KSI Vs Pewdiepie



  1. Buddha


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  2. Mark Steven

    Mark Steven

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    Well, muscles are heavier that fat.

  3. [ĐÑ] Dr_Nothing

    [ĐÑ] Dr_Nothing

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    Activate window s

  4. Raimond Jalg

    Raimond Jalg

    2 giorni fa

    Mo's cam is better than jj's hahah

  5. Diego Ramirez

    Diego Ramirez

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  6. Pepperoni Meatball sub

    Pepperoni Meatball sub

    3 giorni fa

    When JJ is scared because of 1 mil deaths by COVID-19. “The Black Death: you ain’t see nothing yet

  7. Hariz Firhan

    Hariz Firhan

    3 giorni fa

    i dont remember rasengan is a ranged technique lol

  8. Christian Black

    Christian Black

    3 giorni fa

    7:14 the title of the video

  9. joel jeong

    joel jeong

    3 giorni fa

    btw, muscle is much heavier than fat

  10. Jxydenッ


    3 giorni fa

    and it toke you 27 years to grow your beard

  11. Tj Kennedy

    Tj Kennedy

    4 giorni fa

    Bmi measures muscle too so it isn't accurate

  12. Roy Juxon

    Roy Juxon

    4 giorni fa

    05:30 our accpections lol

  13. Free Palestine

    Free Palestine

    4 giorni fa

    BMI is wrong a lot of the time

  14. Munke Munke

    Munke Munke

    5 giorni fa

    He saying "we hit 1,000,000 deaths" like it was a fucking goal or some shit

  15. bigchungus bigchungus

    bigchungus bigchungus

    5 giorni fa

    most of ksi;s weight is mostly mussel, not body fat or so i thught

  16. I am tree

    I am tree

    5 giorni fa

    7:20: that whole fight was better than dragon ball evolution

  17. Haider Ali

    Haider Ali

    5 giorni fa

    ksi vs pewds the anime series

  18. Jarah Steiner

    Jarah Steiner

    5 giorni fa

    He had 4 months for the movie

  19. Anna Szczepaniak

    Anna Szczepaniak

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  20. Nikhil John

    Nikhil John

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  21. Vlad Butcovan

    Vlad Butcovan

    6 giorni fa

    Ok, imagine PewDiePie in Golum's body :)))

  22. Vlad Butcovan

    Vlad Butcovan

    6 giorni fa

    PewDiePie: let's fight You: one punch in his face PewDiePie: help me, I'm dying, help me!

  23. Tanner Fontenot

    Tanner Fontenot

    6 giorni fa

    3:40 with the music and and everything I feel like this would be the montoge for his death.

  24. Top Most OUTRAGEOUS Youtube Comments

    Top Most OUTRAGEOUS Youtube Comments

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  25. Tara Vangstad

    Tara Vangstad

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    Why is ur windows not activated?

  26. ReacTim


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    Hi all, I know a lot of you hate these type of comments But I've been grinding and I would really appreciate a subscription, even 1 subscriber will make my day no joke Please be kind, I love you all Please show your support

    • ReacTim


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      @Tara Vangstad you are so awesome and beautiful

    • Tara Vangstad

      Tara Vangstad

      6 giorni fa

      I subbed

  27. P01sioN


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    Petetion for JJ to Activate windows

    • Tara Vangstad

      Tara Vangstad

      6 giorni fa


  28. Kreutaa


    7 giorni fa

    I want an interview with emenike. Did you forget him? He was part of your life!

  29. El Monarca Lobezno

    El Monarca Lobezno

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  30. David Noel

    David Noel

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  31. David Noel

    David Noel

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    You guys.... If he didnt appreciate it he wouldnt give the platinum thing (Im from the pewdiepie subreddit sorry)

  32. Fe Asperger

    Fe Asperger

    7 giorni fa

    Woooooo congrats on the million deaths for the COVID nice to see people getting together to be more social

  33. Justin Color

    Justin Color

    7 giorni fa

    other people: kilogram, KSI: kay g

  34. derrick khoo Jing yu

    derrick khoo Jing yu

    8 giorni fa

    If ksi joined floor gang he would have 8 abs instead of 6

  35. anton tompel

    anton tompel

    8 giorni fa

    YEP Foam YEP Fold YEP Rock

  36. Captain Deadpool

    Captain Deadpool

    8 giorni fa

    BMI doesn't account for muscle mass higher than average so you're probably actually in a healthy weight class

