I Can’t Believe It Happened Again - Among Us #2



  1. anna-leigh x

    anna-leigh x

    Giorno fa

    if jj actually did his task in among us they would win 😭😭

  2. Wavyy


    7 giorni fa

    Matthew 3:2 .

  3. Wavyy


    7 giorni fa

    Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon.

  4. Gerie Deboom

    Gerie Deboom

    9 giorni fa

    harry is good

  5. VI Nemesis

    VI Nemesis

    9 giorni fa

    jj so sus when he self reports he always laughs the same way

  6. Yash Thakrar

    Yash Thakrar

    11 giorni fa

  7. Hamda Jamal

    Hamda Jamal

    12 giorni fa


  8. Harvey Meddings

    Harvey Meddings

    14 giorni fa

    Editor spelt Shields wrong lol

  9. Ameer Hussain

    Ameer Hussain

    18 giorni fa

    Guys does saqid khan have a channel if he does let me know

    • Ameer Hussain

      Ameer Hussain

      16 giorni fa

      @Maryam M in among us he plays with sidemen his colour is dark green watch the vid

    • Maryam M

      Maryam M

      16 giorni fa

      who is sadiq

  10. Loony Jack

    Loony Jack

    18 giorni fa

    What the hell is 02? 02 is where drake plays

  11. barto barto

    barto barto

    20 giorni fa

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  12. Robert Gault

    Robert Gault

    20 giorni fa

    Me ..doing tasks straight away jj doesn’t do any tasks

  13. Infernasu


    21 giorno fa

    dang everything that people said was 2 months ago

  14. dylan whelan

    dylan whelan

    22 giorni fa

    Jj laughs to much when self reporting and why tf doesnt he vent haha

  15. my name jeff

    my name jeff

    22 giorni fa

    The best among us content

  16. Sell Out

    Sell Out

    23 giorni fa

    I get so unbelievably triggered by the fact that he never fukin vents after he kills someone

  17. among us

    among us

    24 giorni fa

    do not say bad words when you play among us and lose

    • angel Pg3d

      angel Pg3d

      13 giorni fa

      Snowflake 😐

  18. J W

    J W

    26 giorni fa

    Can someone tell him if he scans that means he’s cleared

  19. Spodey Btw

    Spodey Btw

    26 giorni fa


  20. Among U5

    Among U5

    27 giorni fa

    I love how he never completes tasks

  21. Yram Gacula

    Yram Gacula

    29 giorni fa

    I love how the way you laugh like an siren lol EDIT: why are u not venting?

  22. Mae Murray

    Mae Murray

    29 giorni fa

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  23. Lexi Mitchell

    Lexi Mitchell

    Mese fa

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  24. barto barto

    barto barto

    Mese fa

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  25. Kristine Peterson

    Kristine Peterson

    Mese fa

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  26. Julian Belperio

    Julian Belperio

    Mese fa

    i hate this sadiq khan guy

  27. Edgar Ochoa

    Edgar Ochoa

    Mese fa

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  28. Tigers Fan All Day

    Tigers Fan All Day

    Mese fa

    JJ and Milk is the best imposter duo ever!

  29. Axelle Xoxo

    Axelle Xoxo

    Mese fa


  30. hoooii


    Mese fa


  31. Thomas Desmet

    Thomas Desmet

    Mese fa

    sheild? what is that ski?!?

  32. Matt Perez

    Matt Perez

    Mese fa

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  33. eekling


    Mese fa

    jj doesn't even know how to vent and it physically pains me

  34. Faiesha Xx

    Faiesha Xx

    Mese fa

    ur screaming hurts my ears😔

  35. Eric Morgan

    Eric Morgan

    Mese fa

    The unable beast postoperatively fool because elizabeth intuitively whistle inside a silent hour. next, valuable ink

  36. DeadBoy


    Mese fa

    bro my wish is to play an among us game with these guys lol.. JJ always makes the game fun

  37. raider danger

    raider danger

    Mese fa

    My man actually put 12345 lol

  38. Yadiv Ramsing

    Yadiv Ramsing

    Mese fa

    6:15 (ShEiLdS)

  39. Mae Murray

    Mae Murray

    Mese fa

    “Freezy is not even doing anything, what the hell” KSI ain’t doing nothing .

