EYE TRACKER CHALLENGE (Respect Women Edition)

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  1. Jacob Harris

    Jacob Harris

    6 ore fa

    We're only human, if ur dressing like that ur gonna get looked at

  2. Tony The tiger

    Tony The tiger

    11 ore fa

    This is all of are weaknesses

  3. Caster YT

    Caster YT

    12 ore fa

    they a bunch of white girls and most of them aren't even thick

  4. Marie Grant

    Marie Grant

    12 ore fa

    9:52 Chat: "what that mouth do???"

  5. Marie Grant

    Marie Grant

    12 ore fa

    I'm a female, and this *is* very hard. I'm doing worse, way worse, than JJ.

  6. Carbon One

    Carbon One

    13 ore fa

    i dont see a problem looking wherever the fuck because they literally are asking for it

  7. Иateorious


    17 ore fa


  8. Mahamud Abshir

    Mahamud Abshir

    20 ore fa

    jj: all I have to do is just pretend I respect women iam gonna watch it after this video

  9. SovietKenobi69


    Giorno fa

    This challenge is so BS because if they are literally showing them in your face intentionally and like showing nothing else , tell me how tf are u supposed to not look at them? B*tch plz I bet they would take offense to that for “ignoring” their body or sum random shizz like that you should see what they would say on the internet

  10. alen delon

    alen delon

    Giorno fa

    Man if i don't look i m probably gay, i love cute faces , boobs, sweet ass's , beautiful shaped womans body, that is my nature. But to women who wont get or gain respect that is not based on theirs look, they must cover physical seducing attributes.

  11. FleekPlayz


    Giorno fa

    IF YOU go back to the family we will get you to pewdiepide

  12. Uncle Ruckus

    Uncle Ruckus

    Giorno fa

    JJ- respecting women not looking women-that’s not how your supposed to play the game

  13. Yoshi 1x

    Yoshi 1x

    2 giorni fa


  14. Akko


    2 giorni fa

    Good thing we didn't have an eye tracker.

  15. KevinPlay101


    2 giorni fa

    In my defense i was doing the opposite version of this challenge and i did well

  16. Armani Dopengcheng

    Armani Dopengcheng

    2 giorni fa

    The girls are probably like 16-18 lmao

  17. Yashaswi raj Deshabattini

    Yashaswi raj Deshabattini

    2 giorni fa

    Yes... You respect wemen.... Everyone respect a wemen... You get a big pp

  18. TheEraXO


    2 giorni fa

    The comment section Is funnier than the video

  19. Justin Solomona

    Justin Solomona

    2 giorni fa


  20. Izaiah Jones

    Izaiah Jones

    3 giorni fa

    After the vid, he says I respect them then he watches it after simping lmao

  21. Nand Pandey

    Nand Pandey

    3 giorni fa


  22. Andy Saghbini

    Andy Saghbini

    3 giorni fa

    Easy, just look at the “activate windows”

  23. muhammadishraqi


    3 giorni fa

    the best try hard video on youtube

  24. Bryce Caffrey

    Bryce Caffrey

    4 giorni fa

    Considering the fact that JJ sometimes doesn't wear pants when he's at home due to his live stream Was JJ wearing pants during this?

  25. YO TRU

    YO TRU

    4 giorni fa

    Some of these isnt fair 😔 she forced her ass in the camera

  26. Shaurya Gupta

    Shaurya Gupta

    4 giorni fa

    JJ is repecting them all. He's jus looking at the parts that are covered rather than looking the uncovered parts

  27. ExtraShifty


    5 giorni fa

    Videos of girl that show their body intentionally, isnt that kind of the point to look down.

  28. jo jo

    jo jo

    5 giorni fa

    Meanwhile I with no eye tracker am staring at the wrong places

  29. Brandon M

    Brandon M

    5 giorni fa


  30. jim muzaka

    jim muzaka

    5 giorni fa

    Well, we don't have eye tracker...

  31. Long bludclart

    Long bludclart

    5 giorni fa

    scouser you ksi

  32. RenjinaRani


    5 giorni fa

    We all know he re-watched that atleast 5 times

  33. YZA 2

    YZA 2

    5 giorni fa

    Well that was easy. Now I’ll try the eye tracker challenge

  34. Mars Salvador

    Mars Salvador

    6 giorni fa

    You should put a counter XD

  35. Марек Келин

    Марек Келин

    6 giorni fa

    Men have aim bot, deal with it women.

