How Was This An Ad?

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  1. RNS Molden

    RNS Molden

    44 minuti fa

    JJ what the hell is this

  2. Uzayr Ajouhaar

    Uzayr Ajouhaar

    6 ore fa

    You say you lactose but you have your gfuel with milk

  3. A Scottish Lad

    A Scottish Lad

    14 ore fa

    Who's here For Chocolate With Bananas Because i know i am

  4. Joetron5x Overload

    Joetron5x Overload

    16 ore fa

    I make weird videos to. So I like this videos

  5. Notakronic


    18 ore fa

    Ksi:Now we got random banana- The cucumber:😔



    Giorno fa

    Oh shit, we gay

  7. Sumeiya Adam

    Sumeiya Adam

    2 giorni fa

    It’s gay to smoke 😂☠️

  8. Bilal Hadrous

    Bilal Hadrous

    2 giorni fa

    Banana with nutella is actually awesome

  9. Bilal Hadrous

    Bilal Hadrous

    2 giorni fa

    It's like the other guy said 'she keeps tolkien in her sleep, i guess i could just smeagol next to her and gollum on the sheets'

  10. Big Behz Cr1tic

    Big Behz Cr1tic

    2 giorni fa

    The last video is where gib learned his boxing

  11. Levi James

    Levi James

    3 giorni fa

    5:41 jj doesn't know what mold is

  12. Robyn’s Nest

    Robyn’s Nest

    3 giorni fa

    8:48 if Napoleon Dynamite was filmed in 2020

  13. Spanish Or Vanish#2

    Spanish Or Vanish#2

    3 giorni fa

    My dad smokes and has a wife

  14. AJ’s channel Sweet

    AJ’s channel Sweet

    4 giorni fa

    7:13 when thanos snaps his fingers

  15. OliverIsMii


    4 giorni fa

    You need to react to some of the dirty gaming ads from the 90s and 2000s

  16. The Fluffy Dragon

    The Fluffy Dragon

    4 giorni fa

    to be honest i thought the crab dance was another version of crab rave

  17. Posion Yt

    Posion Yt

    5 giorni fa

    When thanos snaps his fingers no one: The strawberries turns to dust 7:15

  18. 亗ARES亗


    5 giorni fa


  19. Raedh Fazli

    Raedh Fazli

    5 giorni fa

    KSI watches video in 4k Also KSI- Makes video in 720p

  20. Adrian Paul Laurel

    Adrian Paul Laurel

    5 giorni fa


  21. Big Facts

    Big Facts

    5 giorni fa

    I'd say both lmao

  22. Joshua Hay-Laing

    Joshua Hay-Laing

    5 giorni fa

    jj: im lactose intolerant also jj : drink your gfuel with milk

  23. Invisable Billy GTAV&COD

    Invisable Billy GTAV&COD

    6 giorni fa

    It looks like jj duct taped his head

  24. erikas ridikas

    erikas ridikas

    6 giorni fa

    Chocolate on banana is peng

  25. Orisha Eshu

    Orisha Eshu

    6 giorni fa

    That song is actually awesome, and the fact that you got Sean Paul on the track makes you a legend. Not sure if you grew up listening to Sean Paul, but I did and he's a big deal.

  26. Derron


    7 giorni fa

    The crab video made me increasingly uncomfortable

  27. Thatguy Pablo

    Thatguy Pablo

    7 giorni fa

    How did this dude not know about banana splits

  28. Daniel Starks

    Daniel Starks

    7 giorni fa

    I needed to laugh

  29. Athan Paul

    Athan Paul

    7 giorni fa

    4:49 This is how mars north pole and south pole formed

  30. Mzll Hajar

    Mzll Hajar

    7 giorni fa

    While I was eating my food happily youtupe decided to recomend me this video thank you so much KSI you made me lose my appetite

  31. Wavyy


    7 giorni fa

    Matthew 3:2 .

  32. Wavyy


    7 giorni fa

    Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon.

