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  1. We Are Venom

    We Are Venom

    Giorno fa

    KSI has the best laugh

  2. King Muneeb

    King Muneeb

    Giorno fa

    This is the funniest among us ever

  3. Lisa Bird

    Lisa Bird

    Giorno fa

    i followed u on spotify :)

  4. Saleh Elballali

    Saleh Elballali

    2 giorni fa

    Did he just say wallahi 😂🖤

  5. Jamo Games

    Jamo Games

    3 giorni fa

    KSI: name is black man / sorry for being racist but... KSI: Among us, he’s red^_^

  6. Nine O9

    Nine O9

    3 giorni fa


  7. Nine O9

    Nine O9

    3 giorni fa


  8. Person People

    Person People

    6 giorni fa

    1111 just said wallahi mashaallah his muslim

  9. Haley Garcia

    Haley Garcia

    6 giorni fa

    3:27 to 4:20, that’s the funniest part from the whol video 😂

  10. Haley Garcia

    Haley Garcia

    6 giorni fa

    What makes me laugh the most is when HE starts laughing at everyone joining into the little group LMAO😂

  11. Shazil Pervez

    Shazil Pervez

    9 giorni fa

    3:50 I love the way JJ laughs every time someone joins the stack lul

  12. Dasher253


    9 giorni fa

    Randy was the only person sus that game when Callux got voted out, why didn’t they vote Randy out they wouldn’t have been able to win on tasks anyway!

  13. Noah Yeet

    Noah Yeet

    13 giorni fa


  14. Kim Strand

    Kim Strand

    14 giorni fa

    Hard Rock Stadium

  15. Lukman Kaduji

    Lukman Kaduji

    15 giorni fa

    Calfreezy: everyone get ur tasks done Meanwhile JJ hasn’t done a single task of his😂

  16. Youka


    15 giorni fa


  17. RaG3xLW13 Gaming

    RaG3xLW13 Gaming

    16 giorni fa

    JJ laugh is so funny

  18. Wavyy


    18 giorni fa

    Matthew 3:2

  19. Wavyy


    18 giorni fa

    Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon

    • Hello


      12 giorni fa

      I dont think he is

  20. tia bryan

    tia bryan

    18 giorni fa

    it was so obvious that is lux and randy

  21. Anzz


    20 giorni fa

    2:58 😂😂

  22. cons_pixie vlogs

    cons_pixie vlogs

    20 giorni fa

    KSI : Black Man Also KSI : im blue

  23. Balthromaw


    21 giorno fa

    Is it just me, or is everyone naming there among us videos "FUNNIEST AMONG US GAME"

  24. No You shut the fuck up No you shut the fuck up

    No You shut the fuck up No you shut the fuck up

    21 giorno fa

    The thumbnail looks like a freed slave.

  25. H455yB0p


    21 giorno fa


  26. Ajak Makor

    Ajak Makor

    22 giorni fa

    Me with my siblings: 8:12

  27. Tejalkera_Msp love

    Tejalkera_Msp love

    23 giorni fa

    JJ should stream

  28. barto barto

    barto barto

    24 giorni fa

    The cultured grip partially yell because step unquestionably cough save a statuesque vibraphone. ritzy, possessive spaghetti

  29. ProDum


    27 giorni fa

    Man dressed up just for the thunbnail

  30. Tochukwu Onyema

    Tochukwu Onyema

    27 giorni fa

    I swear JJ's vocab in among us is: 'y is _ moving bare sus fam?'

  31. Issy Lats

    Issy Lats

    28 giorni fa

    jj’s laugh though

  32. RanceplaYs


    28 giorni fa

    Everyone in sidemen is amazing first . My favorite is Ksi 2nd favorite Vik 3 rd is to I 4 is mini 5 is Ethan 6 josher 7 harold

  33. Jake


    29 giorni fa

    0:18 "Ayo Simon why you moving bare sus" 😑😂

  34. Sue Mo

    Sue Mo

    Mese fa

    2:19 Jeez Freezy a Muslim now

    • wagwan G

      wagwan G

      5 giorni fa

      Lmao why u so pressed?

