Laughing at Baldski Memes

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  1. J4 - Jones

    J4 - Jones

    12 ore fa

    i think jj deleted the video where he laughs at his fans for not getting number doesnt come up when u search it

  2. Katelijn Hovestad

    Katelijn Hovestad

    17 ore fa

    7:18 "not made with mematic" lmao

  3. 090NJ


    19 ore fa

    3:15 😂

  4. Ya Boy

    Ya Boy

    23 ore fa

    Really love was on number one go bald you were even on Lorraine

  5. IG-The_Drunken_Memer Hmu

    IG-The_Drunken_Memer Hmu

    Giorno fa

    I cried at rice working out istg

  6. Martin Goodman

    Martin Goodman

    Giorno fa

    7:50 ummmm ‘ending it all’

  7. Martin Goodman

    Martin Goodman

    Giorno fa

    1:55 stfu i’m tryna listen to the song

  8. Severonreviews


    Giorno fa

    My sister cut my hair bald for baldski and it grew back in 2 months. And my hair was hella long. Must feel bad for jj

  9. Poised Goru

    Poised Goru

    Giorno fa in 3 years he barely grew a beard P.S click on the link and go to 8:47

  10. 12_bran_lol Lol

    12_bran_lol Lol

    2 giorni fa

    First lol jk

  11. RyanSlayz /_ /

    RyanSlayz /_ /

    2 giorni fa

    What jj thinks we want: *BLUESKI* What we actually what: *ULTRA INSTINCT* ( silver or white hair.. ?)

  12. Huber Zarco

    Huber Zarco

    2 giorni fa

    I still can’t believe we failed

  13. x_Reski_x


    3 giorni fa

    6:03 I think I found Mickey Mouse

  14. BAT ؟

    BAT ؟

    3 giorni fa

    Still watching ....❤️

  15. Thiccreameme


    4 giorni fa

    7:50 show me a video where I don’t laugh Me: Ending it all 😐

  16. GlowsYT


    6 giorni fa

    2:40 look at the views lmao

  17. THADZ


    6 giorni fa

    7:48 if you listen closely 👂, you can hear him say *"I DON'T CONDONE THIS!!"*

  18. KarKris HD

    KarKris HD

    6 giorni fa

    Tbh, he looks more appealing as Baldski

  19. Bannana Bread

    Bannana Bread

    7 giorni fa

    If JJ beats Jake Paul in a boxing match he has to shave the back of his head so it says Mural

  20. Innosent Subby

    Innosent Subby

    7 giorni fa

    Jj u bea bang shi out of jake 😒

  21. Dominic Polsen

    Dominic Polsen

    8 giorni fa

    He didn’t laugh in that vid when he was talking about deji

  22. Sting Ray Boyo

    Sting Ray Boyo

    9 giorni fa

    Me is here-you is here... We laughing so we must be same person?

  23. Rahimo Rahimo

    Rahimo Rahimo

    9 giorni fa

    Who's here after vik threatened to shave JJ's hair again?

  24. Xienjo Terrado

    Xienjo Terrado

    9 giorni fa

    Ksi legitimately haHaHA

  25. Gabrielpro1337


    10 giorni fa

    8:51 there is a impostor amongst the laughs

  26. Visterie


    11 giorni fa

    wait did he say the N word lol

  27. ikonix_ wavyy 99

    ikonix_ wavyy 99

    11 giorni fa

    5:39 lol look at what is in place of olatunji

  28. limar Lozano

    limar Lozano

    11 giorni fa


  29. Sameer Khan

    Sameer Khan

    12 giorni fa

    Init When we found out he didn't become number 1 album 😢 We cant bro

  30. Aqua Boy

    Aqua Boy

    12 giorni fa

    Allow it fam😂JJ I like your vids tho

  31. Sifan Kef

    Sifan Kef

    12 giorni fa


  32. Hayrullah Tokaev

    Hayrullah Tokaev

    12 giorni fa

    Me tries to listen to the verse (2:00) him :'' HAAAhahaaAaaaaahHAHhhh''

  33. Anggoro 8A Gaming

    Anggoro 8A Gaming

    12 giorni fa

    JJ laugh are bigger then simon stream highlight smh

  34. Angel Fernandez

    Angel Fernandez

    13 giorni fa

    That big nose bro

  35. Alfie Mansell

    Alfie Mansell

    14 giorni fa

    7:55 Ending it all...

