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  1. Ben Caffrey

    Ben Caffrey

    4 giorni fa

    Well that was a lie

  2. Gabriel Campanioni

    Gabriel Campanioni

    4 giorni fa

    What happens with vik

  3. Pr0xy_Swagkills 69

    Pr0xy_Swagkills 69

    5 giorni fa

    2:10 that’s the real Coochie man

  4. TalkSoccer


    6 giorni fa

    by the way, the video that is blurred is literally KSI just fucking Vikkstar lol

  5. RL TX

    RL TX

    7 giorni fa

    11:08 that's why u came her for To fresh up the memories

  6. Thomas Piechulek

    Thomas Piechulek

    7 giorni fa

    omfg i listen to this shit ever second now

  7. Smug Pugs

    Smug Pugs

    9 giorni fa

    JJ: I don’t care about subscribers and social media numbers JJ’s next video: THE ONLY ITputR WITH 2 DIAMOND PLAY BUTTONS!!!

  8. Likecomment Coolness

    Likecomment Coolness

    9 giorni fa

    It’s getting more viewers now

  9. shadow grinch HD

    shadow grinch HD

    9 giorni fa

    Chinese great wall

  10. david chidavaenzi

    david chidavaenzi

    9 giorni fa

    U fat negar

    • Neptune YT

      Neptune YT

      6 giorni fa

      @Puxus / and big titty

    • Puxus /

      Puxus /

      7 giorni fa

      And a fat neek

  11. omar magan

    omar magan

    9 giorni fa

    Who else gonna stream tf out his next album just for him to go bald😭😭😭😭

  12. poopie snoopie lol

    poopie snoopie lol

    10 giorni fa

    JJ: i dont care abt social media numbers Also JJ: lets check your monthly listeners

    • Tylen217•


      2 giorni fa

      Nice bit fucking dated but it's okay

  13. İsmail Okumuş

    İsmail Okumuş

    10 giorni fa

    My g you sad it we will do it

  14. The_Legend


    10 giorni fa

    What was the next one at 6:08 Kinda sus ngl jj

  15. Daniel Araujo

    Daniel Araujo

    11 giorni fa

    What if jj went bald how would the hair come out if he actually went baldski

  16. Mohammed Keshaish

    Mohammed Keshaish

    11 giorni fa


  17. Nusky Ahamed

    Nusky Ahamed

    11 giorni fa

    This time we are seeing Bladski for sure

  18. Ellis Grief

    Ellis Grief

    11 giorni fa

    14:54 when people with vore fetishes fall into the lion enclosure

  19. Yagetme


    11 giorni fa

    How do i find 7:20

  20. Ayush Guruswamy

    Ayush Guruswamy

    11 giorni fa

    The ‘chinese fucking wall’ also has it’s limits bruh

  21. Ayush Guruswamy

    Ayush Guruswamy

    11 giorni fa

    *4 months later:* ‘I can’t be no friends with no cap’ *unsubscribes*

  22. Robomafiacat


    11 giorni fa


  23. PeePee Poopoo

    PeePee Poopoo

    12 giorni fa

    There are so many memes people can make out of this video

  24. Khaled Aadel Saeed Masood Almazrouei

    Khaled Aadel Saeed Masood Almazrouei

    12 giorni fa


  25. I have severe anxiety

    I have severe anxiety

    12 giorni fa


  26. Bad_Vibes Tollivet

    Bad_Vibes Tollivet

    13 giorni fa

    I wonder how Simon feels hearing jj yell he's eating meeeee!!!!! Lol

  27. ballista_ yt

    ballista_ yt

    13 giorni fa

    KSI my nigga oh im white

    • No No

      No No

      12 giorni fa

      Ksi my nigga oh I’m white

    • Kyle Jackson

      Kyle Jackson

      13 giorni fa

      u on crack?