  33. Dionne Stennett

    Dionne Stennett

    7 giorni fa

    That means KSI is Gay

  34. Anwar Shire

    Anwar Shire

    7 giorni fa

    Hey dont u get it banana whit whipped cream on the top edit me watchi g the children run for it gets hisoka vibes

  35. Valentin Franco

    Valentin Franco

    8 giorni fa

    Ahh shit I’m gay

  36. PJ the DJ Anderson with a soda on the side

    PJ the DJ Anderson with a soda on the side

    9 giorni fa

    1:40 a stoned post malone came on my screen

  37. serge koffi

    serge koffi

    9 giorni fa

    One Of A JJ Video A Day, Keeps The Stress Away

  38. Aidan Syam

    Aidan Syam

    10 giorni fa

    stop get sen help

  39. Mads Dalmose

    Mads Dalmose

    10 giorni fa

    Its normal to eat banana with melted coco

  40. Jordan Ezike

    Jordan Ezike

    10 giorni fa

    JJ is uncultured for not knowing the Hobbit jokes

  41. Rafael Sandu

    Rafael Sandu

    10 giorni fa

    JJ try banana with nutela

  42. Anthony F Vlogs/Rants

    Anthony F Vlogs/Rants

    10 giorni fa

    banana boats are the best...look it up

  43. Heavy metal rules!!!!! !!!!!

    Heavy metal rules!!!!! !!!!!

    11 giorni fa

    When someone asks “KSI or deji” I say “both, cause they’re both hilarious”

  44. Jhoyle28


    11 giorni fa

    I think the weirdest part of this video is that he's never heard of putting chocolate on a banana before... 😂

  45. Zdawgproductions


    11 giorni fa

    That first one with all the lord of the rings references was so unfunny I can't tell if he got the joke or not

  46. NicKy 01

    NicKy 01

    11 giorni fa

    You've never had banana and chocolate???

  47. Ben Mabiasan

    Ben Mabiasan

    12 giorni fa

    Chocolate on a banana is good fight me

  48. hammad raza

    hammad raza

    12 giorni fa

    Bruh if ksi is lactose intolerant why does he drink gfuel with milk

  49. Chadane Myers

    Chadane Myers

    14 giorni fa


  50. The Beast EJAW

    The Beast EJAW

    14 giorni fa

    If your lactose intolerant you wouldn’t get full it would just go in then come straight out ur arse

  51. The Russian ComicBook Geek

    The Russian ComicBook Geek

    15 giorni fa

    It’s gay to smoke

  52. Emmanuel Sackey

    Emmanuel Sackey

    15 giorni fa

    my mans doesnt know what chocolate banas are HOLD UP DID HE JUST SAY HE HATES BANANAS?!?!?!?

  53. David Lopez

    David Lopez

    16 giorni fa

    A stack of cheese

  54. Brain Dead

    Brain Dead

    17 giorni fa

    It's gay to smoke Smoking rates reduce to 💯

  55. Mr Dark

    Mr Dark

    18 giorni fa

    Smoking is gay

  56. Michael Zielinski

    Michael Zielinski

    18 giorni fa

    5:13 looks like his beare

  57. Kadin Kernodle

    Kadin Kernodle

    18 giorni fa

    The orange juice really did become the arctic

  58. lil nope N

    lil nope N

    18 giorni fa

    Ksi* yooo its in 4k yoo after eerrrr what are u doing STOP DONT EAT THAT

  59. the big L

    the big L

    19 giorni fa

    I dont think jj has ever had a girlfriend

  60. BloodyFamas


    19 giorni fa

    its gay to smoke

  61. Chilly


    19 giorni fa

    don't think that's chocolate mate

  62. Boganbeercan


    19 giorni fa

    This was more like a add for 4K

  63. JB R

    JB R

    20 giorni fa

    Buy original Windows or get Linux.

  64. Herobrine nightcore

    Herobrine nightcore

    20 giorni fa

    its gay to smoke 😂

  65. Oliver Beekiller69

    Oliver Beekiller69

    20 giorni fa

    7:50 is this the origin of crab rave

  66. Oliver Beekiller69

    Oliver Beekiller69

    20 giorni fa

    4:27 is gonna be someday 8k

  67. Oliver Beekiller69

    Oliver Beekiller69

    20 giorni fa

    4:27 is gonna be someday 8k

  68. Tyler Lindsay

    Tyler Lindsay

    20 giorni fa

    JJ saying bananas are grim also JJ making a banana and strawberry gfuel

  69. Austin Johnson

    Austin Johnson

    20 giorni fa

    he says bruv

  70. Dk Therealist

    Dk Therealist

    21 giorno fa


  71. o yeah

    o yeah

    21 giorno fa

    Did not laugh at all

  72. EcHo BL4ST

    EcHo BL4ST

    22 giorni fa

    It’s not an actual add, the gay to sample one. It was made by onion a satirical news show