  37. O Sah Mah Jr

    O Sah Mah Jr

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  38. Mr. BiggieLarge

    Mr. BiggieLarge

    8 giorni fa

    For the people saying "KSI Didn't realise that took him 4 months and disrespected him" Nah stfu and rewatch the Video. He literally said "Not to be mean"and "I enjoyed that, That was really sick". He even gave him a platnuim Reward. He is not criticizing the creator of the movie or giving him hate. KSI is doing this for shits n gigs. Alot Of People are snowflakes man lol. Think Before You Speak People damn, then comment lol

  39. monster tuber

    monster tuber

    9 giorni fa

    Am I the only one that is mad about pewds saying rasingan

  40. Moist beansack

    Moist beansack

    9 giorni fa

    Yo JJ he had to find the clips also...

  41. Daniel Brown

    Daniel Brown

    9 giorni fa

    Just saying the bmi thing was created ages ago when people where smaller and not as heavy and they didn’t decide to change the system for some reason so jj ur all good

  42. Zohaib Bukhari

    Zohaib Bukhari

    9 giorni fa

    KSI: is this April fools? He’s not bullying me Also KSI: it took you four months to do that? AHHAHHAHAH



    9 giorni fa

    It is really challenge



    9 giorni fa

    Nice ❤

  45. don't pour the milk before the cereal

    don't pour the milk before the cereal

    9 giorni fa

    *Rasengan beam*

  46. Cerys Leadbetter

    Cerys Leadbetter

    9 giorni fa

    Just a little tip to jj BMI doesnt measure muscle so it could be saying you overweight but in fact it's just muscle I learnt this in health and social

  47. Rayyaan Khan

    Rayyaan Khan

    9 giorni fa

    He said rasengan and did galick gun lol

  48. X Baba

    X Baba

    9 giorni fa

    "Did you get tan or something?"

  49. Mikko Kohtamäki

    Mikko Kohtamäki

    9 giorni fa

    JJ: why does everyone bully me Guy who made a nice trailer of JJ and who doesnt bully him: :) JJ: continues to bully the nice guy

  50. khalifa hassan

    khalifa hassan

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    9 giorni fa

    If you reading this hope you have a lovely day god bless

  52. Simone Muzeau

    Simone Muzeau

    9 giorni fa

    I feel bad for the guy who made this and didn’t get credit

  53. Dex Stacks

    Dex Stacks

    9 giorni fa

    RAZENGAN 9:08

  54. 1,000 Subs With No Videos

    1,000 Subs With No Videos

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    To everyone reading this i hope you have a wonderful day

  55. AdityaKrishna Malhotra

    AdityaKrishna Malhotra

    10 giorni fa

    Who’s the guy who made the rap

  56. JacksEpicFullstops................................


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  57. Go add dash#0001

    Go add dash#0001

    10 giorni fa

    But jj what if it took him 4 months to make the whole movie

  58. OfficialKingPlays


    10 giorni fa

    The calculator is just racist, they thunk that africans have no food or drinks

  59. Non Generic channel

    Non Generic channel

    11 giorni fa

    Bro add more music

  60. LENNY!


    11 giorni fa

    JJ always getting hate on his subreddit. *An nice video about JJ appears on his subreddit* *JJ: Visible Confusion* *Edit:* somebody works hard for 4 months on a genuine and sincerely nice video about JJ *JJ: laughs and take the piss out of person for taking 4 months to make that video* me: and he wonders why he rarely gets genuine nice comments.

  61. Listenerz


    12 giorni fa

    6:20 everybody liked that

  62. Lightning


    12 giorni fa

    Small pp ksi

  63. Son Goku

    Son Goku

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  64. Son Goku

    Son Goku

    12 giorni fa

    Damn that rapper was terrible lmfao

  65. Kruqxz RL

    Kruqxz RL

    12 giorni fa

    Pewds needs to see that vid of u fighting

  66. mossponsol


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  67. SkinnySkully


    12 giorni fa

    Pweds “rasebgan!”