  35. Mourad Ali

    Mourad Ali

    Mese fa

    JJ is the most 3rd imposter ever he didn’t even do his damn tasks twat🤣

  36. Bethany Mitchell

    Bethany Mitchell

    Mese fa

    The tiny fired morphologically wonder because skin pertinently transport pro a able pentagon. enthusiastic, obtainable sale

  37. barto barto

    barto barto

    Mese fa

    The wooden beach remarkably steer because wrecker distinctly comb past a tan body. shivering, motionless input

  38. Luis Bel

    Luis Bel

    Mese fa

    The tight christopher strangely scare because america superfamily unpack like a smelly shelf. insidious, gaudy dinner

  39. Thor


    Mese fa


  40. Minecraft Pig

    Minecraft Pig

    Mese fa

    it's ironic how in the game his username is 'Black Man' but his space dude isn't black.

  41. Anthony RDG

    Anthony RDG

    Mese fa

    “Funniest among us game” everyone stands behind a rock HAHAHAHA this game is trash why is everyone playing it

  42. Gaming with Edu

    Gaming with Edu

    Mese fa

    activate windows

  43. ツKamran


    Mese fa

    2:19 muslim confirmed mashallah

  44. Eithen Gosho

    Eithen Gosho

    Mese fa

    Viks get out a fucking genius out there

  45. Mantas Krisciunas

    Mantas Krisciunas

    Mese fa

    JJ by not doing tasks fucked everyone over

  46. jang kim

    jang kim

    Mese fa

    The bad sprout anteriorly repair because representative preoperatively inform in a mature parent. sedate, secret open

  47. Kristine Peterson

    Kristine Peterson

    Mese fa

    The skillful fox laterally screw because moustache neurobiologically switch onto a better slice. economic, imaginary shampoo

  48. guadalupe ayala

    guadalupe ayala

    Mese fa

    We need more among us content of jj yelling 😂😂😂

  49. Carlos Ortiz2235

    Carlos Ortiz2235

    Mese fa

    Man JJ’s laugh has to be 10/10!! 😂😂🙌🏽😂😂

  50. SB 50cal

    SB 50cal

    Mese fa

    In the first game it was so obvious Vik was an imposter haha

  51. Rawan Rimawi

    Rawan Rimawi

    Mese fa

    2:21 did freezy said wallahi?

  52. Will Barnes

    Will Barnes

    Mese fa

    Learn to vent

  53. valentino


    Mese fa

    Why do they always do the AAHHHahhhAYYYYY GOOD BYYYYEEEE

  54. Manav Singh

    Manav Singh

    Mese fa

    I have watch this game from 7 different perspectives

  55. Kaaleis Sharif

    Kaaleis Sharif

    Mese fa

    I really like sidemen better then Logan Paul or jake Paul

  56. pls i don’t even know

    pls i don’t even know

    Mese fa

    why do y’all EVERYTIME, even if you know who the impostors are, let them live so long i- i just don’t understand 😭😭

  57. Rishi Parimi

    Rishi Parimi

    Mese fa

    Its all over when JJ catches you moving sus

    • Rishi Parimi

      Rishi Parimi

      Mese fa

      Tasks are for donkeys then you did a task and you are a donkey!

  58. Karl Abani

    Karl Abani

    Mese fa

    How do I join the team?

  59. ICIW _

    ICIW _

    Mese fa

    the way calfreezy said wallahi 😂

  60. r҉e҉d҉h҉e҉a҉d҉e҉d҉ ҉ ҉p҉s҉y҉c҉h҉o҉

    r҉e҉d҉h҉e҉a҉d҉e҉d҉ ҉ ҉p҉s҉y҉c҉h҉o҉

    Mese fa

    3:53 "what are we doing?" me: i think your men who are getting it on behind a mountain ... (brokeback mountain)

  61. Rhys Williams

    Rhys Williams

    2 mesi fa

    JJ’s laugh makes it’s ten times funnier

  62. kavitah kaur

    kavitah kaur

    2 mesi fa

    U shall do a song with a guy named relli

  63. Danilegend9


    2 mesi fa

    Alex wasabi haha

  64. Among Us

    Among Us

    2 mesi fa

    If you play among us

  65. koy Smith

    koy Smith

    2 mesi fa

    Activate windows is getting me triggered buy it holy shit

  66. Ghost


    2 mesi fa

    CC not available:(

  67. Jessica 07

    Jessica 07

    2 mesi fa

    2:19 is 1111 calfreezy? I swear he just said wallahī LMAO--

  68. Otaku dragonslayer

    Otaku dragonslayer

    2 mesi fa

    I freaking love JJ he is so damn funny I'm staying subscribed to him for the rest of my life. :)

  69. Lisa Donovan

    Lisa Donovan

    2 mesi fa

    Everyone: huddles in the same spot JJ: That’s the funniest shit ever

  70. Muhammad Al Amin

    Muhammad Al Amin

    2 mesi fa

    So stupid last game

  71. 6751-Munzer Khaloq Al Dandashi

    6751-Munzer Khaloq Al Dandashi

    2 mesi fa

    2:15 1111 says wallahi !!!!!!!!!!! muslim ?????