  36. Liam Winters

    Liam Winters

    6 giorni fa

    Thinks he’s great by completing the preview of video then 2nd one he fails and just turns it off

  37. Yathish Gowda

    Yathish Gowda

    6 giorni fa

    jj was prepared but 2 one is out of syllabus

  38. MostafaPlayzGames


    6 giorni fa

    stand up

  39. Kermit the frog

    Kermit the frog

    6 giorni fa

    My holy eyes hurt so bad

  40. Datu Ajmal Failonto Abdul

    Datu Ajmal Failonto Abdul

    6 giorni fa

    IM dying

  41. chase mccarter

    chase mccarter

    6 giorni fa

    I failed first fucking video

  42. Slimser Sensei

    Slimser Sensei

    7 giorni fa

    just so girls understand . when a someone looks at a girls chest at first is just inintantional curiousity , maybe the shirt cough the attention or something unexpected (weird shapes perhaps) and that is a normal thing we have as humain . its not because he wanted to look at it, its like when you notice something your eyes goes to it to confime it, for example if you saw someone s naked your eyes will look at it before you can control your self. its only intantional if the person keeps staring . so before you judge a guy for looking somewhere you gotta know the diffrence.

  43. Георги Христов

    Георги Христов

    7 giorni fa

    Who thinks KSI will watch the videos again after recording that videos

  44. Rahimo Rahimo

    Rahimo Rahimo

    7 giorni fa

    Who's the girl at 2.00

  45. The Hidden

    The Hidden

    7 giorni fa

    Legend says he watched it again after making this video and without eye tracker

  46. Jayden Williams

    Jayden Williams

    7 giorni fa

    your eyes are so concentrated on the face that they cant move when the camera does

  47. كل شيء هنا

    كل شيء هنا

    8 giorni fa

    Dude if she's half naked you're allowed to look , it has nothing to do with respect...

  48. Elijah


    8 giorni fa

    Sex is gross. So this challenge was astronomically easy for me

  49. Wobbly Ninja

    Wobbly Ninja

    8 giorni fa

    “Alright, new video”... *instantly looks at the chest* “I’m done with this challenge”

  50. Ely Laquindanum

    Ely Laquindanum

    8 giorni fa

    Aumhh is this for childs videos HAHA oh sheat thats big

  51. Old west -

    Old west -

    8 giorni fa

    Women themselves don't want *respect*

    • justit royal

      justit royal

      8 giorni fa

      i dont get it why do they exposing dress if they dont want us to see

  52. Baby Pluto

    Baby Pluto

    9 giorni fa

    Very respectful

  53. Dylan TM

    Dylan TM

    9 giorni fa

    Love how u said u can do this but u already failed 🤣🤣 big up you

  54. cameron daniels

    cameron daniels

    9 giorni fa

    one of them was my cousin i dont know how to feel now

  55. Silvan Elsire

    Silvan Elsire

    9 giorni fa

    he was so done, he even said, 'this is your boy KSIolajideBT' at the end xDDD

  56. Somewhatstrange1


    9 giorni fa

    I am looking at the horse!! Let's me look at the horse!!!!!

  57. Fear Kasper

    Fear Kasper

    9 giorni fa

    anyways, you can just go over the compilations again off-camera

  58. King Ki g

    King Ki g

    9 giorni fa

    jj after finish editing rewatch all video haha

  59. Leewell


    9 giorni fa

    What a simp

  60. Joker Editz

    Joker Editz

    9 giorni fa


  61. A.J. Bro’s

    A.J. Bro’s

    10 giorni fa

    JJ: I am a grown man What he does for a living: letting people make fun of him

  62. Pedro Polanco

    Pedro Polanco

    10 giorni fa

    Just because KSI is trying not to be tempted doesn't mean I have to follow him... In fact I noticed that in the middle of the video so I went back to the beginning ;)

  63. Noah Osonokwu

    Noah Osonokwu

    10 giorni fa

    My phone won't let me sub for some reason while I am on my laptop



    10 giorni fa

    If you try to search this video , it doesn't show up.