  68. Josephu.


    12 giorni fa

    I just realised, T-A-P-A means TAPA WOTAH

  69. alˈbīnō


    12 giorni fa

    My BMI is fuckin 18 I wouldn’t call myself fit.

  70. Princess Aubynn

    Princess Aubynn

    12 giorni fa

    Mo lmao

  71. Tanner Barton

    Tanner Barton

    12 giorni fa

    One nice vid gets made abt KSI and he trashed on it the whole vid😂😂😂 AND HE WONDERS WHY😂

  72. Sebastian Neri

    Sebastian Neri

    12 giorni fa




    13 giorni fa

    Nobody Covid: LETS GOOOO 1M Death's🥳🥳🥳

  74. DJ Pauls

    DJ Pauls

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  75. Amir Tifow

    Amir Tifow

    13 giorni fa

    Floor gang vice mayor

  76. gradolf kerli

    gradolf kerli

    13 giorni fa

    Faze got a new crib btw

  77. TJ29


    13 giorni fa

    I like how no one is talking about the guy who made a song with a video

  78. TJ29


    13 giorni fa

    Imagine how sad the movie guy was

  79. Noah Lamb-Holliday

    Noah Lamb-Holliday

    13 giorni fa

    Bro I think you should enable windows

  80. The top commenter

    The top commenter

    13 giorni fa

    2:55 me and JJ need to activate windows

  81. TRASH 新 ドラゴン

    TRASH 新 ドラゴン

    13 giorni fa

    That mask tho 13:05

    • Joki


      10 giorni fa

      Keep up the good content bro👍😮

    • Slipher MVP

      Slipher MVP

      11 giorni fa

      Bro how do you only have 12 likes and this is ur first comment also lol

    • Aryaman Shukla

      Aryaman Shukla

      12 giorni fa

      Love your content

    • Princess Aubynn

      Princess Aubynn

      12 giorni fa

      Oh hey I know you

    • Telic


      13 giorni fa

      Hey :D

  82. tsutsushimibukai Norzo

    tsutsushimibukai Norzo

    13 giorni fa

  83. The Gnut

    The Gnut

    13 giorni fa

    When someone finally making a nice video of KSI and KSi starts bullying him for being slow

  84. Mouza alghafli

    Mouza alghafli

    13 giorni fa

    ksi bullys the one guy on reddit that didnt bully him

  85. kei saboru

    kei saboru

    13 giorni fa

    Omg 60kg because Africa has no foooood T.T thas deep

  86. litbeatzz


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  87. DankSinister


    13 giorni fa

    Jj go reunite with GudjonDaniel

  88. RandomStuffLife Fun

    RandomStuffLife Fun

    13 giorni fa

    Ok JJ u make ur own edit of something and come back to us and upload it

  89. Evan Fitzsimmons

    Evan Fitzsimmons

    13 giorni fa

    I typed bthisn with my fcpck

  90. ShohikenMV


    13 giorni fa

    I disliked because of your gymshark shirt

  91. jv hd

    jv hd

    13 giorni fa

    For everyone calling jj over wait becouse of this BMI test just know that it is a test that takes acount of your totall wait (meaning both muscle and waight) its becouse of this that it's only supposed to be used if you are clinically obese. So as a result it's not 100% true. In fact if it was 100% true then that would mean that dwain the Rock Jhonson is obese.

  92. Gagan Singh

    Gagan Singh

    13 giorni fa

    Are we really just gonna ignore that he called the clout house the 'Faze house'

  93. Arayas joens

    Arayas joens

    14 giorni fa

    Click bate?

  94. demonslayer 2309

    demonslayer 2309

    14 giorni fa

    It was actually the amount of tests not result

  95. RUGZ


    14 giorni fa

    Rap was shit

  96. Rishabh Shukla

    Rishabh Shukla

    14 giorni fa

    6:47 this is so jokes lmao

  97. Morar Emilian

    Morar Emilian

    14 giorni fa

    I need a durag like yours

  98. persian


    14 giorni fa

    3:24 KSI: No wonder I was a virgin Me who looks similar to the picture: 😢

  99. dylan


    14 giorni fa

    you should make a dragon ball inspired tv show on yt premium

  100. Punyer Alex

    Punyer Alex

    14 giorni fa

    JJ has official beat rice gum now ricegum:10.5 KSI:10.6

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