  72. Luke Bartek

    Luke Bartek

    2 mesi fa

    I was here.

  73. I love banana

    I love banana

    2 mesi fa

    Who loves Baba tunde?

  74. Sarbac


    2 mesi fa

    4:28 what was that

  75. mantasha mansur

    mantasha mansur

    2 mesi fa

    8:20 when your mum shouts at you and your trying not to cry

  76. Quinn Moseley

    Quinn Moseley

    2 mesi fa

    Callux: JJ didn’t do a task JJ: I’m not a task man Everyone else: WELL THATS HOW YOU WIN THE FUCKING GAME JJ

  77. PsyChoッ


    2 mesi fa

    They could of won if JJ done task lol 😂

  78. Marvin P.G

    Marvin P.G

    2 mesi fa

    JJ: putting jungle music *everyone liked that*

    • Lisa Donovan

      Lisa Donovan

      2 mesi fa

      It’s my 24th birthday 🔥 The only gift I want is a subscribe 😂

  79. Joel sabu

    Joel sabu

    2 mesi fa

    1:31 i am not a task man

  80. Abel EscobarRodriguez30

    Abel EscobarRodriguez30

    2 mesi fa

    Jake p is better than you:(

  81. Maximillian Ayo

    Maximillian Ayo

    2 mesi fa

    My Nigerian Brother

  82. Your Average Cat

    Your Average Cat

    2 mesi fa

    This was so funny that i felt like i was riding a wild horse.

  83. Jemima-Joy Gbadago

    Jemima-Joy Gbadago

    2 mesi fa

    Does anyone where I can get JJ’s pink hoodie? I want one.

  84. Spiffyinthedark


    2 mesi fa

    JJ laughing at everyone grouping has me creasing! 🤣🤣 3:32

    • candy suxx

      candy suxx

      24 giorni fa

      Ifkrrrrr me tooo

  85. WhyUN0Ded


    2 mesi fa

    Yo why don’t you ever do tasks? Like even when your a ghost no tasks done oh well lol

  86. Lakshya


    2 mesi fa

    "Tasks are for donkeys"😂

  87. Devon


    2 mesi fa

    6:50 you would have won if you did you're tasks JJ

  88. LW.7


    2 mesi fa

    2:59 how can you not see someone kill YOU but if you wanna kill someone you must be next to him soooo wtf EXPLAIN TO ME AND DONT SWIPE AND SKIP ME EXPLAINMMMMM

  89. Scrubb


    2 mesi fa

    Why does he say bear sus

  90. Tanner Lee

    Tanner Lee

    2 mesi fa

    jj is the worst impostor i’ve ever seen, how do the other people not instantly know

  91. iNehaal


    2 mesi fa


  92. Debashrita Majumdar

    Debashrita Majumdar

    2 mesi fa

    JJ is such good in shouting if any one blame him just 100000000iq shouting

  93. Aamana Ali

    Aamana Ali

    2 mesi fa

    Is it me or did I hear freely say wallahi on 2:20

  94. musics musics

    musics musics

    2 mesi fa

    Jj’s laugh kill every time bro😂😂😂😂

  95. Faarik Akhtar

    Faarik Akhtar

    2 mesi fa

    Mad 😂

  96. King Toffee

    King Toffee

    2 mesi fa

    2:18 white boy saying wallah is wet and cringey

  97. Strey Demon

    Strey Demon

    2 mesi fa

    JJ- "I'm not a tasks man." Translation- "I'm not a winner."

    • Ben Heathcock

      Ben Heathcock

      Mese fa

      But he can't lose

    • ραʀc͢χʀє


      2 mesi fa


  98. Alfie McBryer

    Alfie McBryer

    2 mesi fa

    Randy:yeah ik Cal:yeah cause your the fucking imposter

  99. Lauryn LovesChu

    Lauryn LovesChu

    2 mesi fa

    JJ! Activate WINDOWS

  100. ACW Wrestling

    ACW Wrestling

    2 mesi fa

    JJ’s face at the end killed me

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