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  1. PoPPin


    51 minuto fa

    Why does Jake have a "basement" I live in LA and we don't have basements cause we don't have tornadoes like wtf

  2. TooMany NPCs

    TooMany NPCs

    2 ore fa

    LoserGang Paul

  3. Matty Kowalski

    Matty Kowalski

    3 ore fa

    KSI is very clever

  4. Legend 13

    Legend 13

    4 ore fa

    There is a guy called realist who has reacted to this put this on his Reddit so he can see and he slews this

  5. Zahainb omar

    Zahainb omar

    4 ore fa


  6. xToxicate


    4 ore fa

    when i heard that ppl go to jakes vids to dislike them i forgot to do that so now i did it there you go KSI

  7. Liam Gouws

    Liam Gouws

    5 ore fa

    After logen watches this Hey guys welcome to the number 66 podcast in the world

  8. DazPlayzHere Ψ

    DazPlayzHere Ψ

    6 ore fa

    Jake is trash KSI Is God

  9. Grant Anthony Campeciño

    Grant Anthony Campeciño

    6 ore fa

    Jake is more delusional than flight Like if u agree

  10. Bob Marley

    Bob Marley

    6 ore fa

    Remember the K in KSI is knowledge. Even though he spelled Impaulsive wrong! 🤣🤣🤣

  11. Grant Anthony Campeciño

    Grant Anthony Campeciño

    7 ore fa

    Jj literally looks smart in this video

  12. JABace


    7 ore fa

    Jake: KSI’S music is trash Me: let’s check ur monthly ghost writers

  13. Ronaldo Robinson

    Ronaldo Robinson

    8 ore fa

    When I saw he is 66 i fell of the chair

  14. Obese Unicorn

    Obese Unicorn

    8 ore fa

    Logan: Number one podcast in the world jj: Facts

  15. PAPA papa fishstick

    PAPA papa fishstick

    9 ore fa

    Hes watching how to make ksi look bad

  16. PAPA papa fishstick

    PAPA papa fishstick

    9 ore fa

    Jake paul stalks lol

  17. theodoros poursanidis

    theodoros poursanidis

    10 ore fa

    Bwo i am jj Chanel fan but havent heard any songs...

  18. XxMidnightGamerxXツ


    10 ore fa

    Jake Paul is ridiculous he is terrible -_- He is legit the biggest prick ever bro. Honestly, don't even know why people love him and Logan so much.

  19. kevin Manuel

    kevin Manuel

    14 ore fa

    logan: this shit is the no.1 cringy podcast u ever seen before soo lets go for f*** sake

  20. snippFNxxx


    15 ore fa

    best ksi

  21. Isaac Games

    Isaac Games

    17 ore fa

    WTF happened to the thumbnail

  22. UmJu


    17 ore fa

    Jake Paul the kinda dude to put a sandwich on lay-away

  23. Yvng


    18 ore fa

    Just me or JJs laugh beautifull



    20 ore fa

    You are the funniest person ever

  25. C a r e b e a r !!!!

    C a r e b e a r !!!!

    21 ora fa

    Jake and Logan: Were both number one Me: What? Dudes you mean the number ones worst song? Hmm? •_•

  26. C a r e b e a r !!!!

    C a r e b e a r !!!!

    21 ora fa

    JJ: •Laughs Hella hard• Jake & Logan: •Talks Shit about JJ’s music• JJ; •Laughs MORE• (If I was JJ I would beat those bitches up)

  27. Joey Aka Simp4LAZER

    Joey Aka Simp4LAZER

    21 ora fa

    Bro i know im late i used to be a paul brothers fan but there literal sh!t jake has 806,000 monthly listeners and JJ has 5,183,906

  28. VINCE V3GA


    22 ore fa

    Why does Logan’s hair resemble donald trump hair lmao!!! Tell me it doesn’t please I’ve got to hear it LMFAO!!

  29. Living that thug life Varela

    Living that thug life Varela

    22 ore fa

    Petition to make kale Paul go back to school:

  30. Living that thug life Varela

    Living that thug life Varela

    22 ore fa

    JJ breed:big brain😈😈🥶🥶

  31. Mplayz


    23 ore fa

    Jake Paul is the biggest idiot in the world, he had the chance to fight KSI but he chose Nate Robinson instead he is scared. I really wanna see someone beat the S**t outa Jake pail

  32. Meba Getaneh

    Meba Getaneh

    Giorno fa

    Get it bro

  33. CoolKenz26


    Giorno fa

    Ksi seems to be the only one picking up Jake Paul’s last brain cell

  34. DB Gustavo

    DB Gustavo

    Giorno fa

    Jake paul is someone to swat a mosquito on a mosquito zap trap

  35. Santos Martinez

    Santos Martinez

    Giorno fa

    jake is the brad castleberry of boxing

  36. Jotaro Kujo

    Jotaro Kujo

    Giorno fa

    after watching this video me : goes to jake paul's music just to dislikes it also the people that disliked this video is Jake and Logan Paul's fans

  37. Andre Good-Morales

    Andre Good-Morales

    Giorno fa

    jake realy needs to check himself cause oh shit h es reckin himself

  38. Low Quality Settings

    Low Quality Settings

    Giorno fa


  39. Tia Herron

    Tia Herron

    Giorno fa

    9:16 ft. me actually clapping.