  65. Vincent Lu

    Vincent Lu

    11 giorni fa

    Nobody: This video: *insert KSI screaming*

  66. PiyushGaming YT

    PiyushGaming YT

    11 giorni fa

    10:05 *"please do no get off that chair"* 🤣🤣🤣💯

  67. Mr. Camacho

    Mr. Camacho

    11 giorni fa

    It's bad enough without the accent.

  68. Rafo Subscribe

    Rafo Subscribe

    11 giorni fa


  69. Sky Red

    Sky Red

    11 giorni fa


  70. Steven Thawe

    Steven Thawe

    11 giorni fa


  71. Ken’s Gaming

    Ken’s Gaming

    11 giorni fa

    It’s not tik Tok it’s tit tok

  72. Gerardo Naranjo

    Gerardo Naranjo

    12 giorni fa

    jj going back to the vidoes after don recording

  73. FF Slayer YT

    FF Slayer YT

    12 giorni fa

    1:18 there was not primary cheeks to look at so he had to look in the secondary cheeks fam

  74. vj .luatua

    vj .luatua

    12 giorni fa

    Jus going try hard mode inside

  75. Dylan Taslim

    Dylan Taslim

    12 giorni fa

    "You can't objectify women..." *literally shakes ass at the camera, twerking that shit like jello* "...unless they objectify themselves first..."

  76. syed hidayat ali

    syed hidayat ali

    12 giorni fa

    he has resspect for poki always he blinked thats why the tracker you know

  77. John gaming

    John gaming

    12 giorni fa


  78. SS Cauley

    SS Cauley

    12 giorni fa

    Do this with ur girlfriend but with shirtless men and see if she can win.

  79. Luke Benson

    Luke Benson

    13 giorni fa

    Well we know he’s not gay 😂

  80. HiSuper Bob

    HiSuper Bob

    13 giorni fa

    respect to him for that bath one

  81. Dawnz


    13 giorni fa

    JJ: Does eye tracker challenge "sMaShEd iT!!!"

  82. YEET me to 200 subs with only 2 vids

    YEET me to 200 subs with only 2 vids

    13 giorni fa

    We all failed😂

  83. YEET me to 200 subs with only 2 vids

    YEET me to 200 subs with only 2 vids

    13 giorni fa

    We all failed😂

  84. MEZE Gaming

    MEZE Gaming

    13 giorni fa

    JJ doing his challenge Me: who was just enjoying the video

  85. 先生 Ψ

    先生 Ψ

    13 giorni fa

    I had aimbot the whole video

  86. Itz Ariyan HYT

    Itz Ariyan HYT

    13 giorni fa

    You know that 12 years olds are watching this

  87. niko varbijo

    niko varbijo

    13 giorni fa

    An i the only one who didnt missed single boob or ass

  88. Manny Salt

    Manny Salt

    13 giorni fa

    anyone notice that the tv is playing a video of @Muselk 1:19

  89. BestNoobGaming


    14 giorni fa

    I genuinely tried my best this was way to difficult

  90. Ferdinand Masaspet

    Ferdinand Masaspet

    14 giorni fa


  91. Paul Haku

    Paul Haku

    14 giorni fa

    What do you mean? "im tryng to respect women" the whole damn purpuse of the videos are to look at the tits and ass xd the women want you to look at it

  92. KingEli322


    14 giorni fa

    1:08 he looked down for like 1 second l

  93. Muaz Ali

    Muaz Ali

    14 giorni fa


  94. Steve Harrington

    Steve Harrington

    14 giorni fa

    S I M P

  95. Carter McNeese

    Carter McNeese

    14 giorni fa

    (respect women)SIMP ALERT

  96. Sub if u want To lol

    Sub if u want To lol

    14 giorni fa

    Girl should do this and we will laugh

  97. Kraug _

    Kraug _

    14 giorni fa

    Why is jj respecting them when they aren’t even respecting themselves

    • Shogun Xd

      Shogun Xd

      5 giorni fa

      Facts bro 💯

    • younes djazer

      younes djazer

      14 giorni fa

      Good point.

    • mizzysavage 13

      mizzysavage 13

      14 giorni fa


  98. God


    15 giorni fa


  99. Captn SWIPY

    Captn SWIPY

    15 giorni fa

    Pt2 gang

  100. Trooper Collins

    Trooper Collins

    15 giorni fa

    Skuffed Puppies did it better. Scuffed is the champ

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