  28. Rakaan Almuharrami

    Rakaan Almuharrami

    13 giorni fa


  29. Erik Fulpesi

    Erik Fulpesi

    13 giorni fa

    Nooooo it came on my recommended and I thought it was a new upload

    • Ahmed Ahmed

      Ahmed Ahmed

      12 giorni fa


  30. Alex Maiton

    Alex Maiton

    13 giorni fa

    We need this guys if we get number 1 we get a bunch of good songs,baldski and the 2018 hairstyle

  31. Qslaps FN

    Qslaps FN

    13 giorni fa

    My man said it

  32. Aditya Murdia

    Aditya Murdia

    13 giorni fa

    Hey guys it's your boy KSI LGBT

  33. Lil Niz

    Lil Niz

    13 giorni fa

    who’s here after jj scammed us and didn’t go baldski

    • Tylen217•


      Giorno fa

      @stealer knob go look up Travis Scott's hair and it'll say something called "braids" not "dreads"

    • stealer knob

      stealer knob

      Giorno fa

      @Itz Solarr so the other guy is actually stupid for thinking its not travis scott Or just tellin a sarcsm joke

    • stealer knob

      stealer knob

      Giorno fa

      @Itz Solarr wtf are u guys on about

    • stealer knob

      stealer knob

      Giorno fa

      It was a fair challenge and we lost not a scam

    • Tylen217•


      Giorno fa

      @Itz Solarr and wheres ur proof just coz im calling you a prat as a joke doesn't mean anything to do with that i even put a laughing emoji

  34. Slipeez Brawl Stars

    Slipeez Brawl Stars

    13 giorni fa

    when ur waiting for a new video

  35. AJ Castillo

    AJ Castillo

    13 giorni fa

    JJs going bald cos hes tryna activate windows

  36. William Rodriguez

    William Rodriguez

    13 giorni fa

    4 months later and this fat neek still hasn't done it

  37. Kevin Joy Thomas

    Kevin Joy Thomas

    13 giorni fa

    Jj:You shouldn't care about numbers just have fun Also jj:Makes fun of ricegum's monthly listeners every video.

  38. Travis Matuska

    Travis Matuska

    13 giorni fa

    Ksi-i don't care about social media numbers Also Kai-alright what are your monthly listeners

  39. HIT


    13 giorni fa

    KSI is the british knockoff of pewdiepie XD

  40. Shahrad Sarlak

    Shahrad Sarlak

    13 giorni fa

    Guys where can I find that video of vik and jj ?😂

  41. Hanz Balod

    Hanz Balod

    14 giorni fa

    I'm on a horse killed me

  42. l1_ Maksim

    l1_ Maksim

    14 giorni fa

    I actually though this was a new upload cuz it wa in my recommended

  43. Dark Mist

    Dark Mist

    14 giorni fa

    2:00 I can see that's edited you prick

  44. Blinded II

    Blinded II

    14 giorni fa

    11:35 ge never said UK reddit. Tell him

  45. RavenCall911


    14 giorni fa


  46. Steve Austin

    Steve Austin

    14 giorni fa


  47. Adil Plays

    Adil Plays

    15 giorni fa

    Let’s get jj on fortnite

  48. Alex Waedekin

    Alex Waedekin

    15 giorni fa

    5:44 Nice Save JJ

  49. Geoffrey Aldo

    Geoffrey Aldo

    15 giorni fa

    People: N O ahah =no JJ : N O ahah = NOPE

  50. Eroi Daniel

    Eroi Daniel

    15 giorni fa

    little did he know

  51. Vybzz__


    15 giorni fa

    2:00 he did inspect

  52. Trick_ Sh0tz

    Trick_ Sh0tz

    15 giorni fa

    Guys what is the poor vik reddit post?

  53. Dineth the man

    Dineth the man

    16 giorni fa

    That wink makes me want to kill myself.

  54. Team Synthentic

    Team Synthentic

    16 giorni fa

    Hey anyone Mind joining our Discord Server!

  55. erick c

    erick c

    16 giorni fa

    JJ: HES EATING ME!!!!! Everyone: Why is he acting gay?

    • That AsianMinor

      That AsianMinor

      7 giorni fa

      Brandon Ojeda naw fam you shush 🤫🥵🥵🥵

    • Brandon Ojeda

      Brandon Ojeda

      15 giorni fa


  56. TooSacuy


    16 giorni fa


  57. FUN PROP


    16 giorni fa

    Bro shave Then u will grow faster Law of Science

  58. 食ベるケツを


    16 giorni fa

    welp. fuck u

  59. Agent41


    17 giorni fa

    *I've never seen somebody so excited that they got eaten*

    • Venture Playz's

      Venture Playz's

      16 giorni fa

      What you need to know if belle Delphine eating him how about that

  60. Her Royal Highness AlSaid

    Her Royal Highness AlSaid

    17 giorni fa


  61. Seipati Ramantsi

    Seipati Ramantsi

    18 giorni fa

    👋 babtode ksiljbt

    • Royal Dragon

      Royal Dragon

      16 giorni fa


  62. Lil Frankie

    Lil Frankie

    18 giorni fa

    Who saw his story?

