I have to respect Logan for this

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  1. Senior UNIcorn

    Senior UNIcorn

    4 ore fa

    Im living in America, and not to put Tobi’s amazing speech down, but its really bad over here. Like Trump has brought out even more racists, and white supremacists. Im an asian kid, and sometimes its tough. Like I agree with Logan in his speech, and its such a big problem.

  2. Gucci Hyperツ

    Gucci Hyperツ

    7 ore fa

    I don’t know how you can hate on black people. I like black people more than white and i am white.

  3. Pyrimon Productions

    Pyrimon Productions

    18 ore fa

    Him being hype at the beginning got me hype 😂

  4. SatyajitEdits


    22 ore fa

    Shd I turn 0:00- 0:01 into a song?

  5. Samuel


    Giorno fa

    I don't think protesting or doing violence will make a change

  6. Yashneel Handa

    Yashneel Handa

    Giorno fa

    No cap one day I queued up into a among us game, and I was wearing the black colour then a random guy started bullying me for being the black colour, then some people were siding him I told the host to ban him, then the host banned him.

  7. Roronoa Zoro

    Roronoa Zoro

    Giorno fa

    man my ears got nuked ffs by jjs voice in beggining

  8. edg810


    2 giorni fa

    I cried with Tobi. Fuck Racism.



    2 giorni fa

    Its f@$#ed up



    2 giorni fa

    They used to make false science facts that we were dumber and less evolved



    2 giorni fa

    People treat us like we are animals like we are wild like we are DUMB I'm only 13 and people are racist every day



    2 giorni fa

    U dont get it we black people don't get human rights

    • Revenant


      2 giorni fa

      There are concentration camps against a religion, to this day, they are suffering more then a mere arrest

  13. Cash Ward

    Cash Ward

    2 giorni fa

    U.K.: Almost over the Coronavirus U.S.: Still affecting most but they could be like U.K. if everyone took it seriously and wore masks at the beginning

  14. Hunter Vanderwolf

    Hunter Vanderwolf

    3 giorni fa

    I’m only 10 and I know this thing with Tobi is wrong. I can’t believe people can do that. It’s so wrong.

  15. Rob Higgins

    Rob Higgins

    3 giorni fa

    jj could’ve easily called out all the racist things said to him on one question go and put their names out there if he wants to just because jj “won’t care” if u say the n word and call him a monkey doesn’t mean u should do it

  16. the clapped lands

    the clapped lands

    3 giorni fa

    BLM is a complete rasist organization and white privilege is so bull all fricken live matter

    • Revenant


      2 giorni fa

      You are definitely from the clapped lands

    • GloomzyFN


      2 giorni fa

      @Quietly exactly

    • Quietly


      2 giorni fa

      This is how ya'll also created islamophobia Just for the wrong doings of some ya'll want to blame an entire religion or group

    • GloomzyFN


      2 giorni fa

      bro honestly disappear from this world. like the way u think is sickening.

  17. Kindly Help Me To Reach 5k Subscriber's

    Kindly Help Me To Reach 5k Subscriber's

    3 giorni fa

    *I pray whoever reads this becomes successful*

  18. Morten hamselv

    Morten hamselv

    3 giorni fa

    4,10 omg same for white people... we just dont cry about it

  19. Joseph Joestar

    Joseph Joestar

    3 giorni fa

    Dude i have black friend and theres no wrong bout that,we didnt even care on racism issues were just having fun like wtf??whats wrong with people this days??!!

  20. Theo Slovik

    Theo Slovik

    3 giorni fa

    the fact that noone noticed logan did something till we watched this video tho



    3 giorni fa

    Tobi made me tear up a bit

  22. Cowen WRIGHT

    Cowen WRIGHT

    3 giorni fa

    He deserves everything he is a good person and I wish the best for him

  23. Cowen WRIGHT

    Cowen WRIGHT

    3 giorni fa

    Big up Toby man big ups to him

  24. CuffedLeader 23

    CuffedLeader 23

    4 giorni fa

    Black lives matter who’s with me

  25. Get Dunked

    Get Dunked

    4 giorni fa

    Im blue

  26. Crispy Waffle

    Crispy Waffle

    4 giorni fa

    I love how the intro is so hype then the rest of the video is just about BLM

  27. Astro Galaxy

    Astro Galaxy

    4 giorni fa

    I wish I could move to a new country America has a bad president has an insane amount of racism it just sucks

  28. Dylcharlou


    4 giorni fa

    Yeaaah 10.7m sub lets goooooooo

  29. Caleb Nauseb

    Caleb Nauseb

    4 giorni fa

    I don't find anything funny😠but whn he laughs it kills mee😅😅😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  30. Nathan Cook

    Nathan Cook

    4 giorni fa

    I'm pretty sure not all cops are bad. Are also not gonna talk about that this also happens to of races to. Its not just black people that get the tail end. It could also be a white person getting hated on by black person because the white person said hello. Chinese people get made fun of. Any race always get racism towards them. I've said this before this entire shit has so damn sterotyped that it is incredible how far it goes.

