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  1. Joshua Reeve

    Joshua Reeve

    Ora fa


  2. 3.60 gaming

    3.60 gaming

    Ora fa

    Jake paul is just kak

  3. User


    2 ore fa

    Jake is in front of you. Like to receive a shotgun.

  4. Nicholas hart G

    Nicholas hart G

    3 ore fa

    Jake is .....

  5. Cars Forever

    Cars Forever

    4 ore fa

    Jake paul is as useless as ...... finish it of

  6. Angad and Manav Hayre

    Angad and Manav Hayre

    6 ore fa

    I legit started blasting lighter as soon as the Paul’s started slewing Lighter. It was low-key a banger.

  7. Instinct KSI

    Instinct KSI

    6 ore fa

    Jake paul’s fans vs KSI’s fans is literally Kids (jake fans) vs adults (KSI fans)



    6 ore fa

    Number podcast lets check charts

  9. trappa2500


    7 ore fa

    i lost brain cells listening to jake paul



    8 ore fa

    i really want ksi and logan to be friends BUT FRICK JAKE

  11. Aiman Haque

    Aiman Haque

    8 ore fa

    jake vs jj livestream making one song most voted song wins

  12. oh yeah yeah

    oh yeah yeah

    11 ore fa

    jake paul: me and 1 friend.... *whispers* me and my 1 friend music crew

  13. Anfal Ahmad

    Anfal Ahmad

    12 ore fa

    JJ is sh- amazing

  14. Jacob McCabe

    Jacob McCabe

    14 ore fa

    Jake has no brain he thinks he’s so good

  15. IDrxpKai


    15 ore fa


    • IDrxpKai


      15 ore fa


  16. Kevin Senft

    Kevin Senft

    15 ore fa

    Just listened to ksi's album with my bf the other day. Told him everytime a song was good I would play the next song, ended up playing the entire album on repeat for a few hours. I was surprised by how great it was! Great job ksi can't wait to hear what else you release in the future, ill never doubt you again.

  17. Hollie The noob

    Hollie The noob

    15 ore fa

    I see your music on the radio everywhere and even American singers are on the uk radio but Logan and Jake Paul.... why are they saying lies?

  18. Hollie The noob

    Hollie The noob

    15 ore fa

    Tbh Jake Paul is one crazy man



    15 ore fa

    jake:hard work Gost wirter:no i did that jake:shut up were mony Gost wirter:more jake:no gost wirter:jake is a jake:no i will put you on the wirters team jj:too late bith

  20. MrTSpiral YT

    MrTSpiral YT

    16 ore fa

    ksi really speaking facts

  21. Lightningdoyle21


    16 ore fa

    Unfortunately a lot of youtubers have that mentality when every time they upload a video or release a song etc they always say it’s a hit it’s the best video ever when in reality it’s not that good. I’m not like that I know that I’m not the king on ITput but I improve with my videos.

  22. Huntex


    16 ore fa

    Guys donate some likes to get our boy jake paul a better grave for him (btw i think we will need one more for logan too).. ............. 👇

  23. Lauren Scott

    Lauren Scott

    18 ore fa

    I swear to god jj needs to beat some sense into this kid he's soooo jaring

  24. GVR


    18 ore fa

    Jake Paul is available in a trash bin

  25. Jr Does Asmr

    Jr Does Asmr

    18 ore fa

    4:19 what I say to my Toxic Ex

  26. Zeynep Yilmaz

    Zeynep Yilmaz

    18 ore fa

    Jake is talking shit and JJ is shutting him up. And also JJ’s coming with facts and Jake had no proof

  27. Theo OBierne

    Theo OBierne

    19 ore fa

    He’s been listening to his own song

  28. Omar El-Merabet

    Omar El-Merabet

    19 ore fa

    Jake and Logan are wafflers. KSI I agree all

  29. Makram Hossain

    Makram Hossain

    20 ore fa

    jake thinks that everyday bro is fire? *N U M B E R O N E B I G G E S T E G O I N T H E W O R L D*

  30. 136_Darshak Desai

    136_Darshak Desai

    21 ora fa

    Why doesn't ksi make more of this videos?

  31. james cunningham

    james cunningham

    21 ora fa

    jake was wearing a cap dont worry

  32. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur Morgan

    21 ora fa

    16:39 I’m not sure you want to know that.

