Ariana Grande is black?

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  1. HG Panda

    HG Panda

    11 ore fa

    "With a haircut like that?" I don't think u got the facilities for dat big man

  2. DigitalRedux


    19 ore fa

    Veggietails was my shit!

  3. Nickaan Heidari

    Nickaan Heidari

    Giorno fa

    VeggieTales was the shit

    • Aine Doyle

      Aine Doyle

      Giorno fa

      We love the VeggieTales

  4. TooSacuy


    Giorno fa

    7:02 this foo

  5. Adam Finn

    Adam Finn

    2 giorni fa

    JJ the colour of the egg depends on what the chicken ate. (Different type of food means a different coloured egg)

  6. mustansir dalda

    mustansir dalda

    3 giorni fa


  7. Jayyy_ 38

    Jayyy_ 38

    3 giorni fa

    His hair looks like actual twizlers at that time

  8. Austin Oller

    Austin Oller

    3 giorni fa

    Okay I'm from Kentucky and I had no idea that people in the U.K. knew what veggie tales was. I'm blown away

  9. DaRkFiRe


    4 giorni fa

    Me: Im mature now also me: 7:10

  10. limar Lozano

    limar Lozano

    4 giorni fa


  11. Paul Njeru

    Paul Njeru

    4 giorni fa

    Imagine not being able to activate windows!

  12. Llamaguyy


    4 giorni fa

    Ayo trippie redd

  13. Īàm Đř.Śťõńé

    Īàm Đř.Śťõńé

    5 giorni fa

    JJ: You get girls with a hair style like that All the fans: 😅😅

  14. Golden Holden

    Golden Holden

    6 giorni fa

    6:33 well, that was weird

  15. EpicCamDaMan


    7 giorni fa

    6:25 when the sped kid is in the window

  16. Dailymeming E

    Dailymeming E

    7 giorni fa

    And their eps are like 24 minutes

  17. Dailymeming E

    Dailymeming E

    7 giorni fa

    Vegies tales but they explain everything in the bible for freaking 190 episodes

  18. Heidi Rodriguez

    Heidi Rodriguez

    7 giorni fa

    Haha I used to watch veggietales

  19. ToxinXC


    8 giorni fa

    Thank you at least someone hates veggie fucking tales

  20. Cody Whittington

    Cody Whittington

    8 giorni fa

    Uhhhh... hair?

  21. Ps Now

    Ps Now

    9 giorni fa

    Jesus is coming soon have faith belief and trust in Jesus the son of God and repent of your sins.

  22. Mevin Soney

    Mevin Soney

    10 giorni fa

    7:1 somebody make a meme of this pls

  23. Mr Sam

    Mr Sam

    11 giorni fa

    Vedgie tails was tge shit when i was 5

  24. Beki Abdi

    Beki Abdi

    11 giorni fa

    Who's is after he change his hair style

  25. 3DaPeZ2 x

    3DaPeZ2 x

    12 giorni fa

    His hair looks like an old grandma just woke up with messy hair

  26. Kapid Zett

    Kapid Zett

    12 giorni fa

    intro: yowatsapitsyaboyolutijolambwuthi *door start movin*

  27. Baguette Gamer

    Baguette Gamer

    12 giorni fa

    I’ve never seen a grown man get so hyped from veggie tales

  28. Kasimov Oybek

    Kasimov Oybek

    12 giorni fa

    JJ's dumb ass doesn't know that eggs can be white!

  29. Maxime Costa

    Maxime Costa

    13 giorni fa


  30. Ghilliesuitup Gaming

    Ghilliesuitup Gaming

    14 giorni fa

    Lip song is the best veggie tales song. Get good

  31. Carlos Ely Ninalga

    Carlos Ely Ninalga

    14 giorni fa

    Legends says he haunts the garbage bin till this day.

  32. elijahエリヤ


    15 giorni fa

    Activate Windows Go to Settings to activate Windows

  33. Dark Mist

    Dark Mist

    15 giorni fa

    I have never ever seen I grown man vibe to veggie tales so hard

  34. emma t

    emma t

    15 giorni fa

    about the video of ariana, the first picture is edited to make her look lighter and the last 2 pictures are edited to make her look darker. you can find the original pictures on google

  35. Nick-Fil-A Memes

    Nick-Fil-A Memes

    17 giorni fa

    Oh look it's my video 💀

  36. Asish Mathew

    Asish Mathew

    18 giorni fa

    This video has so many questions yet so little answers...