  31. Leo Stuart

    Leo Stuart

    4 giorni fa

    Yes racism exists for black people and white people but just because one police officer did something wrong and it's not just one there are more racist cops but it doesn't mean all cops are racist and that all white people are racist but I am sick of being called racist because I am white and get threatened because I am white

  32. Bangging Kopak

    Bangging Kopak

    5 giorni fa

    Man I love the intro 😂😂😂

  33. Simp Master

    Simp Master

    5 giorni fa

    0:33 little did he know

  34. Op Darsi

    Op Darsi

    5 giorni fa

    Where is the jake paul diss track song by void in your youtube channel jj

  35. BeastyXD YT

    BeastyXD YT

    5 giorni fa

    Man I not gonna lie im white from the south and still fucking love your video on God

  36. Feras Maksoud

    Feras Maksoud

    5 giorni fa

    POV: your looking if logan commented

    • Feras Maksoud

      Feras Maksoud

      5 giorni fa

      BTW i did so ill keep your secret

  37. Gray Fox

    Gray Fox

    5 giorni fa

    Like for every pound JJ weights

  38. its me kogg17

    its me kogg17

    5 giorni fa

    Even tho i am not black i see racists every day agenst me because i am from middle east , ppl see me as a terrorist or they call me killer or bomber and more stuffs. So actually when i see people going up against raicest is such a beautiful thing and i wish i can do something to help but i actually be litterly afraid to get out my home to stay safe

  39. Karisaツ bruh

    Karisaツ bruh

    5 giorni fa

    Kon hit 600k good job people🙂🙂

  40. Dulla


    6 giorni fa

    I'm middle eastern and my best friend is black and we live in Italy, and there are two parts of Italy btw that even Italians recognize, the North and South, the South is the racist fucks whome untill 5 years ago they would rent out an appartment to anyone who isn't Italian, and the North is the more progressive one which have accepted the different cilture

  41. Akshaay m

    Akshaay m

    6 giorni fa

    tbh i dont understand why some people are even like that i think black guys are super funny im just saying what on my mind btw dont mean to offend anyone

  42. imortal destiny1

    imortal destiny1

    7 giorni fa

    the first thing i see is lotion and toliet paper on his night stand

  43. Adan Sweet

    Adan Sweet

    7 giorni fa

    im alr with ppl saying the n word just not with a long er

  44. Photo Owl Time Lapse

    Photo Owl Time Lapse

    7 giorni fa

    KSI and Logan have their differences, but both of them are big persons

  45. Photo Owl Time Lapse

    Photo Owl Time Lapse

    7 giorni fa

    Seriously fck racist people... Skin color has nothing to do with what kind of a human being you are. The guy said if he wants to move to another country he has to check beforehand how racist that place is, that's so messed up. I live in Austria, EU and I know some black people. I witnessed how they are being treated, and sometimes it's not even racism (I think), but simply stupidity. There was this collegue of mine, I wouldn't say friend because we met only a couple of times and it was always work related. Anyways, we were in Zürich, Switzerland and our retour train to Austria was scheduled for the next day, so we stayed at a hotel for the night. We went to the receptionist, me being a white guy with pretty bad German I talked in German, the receptionist never changed to English, it would have been a bit of a help but alright, I can manage in German too. Then this collegaue was the next, and I must say this guy speaks perfect German, I think that's his mother tongue, and yet just because he is black the receptionist spoke to him in English. WTF... The guy was talking in German, and the receptionist always answered in English. What was that?? Maybe a brain fart on the receptionist's side. The sad thing is, I asked the guy wtf later on, and he said it happens man... People in Europe where there are very few black people they automatically assume you don't speak their language, and that's messed up. After this I was on the lookout for this happening, and I shit you not I saw this happening multiple times.