  40. Hugh Janus

    Hugh Janus

    Giorno fa

    Jake Paul’s the typa guy to get locked in a grocery store, and then starve to death. 🤣🤣

    • Gustory


      Giorno fa

      Well wouldn’t he run out of food eventually?

  41. AH12


    Giorno fa

    Who's here after the fatneek was Vikkstar's assistant???

  42. mruberlicious


    Giorno fa

    I know I’m late but KSI should make a video of him making a song start to finish to prove Jake Paul wrong

  43. Ichiban_5416 2.0

    Ichiban_5416 2.0

    Giorno fa

    jake is the type of guy who would use a pair a scissors to cut water

  44. Ashwath


    Giorno fa

    Im a KSI fan through and through, but does he rlly not realize Logan doesnt mean number 1 seriously

  45. Kie Allen

    Kie Allen

    Giorno fa

    Jake Paul is the type of guy to get caught in a lie and still try to explain himself

  46. silxnt. eyez

    silxnt. eyez

    Giorno fa

    Jake is such a cap man

  47. Lunaticzs


    Giorno fa

    People who dont like JJ. Leave or else

  48. Jack Beaton

    Jack Beaton

    Giorno fa

    KSI is scared as Jake faked his brother pulling him back at a press confrence because he was scared

  49. Snowy’s Ark

    Snowy’s Ark

    Giorno fa

    19:00 bar for bar

  50. Callan Oxendale

    Callan Oxendale

    Giorno fa

    Jake Paul is so stupid like he thinks he knows everything but he doesn’t. And it proves he has ghost writers because he said he write it with one friend and that one friend isn’t credited.

    • Pascal Moll

      Pascal Moll

      Giorno fa

      yes that’s what ksi already said but ok

  51. jack boy

    jack boy

    Giorno fa

    Really were just watching jale paul contradicting himself

  52. ThePurpleHaven


    Giorno fa

    Jake is the Type of person that uses sticks and stones while Jj is like a nuclear weapon

  53. Gavin Ellison

    Gavin Ellison

    Giorno fa


  54. Salamat Po!

    Salamat Po!

    Giorno fa

    Brooo he didn't check Spotify if you check it right now Jake has more monthly listeners

  55. Nut meg57 67

    Nut meg57 67

    2 giorni fa

    I bet Logan is in the middle of his neighborhood that all of them are KSI fans

  56. matthew fortuin

    matthew fortuin

    2 giorni fa

    Jake is GONNA get sh*t on by JJ Jake looks like a stick man lol

  57. Acadia Ballard

    Acadia Ballard

    2 giorni fa

    Jack poul and logan poul they are so useless.

    • Acadia Ballard

      Acadia Ballard

      2 giorni fa


  58. Aarnav Gandhi

    Aarnav Gandhi

    2 giorni fa

    I think logan low key likes KSI and wanna respect him but jake is just a 9 year old boy jelouse of KSI and his talent

    • Aine Doyle

      Aine Doyle

      2 giorni fa


  59. Zach Fadhel

    Zach Fadhel

    2 giorni fa

    Ksi lighter is going hard on capital

  60. vinh do

    vinh do

    2 giorni fa

    jake paul: he sucks ksi: hahaha ksi inside his mind:he blows

    • Fav


      2 giorni fa

      Lmao next joke. Jake is literally a kid

  61. Queen Alesha

    Queen Alesha

    2 giorni fa

    after watching this vid i can't stop laughing

  62. nice69


    2 giorni fa

    JJ : *laughs* Suicide rates : *drop to 0*

  63. Yung_legend


    2 giorni fa

    Jake Paul sucks

  64. Marketerxtrinity


    2 giorni fa

    Jake and Logan saying ksi’s music trash: Ksi:having feature’s with mainstream rappers