  37. Kimmy Putri Raditya

    Kimmy Putri Raditya

    18 giorni fa

    Bruh what was that first scene

  38. Miel Beek

    Miel Beek

    19 giorni fa

    6:20 when the set 8 kid in you comes out

  39. Kingston Ell

    Kingston Ell

    19 giorni fa

    7:04 when u walk into the special class

  40. One Strative

    One Strative

    19 giorni fa

    jj = " i hate veggie tales" also jj 2 minutes later = " starts dancing and singing veggie tales "

  41. Cobra 360

    Cobra 360

    21 giorno fa

    Veggie tales😂 took me back to my childhood

  42. ッHit


    21 giorno fa


  43. xNight


    22 giorni fa

    watching veggietales with the boys when i was like 6... those were the good times

  44. Adam Gozza

    Adam Gozza

    22 giorni fa

    Bro veggie tails was the fucking best when I was younger

  45. The Guy

    The Guy

    23 giorni fa

    5:53 am I the only one that searched on veggie tales when he said that lol

  46. Chris Flores

    Chris Flores

    23 giorni fa

    I now it

  47. AH_Gaming


    25 giorni fa

    5:58 If you know what VeggieTales is, your an OG Me: 😮 IM AN OG!!!

  48. AH_Gaming


    25 giorni fa

    If you know hwta

  49. Nizole Funani

    Nizole Funani

    26 giorni fa

    3:21 yah your one 2 talk mister forehead

  50. Gamer Boioi

    Gamer Boioi

    26 giorni fa

    Man said there is fish in Minecraft. When was there fish in Minecraft

  51. DaGreatFacillitator


    27 giorni fa

    Btw that's GTA San Andreas that cut scene was heartbreaking Carl Johnson had to kill Big Smoke. Also if you are that clueless that was edited and that game created memes like Mission Passed Respect, Follow the damn train CJ and Busta. Also If you remember Carl Johnson, Sweet, Kendle, Cesar, Big Smoke, Ryder, Toreno, Woozie, Madd Dog, OG Loc, Tenpenny, Pulaski, Hernandez. Respect

  52. CrispDaddy


    28 giorni fa

    I've never seen a grown man that thinks vegetales goes that hard lmaoo

  53. Jeremiah Washington

    Jeremiah Washington

    28 giorni fa


  54. Commando Raid

    Commando Raid

    29 giorni fa

    6:25 I like how he went from set 1 to 8

  55. 344 Hatch

    344 Hatch

    29 giorni fa

    I’m an OG

  56. Kxng K

    Kxng K

    Mese fa

  57. Colby Cantey

    Colby Cantey

    Mese fa

    Veggietales was the shit 😂😭😂

  58. CRYPT_ Edge

    CRYPT_ Edge

    Mese fa

    vegetales was the goat

  59. Alexis Monica

    Alexis Monica

    Mese fa

    can someone please tell me the video where he reacted to papz on tik tok

  60. k1ng m4k

    k1ng m4k

    Mese fa

    Fam his hair look like twizzlers 😆😆😆

  61. Lil IJOEZ

    Lil IJOEZ

    Mese fa

    When JJ cant afford to activate windows 10

    • Alexis Monica

      Alexis Monica

      Mese fa

      Lil IJOEZ he did and then it came back

  62. John 3:16

    John 3:16

    Mese fa

    Romans 6:23 "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord."

  63. Shortsale 5BRC

    Shortsale 5BRC

    Mese fa

    i like to call veggie tales Deji tales

  64. Ella K243

    Ella K243

    Mese fa

    VEGETAAAAAILS oh my days! I remember dat!

  65. Anže Anže

    Anže Anže

    Mese fa

    2:29 being fried what do u mean FRIED no bake 7not fried u fried in oil wtf KSI my English is better like cmon tell him guys pls.