  46. John Steel

    John Steel

    7 giorni fa

    Rip headphone users

  47. Gucci


    7 giorni fa

    Let's be real if Logan and jj but there differences aside they would be really good friends

  48. leuel henok

    leuel henok

    8 giorni fa

    please KSI work hard for jake we know you will win but you have to work we don't need point jest knockout big fan from ethiopia pic

  49. Ahmed Nahzan

    Ahmed Nahzan

    8 giorni fa

    RIP headphone users in the first 30 seconds.

  50. LegSpider


    8 giorni fa


  51. TheOtherPal


    8 giorni fa

    *watches video* if you put three different coloured eggs together and crack them in the same bowl, guess what? THEY ALL THE LOOK SAME! dumb ass racist people.

  52. Aurovind7


    8 giorni fa

    It just fills my heart with happiness because of the fact that KSI and Logan are finally happily agreeing on something and are having respect for each other. Who all agree?

  53. caleb riley luka lagolago-craig

    caleb riley luka lagolago-craig

    8 giorni fa

    See Toby cry broke my heart

  54. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover

    8 giorni fa

    I honestly never understood how people can willingly be racist like we all fucking human we share the same dna and air so why the fuck do people feel the need to be racist I don’t get the thought process behind it

  55. itz_ _chace

    itz_ _chace

    8 giorni fa

    started tearing up seeing tobi cry

  56. General Obvious

    General Obvious

    8 giorni fa

    Logan Paul is the redeemed villain of youtube.

  57. One_way_Ant Please follow my insta

    One_way_Ant Please follow my insta

    8 giorni fa

    Carls handsome

  58. DoubleU ay S dee

    DoubleU ay S dee

    9 giorni fa

    Im honestly kinda mad at jj and tobi for not getting more pissed at the racists. We should make a banishment law to just banish racists.

  59. ronan sparrowsmith

    ronan sparrowsmith

    9 giorni fa

    You woke up my family bro

  60. white crew mate

    white crew mate

    9 giorni fa

    5:01 my friend started being racist and i just let him go because i cant stand people being like that

  61. Shokran Haidari

    Shokran Haidari

    9 giorni fa

    Damn the clip of tobi hit hard

  62. Drew Spice

    Drew Spice

    9 giorni fa

    I dont understand racism, we are all the same race, we are all human that's our race

  63. yOu waNt sUm wAteR

    yOu waNt sUm wAteR

    9 giorni fa

    Ayo...... Chiiiiiiiiiiill

  64. Ethan Parker

    Ethan Parker

    9 giorni fa

    In our south African land we had something called apartheid that was fucked.No black person had the right to do anything.

  65. Mikkel


    9 giorni fa

    bruh logan is right like if u hate rasicm

  66. Ibsan Faradis

    Ibsan Faradis

    9 giorni fa

  67. Quadruck


    9 giorni fa

    JJ"s intro : *EXIST* my ear: my time has come

  68. Angelic Mind

    Angelic Mind

    9 giorni fa

    We all are humans and deserve to be loved equally.

    • Mahad Zahid

      Mahad Zahid

      9 giorni fa

      Damn right bro

  69. Dr Cool Pepper

    Dr Cool Pepper

    9 giorni fa

    “I’ve been recording for half an hour” Video is almost 18 minutes long I wish the videos were longer

  70. Johnboy 3091

    Johnboy 3091

    9 giorni fa

    Jake is rich af no reason to loot bro

  71. Blaise Boyle

    Blaise Boyle

    9 giorni fa

    bruh at 7:42 ksi whole mood changed quick

  72. Aneesh Kumar

    Aneesh Kumar

    9 giorni fa

    JJ 's beard is the biggest racist in the world..

  73. Yasin Yasin

    Yasin Yasin

    10 giorni fa

    The last vid he was quite but now

  74. Aarya


    10 giorni fa

    If you dont ask your Gfuel '"Whats thattttttttttttttt???'" your mums gay

  75. MicroO


    10 giorni fa

    The birth of Brosheb Crisp

  76. Short Hop Inc.

    Short Hop Inc.

    10 giorni fa

    Seeing Toni cry broke me, Toni is such a good human being, and to see him like that broke my heart

    • Neo Skadoosh

      Neo Skadoosh

      10 giorni fa

      @m1nx typo

    • m1nx


      10 giorni fa

      His name is Tobi btw, how tf could you get that wrong.