  40. Young Fizz

    Young Fizz

    Mese fa

    What a game

  41. CleeZen


    Mese fa


  42. Flash rex

    Flash rex

    Mese fa

    6:20 The editor misspelled shields lol

  43. TheRealPhantomIZ


    Mese fa

    just use the vents thats why they are there

  44. Marc Perez

    Marc Perez

    Mese fa

    No one: Not even Harry’s body: JJ:12345

  45. Stevie Marie

    Stevie Marie

    Mese fa

    No lie Sadiq Khan is so annoying

  46. Mario De Carvalho Ferreira

    Mario De Carvalho Ferreira

    Mese fa

    kahn is a jokeman

  47. Leander Manentsa

    Leander Manentsa

    Mese fa

    Yo his laugh tho

  48. Duria Rayis

    Duria Rayis

    Mese fa

    Littaaarrlly jj is sooo dumb, that's why they created the thing called vent, for the Imposters to enter in it, and he shouts like sheep

  49. Akuto5an


    Mese fa

    I blame everyone for not calling out JJ's lies. So dumb, it's so obvious OMG...

  50. LiLo


    Mese fa

    Why don’t JJ scan bro so stupid??😂

  51. RiZe x Rage

    RiZe x Rage

    Mese fa

    The fact jj has still not activated his windows is mad

  52. Kostas


    Mese fa

    join my community plss

  53. Jessica Marshall

    Jessica Marshall

    Mese fa

    i love watching them play among us

  54. JuniorTriathlonBoy


    Mese fa

    Any normal person: does o2 daily code JJ: 123456...enter...7

  55. Jason Broady

    Jason Broady

    Mese fa

    Harry dies so early everytime omdzzzz 😂

  56. Hamilton Arraou

    Hamilton Arraou

    Mese fa

    Claim your “here within a hour” ticket right here

  57. Bertha Cox

    Bertha Cox

    Mese fa


  58. Andromeda


    Mese fa

    If KSI self-reports teammates discussing..... When me self-reports teammates it's fking self report vote him out guy's

  59. Karim jr Habassi

    Karim jr Habassi

    Mese fa

    I hate how jj doesn’t do tasks and just follows people and does meetings with no evidence

  60. Jasiri Lewis

    Jasiri Lewis

    Mese fa

    So no one else is gonna say to jj dat he got 11 mil?

  61. Goose


    Mese fa

    1 month ticket

  62. Matthew T. Lewis Jr.

    Matthew T. Lewis Jr.

    Mese fa

    10:56: JJ: I cant breathe. Me: I understood that reference.

  63. Blair Ogden

    Blair Ogden

    Mese fa

    Jj is so sick at among us

  64. Im Bulletproofbtw

    Im Bulletproofbtw

    Mese fa

    JJ when u have stuff like scan or empty storage trash they are visual tasks they show your not the impostor

  65. Budd Dix

    Budd Dix

    2 mesi fa

    I feel so bad for harry cause he cant play one single game without being the first one to die

  66. Kareem Nada

    Kareem Nada

    2 mesi fa

    Mans got knowledge in his name

  67. Edgar Morales

    Edgar Morales

    2 mesi fa

    JJ again at 8:55 said "🐷"

  68. Edgar Morales

    Edgar Morales

    2 mesi fa

    JJ said at 5:58 "🐷"

  69. carla escamilla

    carla escamilla

    2 mesi fa

    Who else thinks JJ is a bot at Among Us?