  63. Xx_William_xX


    19 giorni fa

    That dab was just so unfortunate😕

  64. Z20Gabriel


    24 giorni fa

    Song name from the fortnite part ?

  65. Habiba Al Manji

    Habiba Al Manji

    Mese fa

    BE BALD '

  66. I Rule The Skies

    I Rule The Skies

    Mese fa

    mission failed, we can never get him next time

  67. Reggie


    Mese fa Thank me later

    • Likecomment Coolness

      Likecomment Coolness

      25 giorni fa

      Reggie lol

  68. Slimy Poop

    Slimy Poop

    Mese fa

    This is the blurred video:

  69. Unibelivious


    Mese fa

    Petition to have a KSI concert in Fortnite

  70. FaZe Lukeymob

    FaZe Lukeymob

    Mese fa

    11:30 is when the madness happens

  71. Achyy


    Mese fa

    If i go bal- Well that was a fucking lie

  72. Nathan Bond

    Nathan Bond

    Mese fa

    JJ: "I don't care about social media numbers" Also JJ: "Alright lets check his monthly listeners"

  73. Ping ky ky

    Ping ky ky

    2 mesi fa

    Top10 moments before disaster

  74. Pantsu KING

    Pantsu KING

    2 mesi fa


  75. Thasmo_ YT

    Thasmo_ YT

    2 mesi fa


  76. Colef _55

    Colef _55

    2 mesi fa

    JJ: I don’t care about subscribers Monthly listeners: Am I a joke to you

  77. Anas Ali

    Anas Ali

    2 mesi fa

    Well that was a fucking lie

  78. Coffee Bear

    Coffee Bear

    2 mesi fa

    Fortnite hook this dude up pleaseeee

  79. Blinded II

    Blinded II

    2 mesi fa

    OMG jj will change the name back in his suprise vid.

  80. sentral pashont

    sentral pashont

    2 mesi fa

    Gusy notice how he said a number one album. So even if we failed. We can still get it next album

  81. Dody Abdalla

    Dody Abdalla

    2 mesi fa

    14:54 when you can’t choose between chocolate and vanilla so you eat both

  82. Jemima Begg

    Jemima Begg

    2 mesi fa

    Love how he changed cat to god the font aint the same🤣🤣🤣

  83. JustMe


    2 mesi fa

    *congratulations you played yourself*

  84. MrBej


    2 mesi fa

    Go do your ting.

  85. Saif Malik

    Saif Malik

    2 mesi fa

    1:15 he uses the inspect option

  86. erblin ramusa

    erblin ramusa

    2 mesi fa

    mission failed, we’ll get em next time

  87. Andy Bradley

    Andy Bradley

    2 mesi fa

    4:09 actually it’s the Great Wall Of China

  88. GokuUI Ssj123

    GokuUI Ssj123

    2 mesi fa

    Ksi reacting to ksi slapping asss:thickk

  89. Dhirp


    2 mesi fa


  90. lew778 78

    lew778 78

    2 mesi fa


  91. 42 subscribers for my dog

    42 subscribers for my dog

    2 mesi fa

    susbcribe to me

    • usernamenotfound


      2 mesi fa


    • AlphaNathan


      2 mesi fa


  92. Ya boii Pluvij

    Ya boii Pluvij

    2 mesi fa

    wats with the wink

  93. Melodious Strings

    Melodious Strings

    3 mesi fa

    11:23 jj deciding whether to do drugs or not 😂

  94. Joseph Odunaike-tavolilla

    Joseph Odunaike-tavolilla

    3 mesi fa

    I don't know why Ricegum is angry when it's a green screen and that's his ex girlfriend 😂😂😂

  95. Danny Noble

    Danny Noble

    3 mesi fa

    14:54-15:04 now I what happens between KSI and Simon behind the TV every night

  96. Blinded II

    Blinded II

    3 mesi fa

    This vid made the scariest moment in history



    3 mesi fa

    What was the video at 7:30

  98. DragonBoy C137

    DragonBoy C137

    3 mesi fa

    Ksi: if I get a number one album on the official charts a number one album... I will go back to baldski Ksi fans: so that was a fucking lie

  99. S06P_8thGateAdoll aburst

    S06P_8thGateAdoll aburst

    3 mesi fa

    And thus a great battle commenced

  100. Grace Amos

    Grace Amos

    3 mesi fa definitely a cat

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