  77. XScizor


    11 giorni fa

    Genuinely, some people think differentiating peole based on how they look, or the religion they practise, etc. is the right thing to do. They're fucking blockheads, I'm telling you. Absolute bloody idiots. Don't cry Tobi I got your back fren.

  78. Red panda

    Red panda

    11 giorni fa

    10:47 deadass the guy next to Logan looks like Dax

  79. Red panda

    Red panda

    11 giorni fa

    7:42 the change of emotions tho

  80. Ruined Kin

    Ruined Kin

    11 giorni fa

    I respect Logan because he have been trying to get out from past and y’all still making memes on him stop

  81. JD’s Exotics

    JD’s Exotics

    11 giorni fa

    i really hope in 50 years everybody is caring and forgiveful and dont judge people and all the other shit they do in todays world

  82. IcyHype Prod

    IcyHype Prod

    11 giorni fa

    me looking for logan in the comments

  83. Harish Sothinathan

    Harish Sothinathan

    11 giorni fa

    Fuck Racisim. Im in australia so racisim is not that bad, but in high school everyone would always run away from me because the colour of my skin.

  84. SlasherPsych_2989_xXx


    12 giorni fa

    The first minute of this video perfectly showcases the then and now of JJ

  85. WispyEmperor


    12 giorni fa

    Holyyyy shit the first 8 seconds made me go deaf

  86. Hello fellow Weebs

    Hello fellow Weebs

    12 giorni fa

    Bro fucking hell I was literally breaking down when Tobi was crying Bro I was like understanding what he was saying and I fucking felt sad listening to him.

  87. Jiro Alexzander Tugade

    Jiro Alexzander Tugade

    12 giorni fa

    1:00 RIP to the headphone users

  88. Goaty


    12 giorni fa

    the 6.3k people that disliked this are racist.

  89. Bruhh moment

    Bruhh moment

    12 giorni fa

    imagine JJ's going Bald?, his big forehead will going to be limitless. He can even make babatunde's tattoo on that forehead.

    • AkdontcareΨ


      11 giorni fa

      Shut up

  90. Epic gam3r Games

    Epic gam3r Games

    12 giorni fa

    I’m disappointed for Logan for going to a protesting without a mask even though he makes his own mask if Americans could just wear a mask we would already have the sponge bob sponge on the run movie

  91. Giovanni Leo

    Giovanni Leo

    12 giorni fa

    I know I might be late to this topic but it’s just sad seeing people out there that are getting bullied and threatening and getting killed over this kind of stuff and my heart just goes out to you man for people that are struggling with this kind of stuff over the world it’s sad to see people being judge just by the color of their skin it’s not right and I just want to say my heart goes out to you man my heart goes out to the world are struggling with this problem God bless you all and have a nice day

  92. LOKI


    12 giorni fa

    Hey KSI! I just wanna say thank you for your hilarious videos. I always watch them after our online classes and it makes me better cuz there is so much things to do. Thank you so much for making us happy!

  93. Eclipse _ex913

    Eclipse _ex913

    12 giorni fa

    That intro tho 🤟🏻😝🔥

  94. Erik Chica

    Erik Chica

    13 giorni fa


  95. Cameron Cormier

    Cameron Cormier

    13 giorni fa

    there is a racist on big brother

  96. The_ GamersLife

    The_ GamersLife

    13 giorni fa

    And like think if that was you. Then you would be scared if someone being racist comes and tries to kill you. Think about that.

  97. Akbar Mukanbetov

    Akbar Mukanbetov

    13 giorni fa

    Logan was speaking straight fax but i don't like that he said condemn those people like that's not your job. I am a religious and one thing i know is that there is only one judge that can condemn. i'll leave that up to you to find out

  98. Alfie Barker

    Alfie Barker

    13 giorni fa

    no person should ever go through what tobi and other members of the BAME community go through I will never understand what that is like. I feel disgusted that someone can racially abuse someone. How dare someone treat another person that way. All that matters is that someone is a good person.

  99. admin rules

    admin rules

    13 giorni fa

    ive rarely seen rasism to black people in australia i think racism is only in america mainly

    • Quietly


      2 giorni fa

      But then china stopped which i'm happy about

    • Quietly


      2 giorni fa

      Its mainly in china and america

  100. Paul Carter Hilton II

    Paul Carter Hilton II

    13 giorni fa

    The number one fucking way to stop racism is to stop talking about how everybody is racist

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