  65. Marketerxtrinity


    2 giorni fa

    The sacred texts: ksi and Logan Paul will be friends in the future

  66. Cool Shadow

    Cool Shadow

    2 giorni fa

    logan is freaking trash he is so garbadge

  67. _TrashSound_


    2 giorni fa

    Jake is the type of person who would sell his tv for a remote

  68. AS - 09WS 742901 Meadowvale SS

    AS - 09WS 742901 Meadowvale SS

    2 giorni fa

    kendrick is too good for jake



    3 giorni fa

    THE VIDEO: Logan : ya I liked the song Jake: I think the song is awful 😕 Logan: ya ya true true it’s so awful 😕

  70. mChannel


    3 giorni fa

    People from jail are in comments section calling 911 😏

  71. aryan sanghvi

    aryan sanghvi

    3 giorni fa

    Laughing at just became serious and serious in this video😂😂

  72. OP_Neather


    3 giorni fa

    thats songs lit tf bro i just lisened to it and that shi hit no cap

  73. JTRS_


    3 giorni fa

    Jake is the kind of guy who thinks he needs to drink petrol to walk a certain distance

  74. ll Pointless Glitch ll

    ll Pointless Glitch ll

    3 giorni fa

    the man said "Dis" I thought of all the distracts that where made

  75. Adrija Vucinic

    Adrija Vucinic

    3 giorni fa

    I just want to give a huge shout out Jake's ghost writer

  76. Blxzzy YT

    Blxzzy YT

    3 giorni fa

    1 word "Lmfao"

  77. Livid ImPulZ

    Livid ImPulZ

    3 giorni fa

    You earn money from fighting jake Paul click bait and shit

  78. Xavier Velazquez

    Xavier Velazquez

    3 giorni fa

    Jake Paul is the type guy to ghost right and calls himself a good rapper

  79. redbull 1001

    redbull 1001

    3 giorni fa

    I listened to the ohio fried chicken because of this (I'd never heard it), my ears actually bled.

  80. James WICK

    James WICK

    3 giorni fa

    Kendrick Lamar level stuff😂😂😂

  81. Brank Hassan

    Brank Hassan

    3 giorni fa

    Is it just me or looks the thumbnail so 3d jake and logan paul

  82. Frank Walker

    Frank Walker

    3 giorni fa

    But..... Nathan Dawes is charting.... not KSI. It’s not KSI’s song

  83. Frank Walker

    Frank Walker

    3 giorni fa

    KSI’s problem is he Takes everything anyone says literally and uses that to make invalid points.

    • Poo Doo

      Poo Doo

      3 giorni fa

      He’s definility a bit nitpicky, but that doesn’t make his points invalid. Your point, however, is invalid.

  84. Anisa jama

    Anisa jama

    3 giorni fa

    Bro do you have no life always attacking the Paul’s

  85. An Intellectual

    An Intellectual

    3 giorni fa

    Jake paul couldnt drink from a mug if the instructions were on the handle

  86. Zentro FN

    Zentro FN

    3 giorni fa

    Damn jj would be good in among us 😂😂

  87. Nick577b Inspect

    Nick577b Inspect

    3 giorni fa

    Jake is useless than not made windows xp

  88. Deadstrike_ _

    Deadstrike_ _

    3 giorni fa

    17:58 This aged well.

  89. yayeet yayeet

    yayeet yayeet

    3 giorni fa

    Number 1=48 to jake Jake: i am rili smort

  90. Jayden Richard

    Jayden Richard

    3 giorni fa

    Spit coming forme your moth

  91. Johannes Lige

    Johannes Lige

    3 giorni fa

    JJs verse in lighter is the best thing ever, forreal

  92. Ben 313

    Ben 313

    3 giorni fa

    6.9 million views *Nice*

  93. Joy Sherlock

    Joy Sherlock

    3 giorni fa

    So he sees you doin better than him so he tries to diss you with no facts or proof 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 jake Paul ladies and gentlemen

  94. Jonathan Aparcio

    Jonathan Aparcio

    4 giorni fa

    Natanael cano is better then jake

  95. Rosa Dokken

    Rosa Dokken

    4 giorni fa

    I really dont understand how anyone actually can manage to watch Jake or Logan, you lose braincells from watching it..

  96. Kevin Laszlo

    Kevin Laszlo

    4 giorni fa

    ❤️ Big fan

  97. Kevin Laszlo

    Kevin Laszlo

    4 giorni fa


  98. Ben Barker

    Ben Barker

    4 giorni fa

    Not even 1 min in he checks official charts 😂

  99. Saoirse Cara

    Saoirse Cara

    4 giorni fa

    Jake paul the type of dude to take a ruler to bed to see how long he slept

  100. Tanner Fontenot

    Tanner Fontenot

    4 giorni fa

    I'm fr thinking about moving to the UK so 1 I don't have to deal with the U.S. government bullshit and 2 so I can enjoy listening to KSI on the radio.

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