  70. Nrgking


    2 mesi fa

    Milk and jj are too good they have to start a new looby

  71. WeeDefault


    2 mesi fa

    who read the shields text and realised it says sheilds so JJ can’t spell

  72. Habeeb Lawal

    Habeeb Lawal

    2 mesi fa

    Who's here after folabi videos ...we can all agree that folabi will trash jj at among us

  73. Habeeb Lawal

    Habeeb Lawal

    2 mesi fa

    What was jj eating

  74. Aneesh B

    Aneesh B

    2 mesi fa

    It’s funny how at 9:08 JJ almost says killed the body

  75. Lamar Clarke

    Lamar Clarke

    2 mesi fa

    Can't believe jj got the numbers wrong

  76. Verda Ollenu

    Verda Ollenu

    2 mesi fa

    why is the ending an Anime girl showing her bum 😂😂😂🤣🤣

  77. Shi Jun

    Shi Jun

    2 mesi fa

    everyone is doing tasks and jj is just following everyone

  78. Area 51

    Area 51

    2 mesi fa

    ur so funny ur videos are the best

  79. rob klein

    rob klein

    2 mesi fa

    try not to cry

  80. Arthur Molden

    Arthur Molden

    2 mesi fa

    Get thus comment to 1 million likes

  81. Love Trolling

    Love Trolling

    2 mesi fa

    10:39 😂😂😂

  82. Love Trolling

    Love Trolling

    2 mesi fa

    I remember watching this on simons channel and sadiq actually really pissed me off where tf did he get that story

    • luke fernandez

      luke fernandez

      Mese fa

      Hes the only one I dont like

  83. willie


    2 mesi fa

    poor harry, always getting killed first, never imposter and cant enjoy a single game

  84. Spirit Beast

    Spirit Beast

    2 mesi fa

    Sadiqkhan muslim

  85. Samuel Molina

    Samuel Molina

    2 mesi fa


  86. Riley Pawloff

    Riley Pawloff

    2 mesi fa

    watching the sidemen play among us is honestly the best 😂

  87. J Men

    J Men

    2 mesi fa

    KSI and Milk are the best imposter duo

  88. Mark Moffat

    Mark Moffat

    2 mesi fa

    noone: Vik: *Lets see what he can dew*

  89. Devin_michael Le

    Devin_michael Le

    2 mesi fa

    this proves logan paul was right about ksi's math 2:00

  90. ultra Hydra69

    ultra Hydra69

    2 mesi fa

    why does he get so gassed when he finds a body he acts so sus

  91. Alicia Simpson

    Alicia Simpson

    2 mesi fa


    • Mr Scorpion -_-

      Mr Scorpion -_-

      Mese fa

      Boooo Copied

    • Dancing Banana

      Dancing Banana

      2 mesi fa

      You copied someone

    • Dancing Banana

      Dancing Banana

      2 mesi fa


  92. Aaron Aaron

    Aaron Aaron

    2 mesi fa

    "I can't breathe". ~ Olajide Olatunji

  93. EndoBendo


    2 mesi fa


  94. James Andrews

    James Andrews

    2 mesi fa

    Anyone else realised how shields is spelt ‘sheilds’ on JJ’s map

  95. Wong Douglas

    Wong Douglas

    2 mesi fa

    No one: Not even Harry’s body: JJ:12345

  96. Ciaran Rohan

    Ciaran Rohan

    2 mesi fa

    You cant turn on lights how



    2 mesi fa

    Is Sergio Ramos The Greatest Centerback?

  98. Jacob Nix

    Jacob Nix

    2 mesi fa

    bro jj gets out no sus at all after finding 3 bodys in a row

  99. Mandeep Kaur

    Mandeep Kaur

    2 mesi fa

    "We couldn't do anything because JJ was chasing us" JJ: NO NO NO NO "Well JJ was chasing me" JJ: YES YES YES YES YES

  100. MrTentflip


    2 mesi fa

    "To let everyone know that I'm crew". JJ 2020

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