  36. Doudou Mouri

    Doudou Mouri

    14 giorni fa

    I didn’t ask

  37. Miniramster YT

    Miniramster YT

    15 giorni fa

    Yo i hope for a challenge jj takes off his bandana

  38. Laura Gullery

    Laura Gullery

    17 giorni fa

    5:37 has anyone seen jjs channel name?

  39. Tekkerz Wild

    Tekkerz Wild

    18 giorni fa

    JJ are you mad you are going to get your number 1 album on the official charts

  40. Starkiller


    19 giorni fa

    6:21 is that mosquito jerking off or some shit?!

  41. noel estrella

    noel estrella

    19 giorni fa

    Ksi with his sphagettios hair cut

  42. destroy piayer

    destroy piayer

    20 giorni fa

    Thank you for making me happy

  43. Akil Shane

    Akil Shane

    21 giorno fa

    JJ did not realize that his ITput channel name was JJ Olapissy in 5:38

  44. Haloplay 127

    Haloplay 127

    23 giorni fa

    Yes baldskiii

  45. Ps Now

    Ps Now

    25 giorni fa

    Jesus is coming soon have faith belief and trust in Jesus the son of God and repent of your sins.

  46. Nicholas 123

    Nicholas 123

    27 giorni fa


  47. Daniel Adegoke

    Daniel Adegoke

    29 giorni fa

    John 3:16 (For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.) The word believeth is highlighted because that's all you need to be saved, there is no other way, than to believe that Jesus came to this world to die for our sins and rose up again. In Romans 10:9 (That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.) meaning all you have to do is believe in your heart and confess with your mouth, confession is made as a proof that you believe.Don't let anyone bamboozle you into thinking that there is a special way or steps into becoming a christian the only thing to do is just to believe that's all. Believe today and you will never regret it. In Romans 6:23 (For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.) this is trying to say that once you become a christian you automatically get eternal life(making heaven) as a gift. Hell is real. But it's not the fear of hell that gets people saved. It's the gospel(believing that Jesus came to die for our sins and rose up on the third day). Fear will but produce false converts. Jesus is coming back again so be prepared. You can also check out celebration church ng on youtube to learn more. God bless you!.

  48. vanden Javon

    vanden Javon

    29 giorni fa

    *Everyone streaming the album* me that lives in a country that Spotify isn't available on:Payne

  49. Jacoob Gaming

    Jacoob Gaming

    29 giorni fa

    KSI we need to have a talk what was this6:57

  50. rremixx


    Mese fa

    We get a redemption #WAPSKI



    Mese fa

    Well his Pma worked Positive mental attitude

  52. Malik めチ亜

    Malik めチ亜

    Mese fa


  53. mYSt Pug

    mYSt Pug

    Mese fa

    5:40 he dosent realise that it says jj olapussy

  54. Lenny Sapozhnikov

    Lenny Sapozhnikov

    Mese fa


  55. John316


    Mese fa

    Romans 6:23 "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord."

  56. lachie dalton

    lachie dalton

    Mese fa

    Did no one see the jj olapussy??

  57. Areg Muradyan

    Areg Muradyan

    Mese fa

    I think if you shave your beard it starts to grow faster

  58. Alien toast

    Alien toast

    Mese fa

    The greatest meme in history

  59. gaganjaya kami

    gaganjaya kami

    Mese fa

    i thot it was the same wen i furst saw it 5:48

  60. Du Bebe

    Du Bebe

    Mese fa

    Could you imagine if Simon went bald

  61. T_0_B_A


    Mese fa

    we want balski

  62. Obama Prism

    Obama Prism

    Mese fa

    Hey s

  63. Santosh Kaur

    Santosh Kaur

    Mese fa


    • e


      13 giorni fa

      @Bakhtyar Bukhari hahahaha🤣🤣

  64. Vilu


    Mese fa

    Make so that Jj can react to Wolfieraps song!!:

  65. Anish Maddi

    Anish Maddi

    Mese fa

    Look at jj,s channel name at 5:40

  66. Babar Siddiqui

    Babar Siddiqui

    Mese fa


  67. Aras Arslan

    Aras Arslan

    Mese fa

    7:51 Ending it all: I'm going to end this man's whole career

  68. michael curran

    michael curran

    Mese fa

    Simon looked stoned out of his head

  69. Rosalba Sanchez

    Rosalba Sanchez

    Mese fa

    I know this is late but notice it says “JJ Olapussy” instead 5:38

  70. The straight Goat rod

    The straight Goat rod

    Mese fa

    Jj you didn’t laugh when you made the vid ending it all

  71. Selitrophixx


    Mese fa

  72. Carbon_zr


    Mese fa

    More like: crying at baldski memes

  73. Lukas I kill

    Lukas I kill

    Mese fa

    You did not laugh in this video

  74. Raul Bhagchandani

    Raul Bhagchandani

    Mese fa

    Vids he didnt laugh was the one with him appologising to deji

  75. 100 subs In one month Challenge

    100 subs In one month Challenge

    Mese fa

    *Hope everyone that reads this becomes very successful in life*

  76. Husain C

    Husain C

    Mese fa

    Fun Fact : The Word Long Is Actually Shorter Than The Word Short!

  77. Watson Harrell

    Watson Harrell

    Mese fa

    Jesus loves you brochachos.

  78. Dk


    Mese fa

    When JJ was talking about the movement I couldn’t stop laughing

  79. DrFreshArab


    Mese fa

    jj cheated

  80. Gamer 872 was not the imposter ඞ

    Gamer 872 was not the imposter ඞ

    Mese fa


  81. John316


    Mese fa

    Romans 6:23 "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord."

  82. Glenn Sommer

    Glenn Sommer

    Mese fa

    5:44 you got to love how he only saw the fly do one squat and already started laughing 😂😭

  83. Dislike King

    Dislike King

    Mese fa

  84. Dislike King

    Dislike King

    Mese fa

  85. LiterBikesOnly


    Mese fa

    Dislike this video

  86. motoko sakurai

    motoko sakurai

    Mese fa

    Another reddit ffs

  87. Abdullah Games

    Abdullah Games

    Mese fa

    Every time I watch this video I always be annoyed on how much I streamed dissimulation in my room PS4 : streaming dissimulation Smart tv : streaming dissimulation Computer : streaming dissimulation A few phones in my house : streaming dissimulation And yet we failed

  88. JaiEDGE


    2 mesi fa


  89. JaiEDGE


    2 mesi fa

    #baldski move

  90. Bob Duncan

    Bob Duncan

    2 mesi fa

    Logan would’ve got #1 official charts

  91. Ammar Ahmad

    Ammar Ahmad

    2 mesi fa

    6:55 I do not condOONNEE, I do not condone.

  92. Assaultblazer


    2 mesi fa

    IM MAD

  93. Hodgheg


    2 mesi fa

    Anyone watching this two months later 😂

  94. Hyanny Jay Lobiano

    Hyanny Jay Lobiano

    2 mesi fa

    He should be thankful for us If he hadn't gone bald he still got his shitty hair

  95. IScreen TG

    IScreen TG

    2 mesi fa

    I love how JJ told me to find a video of him on his channel without laughing and the first thing came to my head IT IS DONE

  96. Lucky Ducky

    Lucky Ducky

    2 mesi fa


  97. Among stars

    Among stars

    2 mesi fa

    5:36 nice channel name jj

  98. Kevin F.Menezes

    Kevin F.Menezes

    2 mesi fa

    His hair doesn't look peng anymore, for sure

    • Alpha Is Not OP

      Alpha Is Not OP

      2 mesi fa

      imo it looks better

  99. Jimpix_Aydin


    2 mesi fa

    Notice how all those men have stretch marks in their pants near the middle of the pants? hmmmmmm

  100. 100 subs In one month Challenge

    100 subs In one month Challenge

    2 mesi fa

    His bald head popping at 4:13

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