I Won In Among Us Without Saying Anything

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  1. Faith D

    Faith D

    8 ore fa

    He could of just typed it in the chat 💀

  2. Anaxos


    18 ore fa

    josh is such a lad

  3. Th3 Y33TED

    Th3 Y33TED

    Giorno fa

    If they use jester mode. Then JJ would probably win all games

  4. adam nita

    adam nita

    Giorno fa

    9:30 bro, I felt that

  5. Nicholas Mouton

    Nicholas Mouton

    Giorno fa

    Is Ethan blood? He’s keep saying “” he has to go blood he has to go blood at 3:39

    • The Answer

      The Answer

      Giorno fa

      Nicholas Mouton I don’t know if your joking

  6. Mohsen4ever


    2 giorni fa

    Where're the subtitles?

  7. Reisify


    2 giorni fa

    I’ve been watching KSI for a while now and he has inspired me to make my own channel and play games and I would appreciate it if you guys would possible view my channel as it would mean the world to me:

  8. Pitzlefrap


    2 giorni fa

    not talking doesn't mean no chatting

  9. Argenis Gonzales

    Argenis Gonzales

    3 giorni fa

    Reasons why jjis best

  10. Omkaar Deepak

    Omkaar Deepak

    4 giorni fa

    he shouldve used the chat

  11. Grant Duddle

    Grant Duddle

    5 giorni fa


  12. Charlie3Fox Cooks

    Charlie3Fox Cooks

    5 giorni fa

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  13. kapp kapp

    kapp kapp

    6 giorni fa

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  14. meeekoo jin

    meeekoo jin

    8 giorni fa

    Why does it say activate windows ???

  15. AscenT Clan

    AscenT Clan

    8 giorni fa

    I would just use the chat to say what I want.

  16. Preston Monthe

    Preston Monthe

    9 giorni fa

    I guess ksi is the master at among us lol. He laughs to get out

  17. Wet Soap McJagger

    Wet Soap McJagger

    10 giorni fa

    I woulda been lead all these guys into a teargas chamber for trying to ruin my video

  18. BevvzYT


    10 giorni fa

    Nobody: Ethan: hE hAs tO GO bLuD!

  19. Bowlin DEileen

    Bowlin DEileen

    10 giorni fa

    The hateful fan topologically surround because magician neatly chop during a mundane profit. tan, cute rice

  20. Cliqthy


    11 giorni fa

    Why does jj unmute when in the meeting if he’s not gonna talk anyways.....

  21. Curser


    11 giorni fa

    could'nt he just use the in game chat

  22. Jacob Turner

    Jacob Turner

    12 giorni fa

    I hate chippo with a passion

  23. Wavyy


    12 giorni fa

    Matthew 3:2.

  24. Wavyy


    12 giorni fa

    Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon.

  25. Julia Mahmoud

    Julia Mahmoud

    13 giorni fa

    Fun fact were all watching this in 2020

  26. Julia Mahmoud

    Julia Mahmoud

    13 giorni fa

    Is hair tho in 0:50

  27. Ayush Maan

    Ayush Maan

    13 giorni fa

    I know that i'll be mad in a lobby like that

  28. Dr Mikias

    Dr Mikias

    15 giorni fa

    JJ please 🙏🙏🙏 React To Ethiopian Music Please Links Here Original Video👉 Concert Video

  29. Cobra Kai 4 ever

    Cobra Kai 4 ever

    15 giorni fa


  30. Vlad Stancu

    Vlad Stancu

    15 giorni fa

    I won by just saying Fast

  31. Reece Morris

    Reece Morris

    16 giorni fa


  32. Ikuazian


    16 giorni fa

    haaaa PEACE

  33. Siena Lewis

    Siena Lewis

    16 giorni fa

  34. bomma


    16 giorni fa

    omg ahaha im only after watching viks vid on the soundboard

  35. Gert Labuschagne

    Gert Labuschagne

    16 giorni fa

    rip KSI

  36. addison Johnson

    addison Johnson

    17 giorni fa

    I know they are the same person

  37. addison Johnson

    addison Johnson

    17 giorni fa


  38. Grant Duddle

    Grant Duddle

    17 giorni fa


  39. Grant Duddle

    Grant Duddle

    17 giorni fa

    why did ski just not use the among us way by like texting time way

  40. Silas Clausen

    Silas Clausen

    18 giorni fa

    Next video: "among us but I only use chat to win"

  41. kyra Major

    kyra Major

    18 giorni fa

    What I heard in his intro: hbjdkgjevbhhbcsksd

  42. Alter!Normality


    18 giorni fa

    JJ: Does task says nothing sus. Everyone else: yeahhhh its JJ

  43. Rolo Rolling

    Rolo Rolling

    18 giorni fa

    if i get 1000 subs in 24 hours i am doing an among us stream with the fans

  44. Davis Skates

    Davis Skates

    19 giorni fa

    bruv do u know vents exist

  45. Mona Mohammed

    Mona Mohammed

    19 giorni fa

    It’s true tho-

  46. Mona Mohammed

    Mona Mohammed

    19 giorni fa


  47. Zodiac 22

    Zodiac 22

    19 giorni fa

    3:05 I heard a fart XD

    • heartjaemin


      17 giorni fa

      Why are you excited by that? Gay as hell

  48. SquidArmy


    20 giorni fa


  49. Aspcxt -_-

    Aspcxt -_-

    20 giorni fa


  50. Kai Sage

    Kai Sage

    20 giorni fa

    If you watched the last round from Harry's perspective he gets very scared that ksi wasn't gonna win on 3

