKombatTV


    9 ore fa Have an awesome day!

  63. Brandon Meyers

    Brandon Meyers

    9 ore fa

    Is anyone confused in why VIZ didn’t call out JJ? He literally came out of electrical as he went in it’s triggering me

  64. bruhbacon


    10 ore fa

    how to activate windows

  65. Chris Hanna

    Chris Hanna

    10 ore fa

    Does jj know how to move around the vents?

  66. PurpleFiber217


    10 ore fa

    U guys need to vote out more

  67. PurpleFiber217


    10 ore fa

    Why do yall never vote out

  68. rEaR vIeW

    rEaR vIeW

    10 ore fa

    Simon already getting annoyed with Sadiq yeah he knows what’s up

  69. Ardzius


    10 ore fa

    Enough of among us....

  70. Seerapu Chinni

    Seerapu Chinni

    11 ore fa

  71. Therajer


    11 ore fa

    Yooo jj some fuckers went to Deji's house and is threatening him

  72. An Intellectual

    An Intellectual

    11 ore fa

    JJ lives in his own world when playing lmao

  73. Lil' Miss Chrystyle

    Lil' Miss Chrystyle

    11 ore fa

    Why is it so painful to watch JJ vent and not move 😭😭😭

    • Lil' Miss Chrystyle

      Lil' Miss Chrystyle

      11 ore fa

      Man just killed people and didn't even self-report, just vented without even doing it properly

  74. TJ Macaranas

    TJ Macaranas

    11 ore fa

    at 3:50 someone vented in admin you can see it

  75. Silent ACE

    Silent ACE

    11 ore fa WTF Happened!!!

  76. Patrick Hotarakit

    Patrick Hotarakit

    11 ore fa

    Angry KSI 😈

  77. vaXeldZ


    11 ore fa

    Yk jj is the imposter if he doesn’t talk to much

  78. Alfredo


    11 ore fa

    Day 11 of trying to reach 1000 subscribers from the comments

  79. Eliott Gaspar

    Eliott Gaspar

    11 ore fa

    Some video ideas: 1. Phasmophobia with Deji, Simon and Harry 2. Reacting to different subreddits 3. Discord talent show 4. Try to make me laugh (Omegle) 5. Reacting to old videos/Reacting to to unreleased footage 6. Fifa 21 draft or pack opening 7. Guess what fans think of me in a survey (Simon did this last year) 8. Most dangerous sport 9. Wii sports 10. Jackbox party pack games 11. More among us videos



    12 ore fa

    Can we get jj to listen to sleeping with sirens

  81. Somil Yadav

    Somil Yadav

    12 ore fa

    JJ's logics are always stupid but his guesses are always right...

  82. Faiq Shahid

    Faiq Shahid

    12 ore fa

    Best imposter

  83. Erororits tshayegbe

    Erororits tshayegbe

    12 ore fa

    KSI=yoo mate Josh=wait where are you from KSI=really bro really

  84. V_ontage


    12 ore fa

    ay KSI watch out for deji

  85. Nana Banana

    Nana Banana

    12 ore fa

    lmaooo was just playing with you rn

  86. Black Paul

    Black Paul

    12 ore fa

    I never knew that jj was friends with the mayor

  87. XHunterScott


    13 ore fa

    This is the dumbest video on ITput right now AHahahahaha Can we talk about how no one sus JJ at 8:40 ? Aaaaand how JJ stays in a vent without going further hahaha

  88. Dorian Melwin

    Dorian Melwin

    13 ore fa

    React to the Ainsley deepfake

  89. story gamer thanos

    story gamer thanos

    13 ore fa

    Why so dumb

  90. Rainbow Tiger

    Rainbow Tiger

    13 ore fa

    I love how JJ is always accusing someone when he’s a crewmate but when he’s an impostor he’s silent.

  91. Photohives Official

    Photohives Official

    13 ore fa

    Someone explain to this Knowledge guy how this game actually works...

  92. stealer knob

    stealer knob

    14 ore fa

    Ight someone. Get him to watch superwog Put this out here Put IT

  93. Inverse Worldwide

    Inverse Worldwide

    14 ore fa

    His beard

  94. CHUBBZ !

    CHUBBZ !

    14 ore fa

    Kai: ITS CALLUX AND SIMON IK IT IS Also Ksi: fuck Sadiq I knew it

  95. ItsDanny


    15 ore fa

    Ofc you’re the imposter you snake 🐍

  96. CJ


    15 ore fa

    i just came back from vickstars 24 hour assistant video and i just see ksi as a different person now.

  97. Mystry - Gaming

    Mystry - Gaming

    15 ore fa

    Whoever is reading this: You skin isn't paper so don't cut it Your body isn't a book so don't judge it Your heart isn't a door so don't lock it Your life isn't a movie so don't end it Be you....stay safe (Btw small youtuber looking for your support) I didn't create this quote Just wanna spread postivity Stay safe my friends

  98. Kay Nayaka H

    Kay Nayaka H

    15 ore fa

    New ksi song:



    15 ore fa

    Can anybody teach me how to install among us in pc because I got a new pc I could not remember

  100. upSIDe 25

    upSIDe 25

    15 ore fa

Il prossimo