  33. דוד פורטל

    דוד פורטל

    23 ore fa

    Lol I can fight like shit and u beat him cuz he wanted to kick ur ass and got 2 points for that lol

  34. Jeys Sepulveda

    Jeys Sepulveda

    Giorno fa

    Ksi just roasting Jake and Logan Paul about everything 🤣😂

  35. Roan Collins

    Roan Collins

    Giorno fa

    "Hard work in my baseent" ye on fucking kids

  36. Luca McCormack

    Luca McCormack

    Giorno fa

    jake is the kind guy to climb a glass wall to see what was over it

  37. EJ Jr

    EJ Jr

    Giorno fa

    10:34 jake Paul literally is talking abt him self that’s how u know the quote thinkers are doers that literally applies to jake Paul

  38. xo slim

    xo slim

    Giorno fa

    The hate and shade from these two is unreal lol



    Giorno fa

    Who is a ksi supporter

  40. SYM Ibra

    SYM Ibra

    Giorno fa


  41. Bella Xx

    Bella Xx

    Giorno fa

    jjs laugh is so contagious omggg😭😭😭

  42. kyan Nagendran

    kyan Nagendran

    Giorno fa

    @Jake Paul

  43. el chap

    el chap

    Giorno fa

    That because most people in the U.S knows jake is trash we know real music

  44. Marcus Khattar

    Marcus Khattar

    Giorno fa

    Will ksi reply to this comment

  45. scoobeedoo


    Giorno fa

    what a mad lad

  46. Lucky Ducky

    Lucky Ducky

    Giorno fa

    back again

  47. Finn Wilmes

    Finn Wilmes

    Giorno fa

    Ngl logans chill tho

  48. Blizzard Dog2010

    Blizzard Dog2010

    Giorno fa

    Jake Paul is more useless than Magikarp



    Giorno fa

    There are jake paul fans and KSI fans who will back up who they like but let’s be honest clearly you can tell that JJ is better because there is evidence

  50. xTwinSnipez


    Giorno fa

    listening to jake.......brain cells went to heaven

  51. Warren Raye

    Warren Raye

    Giorno fa

    I like you more than logan but you guys are like middle school girls in a sissy fight, its more logan but sometimes you bring up that you won repetitively

  52. Alana Carling

    Alana Carling

    Giorno fa

    Jake::I had good lyricism His song also:iTs EvErYdAy bRo

  53. Alana Carling

    Alana Carling

    Giorno fa

    Who thinks Logan changed but Jake is still trash

  54. Alana Carling

    Alana Carling

    Giorno fa

    Jake's the type of guy who you would look up and down while your crossing the road

  55. Alana Carling

    Alana Carling

    Giorno fa

    I don't mind Logan but I would do anything to box Jake in the face cause he thinks she can fight Conor but Conor sued him😁

  56. domka00111


    Giorno fa

    Ksi his waves are mad they are godly

  57. Aleksander org

    Aleksander org

    Giorno fa

    4:36 It’s even funnier now that Lighter has gone Platnum

  58. Aiden Scootz

    Aiden Scootz

    Giorno fa

    It’s funny how jake is saying jj scared 😂

  59. Taran Singh

    Taran Singh

    Giorno fa

    Diljit Dosanjh is better than ksi

    • Taran Singh

      Taran Singh

      Giorno fa

      @roco2k jeez chill 😂 why Yu getting so vexed I ain’t even throwing shade at you lol how Dyu know who he is tho

    • roco2k


      Giorno fa

      Who tf comparing an indian dude to ksi, did you get hit on the head, i can see you were wrong to be born in this world

  60. justin Densebuds

    justin Densebuds

    Giorno fa

    Logan Paul: ya bro's I'm fighting Floyd Mayweather!! I even think I can stand more than 1 round!!! Also Logan: My bro fighting Conor Mcgregor is fucking dumb tho!!!! Ahhhahahahaha LMFAO. These people and the people that like them are exactly what's making America great again for sure!!!! LMFAO America is CHOCK FULL OF MORONS!!!!!

  61. Toasty Gaming

    Toasty Gaming

    Giorno fa

    When jake Paul can’t rap

  62. teo vesel

    teo vesel

    Giorno fa

    Jake is the type of person to wash his hands after a shower

  63. Abed hasan

    Abed hasan

    Giorno fa

    I bet everyone that disliked were Fans of jake and Logan Paul



    Giorno fa

    13:12 I do it too ksi

  65. Vx1 FlïpZz

    Vx1 FlïpZz

    Giorno fa

    Ksi is definitely better than both the Paul’s combined altogether

  66. Joshua Singareddy

    Joshua Singareddy

    Giorno fa

    Jake Paul is the type of guy to flip a water bottle upside down to see if there's any water in it

  67. Rextek


    2 giorni fa

    He has to be doing this on purpose! Even someone as dumb as jake has to see that he is talking trash and is delusional

  68. myescape


    2 giorni fa

    Dude aren't u like 27 and jake is 23. He's a young dude and ur going to your 30s. Just let him get more mature. It could happen...