  51. JshYPlayz


    20 giorni fa

    Lol I actually pressed play again

  52. Orizon Gaming

    Orizon Gaming

    20 giorni fa

    The definition of among us

  53. Seth Porter

    Seth Porter

    21 giorno fa

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  54. Khanya Simelane

    Khanya Simelane

    21 giorno fa

    I really find your laugh amusing bro

  55. Khanya Simelane

    Khanya Simelane

    21 giorno fa

    What a brutal finish by Jj

  56. Samura I

    Samura I

    21 giorno fa

    Your beast for me

  57. Big Floppa

    Big Floppa

    22 giorni fa

    11:03 his face😂😂

  58. S._ Mcgivern

    S._ Mcgivern

    22 giorni fa

    gg. Josh he was very smart with the play

  59. Wyatt Amanor

    Wyatt Amanor

    22 giorni fa

    Was Tobi playing?

  60. Pokbeatz


    23 giorni fa

    Funny moment 3:15

  61. Banana Man

    Banana Man

    23 giorni fa


  62. CubingTiger


    23 giorni fa

    16:46 see the windows activete watermark 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  63. jamie gaming

    jamie gaming

    23 giorni fa


  64. Tejalkera_Msp love

    Tejalkera_Msp love

    23 giorni fa

    and vikk faking his voice lol

  65. Christopher Rodriguez

    Christopher Rodriguez

    24 giorni fa

    He could jus use the chat😭

  66. xd Orcz

    xd Orcz

    24 giorni fa

    yo does jj stream on twitch or youtube??



      23 giorni fa

      He doesn't stream

  67. two2 2

    two2 2

    24 giorni fa

    JJ is a legend since day dot

  68. Adnan22ak 9

    Adnan22ak 9

    24 giorni fa

    اووه من هنا ابو فلة جاب فكرة😭😭😂

  69. The Fiend

    The Fiend

    25 giorni fa


  70. Anthony Brown

    Anthony Brown

    25 giorni fa


  71. Luka Cota

    Luka Cota

    25 giorni fa

    Love the activate windows watermark

  72. BreazyBoo


    26 giorni fa

    I think KSI wins more being silent than talking 😂

  73. lim tahay

    lim tahay

    26 giorni fa

    Vikk used a soundboard to get rid of KSI

  74. Marc Marasigan

    Marc Marasigan

    26 giorni fa

    JJ survives longer in Among us when hes quiet.

  75. K-Swxft


    26 giorni fa

    You need to react to wtf bars

  76. Eman Abdelwahab

    Eman Abdelwahab

    26 giorni fa


  77. Cristian Cabrera

    Cristian Cabrera

    26 giorni fa

    You could’ve have talk in the chat

  78. Jordan Ellis

    Jordan Ellis

    27 giorni fa

    Can someone translate The intro 😂😂

  79. Sam Wise

    Sam Wise

    27 giorni fa

    Ethan saying blud if cringe

  80. Vyom _playzYT

    Vyom _playzYT

    27 giorni fa

    Who else watched vikks vid

  81. Ksawery Oh that's cool

    Ksawery Oh that's cool

    27 giorni fa

    3:34 who else hears "he has to go blood"

    • Ksawery Oh that's cool

      Ksawery Oh that's cool

      18 giorni fa


    • Wyatt Amanor

      Wyatt Amanor

      22 giorni fa


  82. Errol Swift

    Errol Swift

    27 giorni fa

    you should do it where you don't know who the other imposter is...

  83. Pickles Good

    Pickles Good

    27 giorni fa

    They all can tell the future in the first game

  84. Hatem AbulQaraya

    Hatem AbulQaraya

    27 giorni fa

    You can just type in chat

  85. Manish Ramesh

    Manish Ramesh

    27 giorni fa

    Is this video planned?

  86. GoingBananas


    28 giorni fa

    Anytime they say harry I think of the meme Your a wizard now harry. 😂😂😂

  87. Manwiththeplanplayz


    28 giorni fa

    Jj me and my dad are really big fans of yours because your music and your boxing

  88. Nrgking


    28 giorni fa

    Blood who is blood

    • Nrgking


      21 giorno fa

      @Wyatt Amanor what does that mean (I'm American)

    • Wyatt Amanor

      Wyatt Amanor

      22 giorni fa

      ITS BLUD

  89. GC 123 Channel

    GC 123 Channel

    28 giorni fa

    Next Video will be: I won in among us by only saying "N" Words

  90. Sau5age


    29 giorni fa

    Im just gonna say one thing.... Activate Windows

  91. Wavyy


    29 giorni fa

    Matthew 3:2

  92. Wavyy


    29 giorni fa

    Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon

  93. Murand Eiland

    Murand Eiland

    29 giorni fa

    Play the other maps

  94. bilal khan

    bilal khan

    29 giorni fa


  95. tshepo walakira

    tshepo walakira

    29 giorni fa

    lol he said they would do this

  96. Average Chowcow

    Average Chowcow

    Mese fa

    It’s easier with randoms

  97. Justin Nwajei

    Justin Nwajei

    Mese fa


  98. Sharath Gopakumar

    Sharath Gopakumar

    Mese fa

    lol, he could have "typed" and won all of the games

  99. Jakebo Vinson

    Jakebo Vinson

    Mese fa

    Anyone else hear Ethan calling everyone blood? Behz pushing Big B’s.

  100. John Demaine

    John Demaine

    Mese fa

    i gobbke glizzy poooo0b reeeb help ke esb ples

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