  73. Green screen FX

    Green screen FX

    22 giorni fa

    1:17 very funny got the reference

  74. x Blitz x

    x Blitz x

    22 giorni fa

    my man JJ could smell the colours in 4K

  75. Shinji Ikari

    Shinji Ikari

    22 giorni fa

    It’s not a real ad. It’s from Onion News which is a ITput channel of hilarious fake news like this😂😂😂

  76. ᴅᴇᴘʀᴇssᴇᴅʙᴜᴛᴄʟᴀssʏ


    22 giorni fa

    The first is just homophobic.

  77. Payney2680


    22 giorni fa

    Watch The Hub in 4k you can taste it

  78. Chris Parrish

    Chris Parrish

    22 giorni fa

    My dad used to smoke 5 years ago so uhhhhh yeah about that

  79. Sam Misery

    Sam Misery

    23 giorni fa

    Me watching this while smoking : 🏳‍🌈👁👄👁🏳‍🌈

  80. LoV 91zA1

    LoV 91zA1

    23 giorni fa

    I guess the crab video is for during "High occasion"

  81. TheRealRigel


    23 giorni fa

    7:13 Me: we should probably throw this out. My mom:"Remove the parts with mold."

  82. Amrit


    23 giorni fa

    You know JJ is bankrupt when his PC says Activate Windows, "Go To Settings To Activate Windows" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  83. LightningWolf21


    24 giorni fa

    I like the Activate Windows in the corner.

  84. Nilavoan Parthipan

    Nilavoan Parthipan

    24 giorni fa

    JJ: I’m lactose intolerant: Drinks G-fuel with milk in later video’s

  85. VIIHimself


    25 giorni fa

    Me on the toilet. 👁️👄👁️

  86. Nathan Bell

    Nathan Bell

    25 giorni fa

    "it's like I can feel the pixels on my face" 😂⚰️💀

  87. Jesus Pichardo

    Jesus Pichardo

    25 giorni fa

    So that means my uncle is gay?

  88. YeBoi Joseph

    YeBoi Joseph

    26 giorni fa

    The orange juice shrinks because the mould growing on it is using it as a sort of food to allow it to grow :)

  89. Unlikely Specimen

    Unlikely Specimen

    26 giorni fa

    That expiring orange juice is probably an accurate re-enacting of how the world formed

  90. Chahid machrouk

    Chahid machrouk

    26 giorni fa

    Yow the guy with the banana is Bockie The Repper. He's super funny😅 oncr he inherited €50 000 and he spended it all on food😅

  91. Venture iiyam

    Venture iiyam

    26 giorni fa

    8:31 Art is an explosion!

  92. NeezPrestige


    26 giorni fa

    fine then ur a homophobic, damn ad

  93. josh mcdonald

    josh mcdonald

    26 giorni fa

    The gay to smoke thing is actually a bit from “The Whitest Kids You Know” If you haven’t seen any of their skits, do yourself a favor and spend the next 5 hours watching badly rendered hilarious 2000s skits Edit: whoops I mixed them up with the onion. Either way watch both ITput channels for hours of content

    • Jibril Rashid

      Jibril Rashid

      24 giorni fa

      Aint nobody got time to read all that

  94. Damola Ogunmuyiwa

    Damola Ogunmuyiwa

    26 giorni fa

    Me: Shit its in 1080p JJ: Fuck dthid I'm watching this in 4k

  95. Mikhael M

    Mikhael M

    27 giorni fa

    It isn't a real ad look up the Onion News on youtube.

  96. IbKarnage Karnz

    IbKarnage Karnz

    27 giorni fa

    "Yo its ur boy ksi lgbqt" 😂

  97. SSB


    27 giorni fa

    Why did the last video felt like I'm in a weird dream

  98. Dark


    28 giorni fa

    Activate windows

  99. nc btw

    nc btw

    28 giorni fa

    I hear "Yo whatsup guys its yo boy K.S.I LGDBT"

  100. Shuga xx

    Shuga xx

    28 giorni fa

    The guy eating cheese looks like Harry maguire 😹😹