  69. Leekebuns


    2 giorni fa

    We move we move

  70. medo amir

    medo amir

    2 giorni fa

    3rd comment Jake is the type of guy to kill himself in a game to get a kill

  71. Zac Bacon

    Zac Bacon

    2 giorni fa

    Jake and Logan are so cringe

  72. medo amir

    medo amir

    2 giorni fa

    Jake is the type of guy to not invite his mother to his marriage with his crush cuz his mother did invite him to her marriage with his dad

  73. medo amir

    medo amir

    2 giorni fa

    Jake is the type of guy to blow in the yogurt so he doesn't burn himself

  74. ĐȺɍꝁ ɌɇȺłm

    ĐȺɍꝁ ɌɇȺłm

    2 giorni fa

    Jake is more useless than sakura

  75. ChingChang Woo

    ChingChang Woo

    2 giorni fa

    Why is jake paul so stupid

  76. Skittle


    2 giorni fa

    honestly, i’m a huge fan of all jjs music but i personally think his verse on lighter really wasn’t great and that’s my opinion so don’t come hatin on me

  77. K


    2 giorni fa

    you know what JJ, um you're songs are only hit songs with features. yup. im so smart

  78. Esh lad

    Esh lad

    2 giorni fa

    Tbh I haven’t heard either of yours songs on radio

  79. Ashton Riley

    Ashton Riley

    2 giorni fa

    When I see jakes face I cry 😎😎😎😏😏😏😏😏😹😹

  80. anna cronin

    anna cronin

    2 giorni fa

    Logan is smart but whens he is with his brother he becomes a dumbass

    • Anarchyst


      Giorno fa

      He claimed a video that prevent's suicide and tweeted oout : FUCK YOU HAHHA

    • Anarchyst


      Giorno fa

      Logan is not smart

  81. Ryan Abreau

    Ryan Abreau

    2 giorni fa

    The hulking approval byerly talk because snake habitually pull among a wise advertisement. remarkable, tranquil trapezoid

  82. Anderson Centeno

    Anderson Centeno

    2 giorni fa

    I like how jake Paul said he sucks as jake needs a fucking ghost writer for his shit🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  83. alex gregory

    alex gregory

    2 giorni fa

    Intelligent man

  84. Abdinoor Hussein

    Abdinoor Hussein

    2 giorni fa

    For those who don’t know jake Paul is a man who went from being on a Disney show to smoking cigars and getting tattoos

  85. Legendary Panda 28

    Legendary Panda 28

    2 giorni fa

    KSI make a pod cast and make fun of them

  86. amit abt

    amit abt

    2 giorni fa

    ksi is so much batter then lougen and jake poul

  87. Siren Agario

    Siren Agario

    2 giorni fa

    Jake Paul is waffling lol

  88. Siren Agario

    Siren Agario

    2 giorni fa

    I love how jake said ur scared but you will literally knock him out

  89. Mark Lowe

    Mark Lowe

    2 giorni fa

    JJs right he speaks facts Paul’s speak shit

  90. James Hankin

    James Hankin

    2 giorni fa

    Ik this is late but imagine everyday bro on the radio lol

  91. Damon Gilley

    Damon Gilley

    2 giorni fa

    Hey the chicken thing didnt sound good on Paul's "song" I think the last part should say like " let it hit"

  92. Damon Gilley

    Damon Gilley

    2 giorni fa

    Where did splice come from

  93. Damon Gilley

    Damon Gilley

    2 giorni fa

    I stop the video to listen to it and your voice actually splices the song up. It's the meat with the potatoes

  94. Jakob Baumgartner

    Jakob Baumgartner

    2 giorni fa

    4:48 I thought he was about to say LETS CHECK UR MONTHLY LISTENERS



    2 giorni fa

    Jake the trash collector truck is coming in 10 mins , get ready , or else u will miss it.

  96. Zak Ahmed

    Zak Ahmed

    3 giorni fa

    I love ksi soo much

  97. wassim games

    wassim games

    3 giorni fa

    Ez facts

  98. Zingu


    3 giorni fa

    4000 languages and he chose to speak facts

  99. 14stdeathsqad


    3 giorni fa

    Lmao Ksi hates getting critique or people saying his shit is wack 😂😂que sad

    • Gangsta DOO DOO

      Gangsta DOO DOO

      2 giorni fa

      No, he listens to criticism, just look at his reddit, it's full of criticism, he just doesn't like getting critiqued by people who are so trash they shouldn't get a say in what's good and what's bad.

  100. Collette Gallagher

    Collette Gallagher

    3 giorni fa

    PLEASE JJ put jake paul on his bum bum

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