  66. Amethyst _TMY

    Amethyst _TMY

    Mese fa

    ahhh...just another middle aged man with a top two song listening to and singing veggie tails :)

  67. Amethyst _TMY

    Amethyst _TMY

    Mese fa

    bro i just found this video now and his HAIR 😱😱😨😨

  68. EMAN K

    EMAN K

    Mese fa

    Taki Hair lookin ass! 😂 just kidding bro, love the new hairstyle it looks fire!!!!

  69. Blinded II

    Blinded II

    Mese fa

    3:20 i dont think you have the facilities for that big man



    Mese fa

    JJ singing vege tales makes him sound like a virgin



    Mese fa

    4:00 was very uncomfortable

  72. Asfand yar khan mandokhail

    Asfand yar khan mandokhail

    Mese fa

    Jj: I hate that animate. Alsojj: Singing there songs in really joy full mood😂😂😂

  73. Asfand yar khan mandokhail

    Asfand yar khan mandokhail

    Mese fa

    Look who is making fun of that guys hair

  74. MindOfSimon


    Mese fa

    JJ: ima fix my hair 5 hours later... JJ: ok lets get started

  75. Brax


    Mese fa


  76. ahmed al kindi

    ahmed al kindi

    Mese fa

    Jj turning a French accent into a Nigerian accent

  77. Josh Taylor

    Josh Taylor

    Mese fa

    I love the dance at the beginning

  78. ETERNAL !!!

    ETERNAL !!!

    Mese fa

    Op woman MAN!!

  79. Mr A

    Mr A

    Mese fa

    7:00 set 8 kids trying to rap

  80. JASON Dawson

    JASON Dawson

    Mese fa

    She look like a female Tupac

  81. Daniel Portillo Chavez

    Daniel Portillo Chavez

    Mese fa

    Mom comes in: what are you watching Me vibing: watching some grown ass man sing veggietales. She sang With me

  82. Mace Face

    Mace Face

    Mese fa

    0:14 so that's what ricegum is up to these days

  83. Zipporah Lewin

    Zipporah Lewin

    Mese fa

    It looks like handy mandy

  84. Polar 115

    Polar 115

    Mese fa

    Is Ariana Grande actually black?

  85. Peter Noles48

    Peter Noles48

    Mese fa

    The guy singing veggie tales has a number 2 album and won a professional boxing match. The time we are living in

  86. Lesbo Aunty

    Lesbo Aunty

    Mese fa

    Ksi:- lisns to jack pole new mosic Ksi:- nice Ksi:- lisns to vaggietails Ksi:- vieb

  87. Xx_SuperNinja_xX 00

    Xx_SuperNinja_xX 00

    Mese fa

    Red Cheetos

  88. Rom Gonik

    Rom Gonik

    Mese fa

    I swear I know this dammmmmmmmmmmm memories

  89. Itz Isaac Lyon ツ

    Itz Isaac Lyon ツ

    Mese fa

    They showed us veggie tales in church 😂😂

  90. insertpool


    Mese fa

    to that woman who put her dead husband's ashes in the trash and dirt: *no u* .

  91. im intercept

    im intercept

    Mese fa

    Not hate or offense ily ksi but in this video ur hair looked like twizzlers 😂

  92. Watson Harrell

    Watson Harrell

    Mese fa

    Jesus loves you brochacho

  93. Maja Andreasson

    Maja Andreasson

    Mese fa

    omg PLEASE react to tiktokers reading funny tweets i am bEGGING YOOUUUU JJ

  94. tyrone abrahams

    tyrone abrahams

    Mese fa

    7:01 the kid with adhd

  95. tyrone abrahams

    tyrone abrahams

    Mese fa

    6:29 babies vibing to baby songs

  96. Christina hi

    Christina hi

    Mese fa

    The fact u dident know what a bread bin was is just funny to me 😂

  97. Captain Lolo

    Captain Lolo

    Mese fa

    god dammit jj, just activate windows

  98. Sergio Ramos

    Sergio Ramos

    Mese fa

    This man tried to explain to his audience what the thanos meme is when his audience makes memes about him

  99. Ethan


    Mese fa

    5yo me and the boys when my parents arent home

  100. DJ Half court violation

    DJ Half court violation

    Mese fa

    6:00 JJ is letting his inner set 8 out

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