JJ Olatunji

JJ Olatunji

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  1. subra manian

    subra manian

    11 ore fa

    ksi: who nowadays actually writes their bars on paper tobi: I write my bars on A4 👀

  2. Dark_venom 204

    Dark_venom 204

    11 ore fa

    Oh yeah yeah

  3. Charles Gullion

    Charles Gullion

    11 ore fa

    xd he funny as shit

  4. Karol


    11 ore fa

    The moment when JJ realizes android has notes as well and they had it before iphones

  5. AziClemVin


    11 ore fa

    JJ is wearing a Nigerian Jersey but he has not said anything consigning the Protest going on in Nigeria 🇳🇬 #EndsSARS

  6. Saharsh Mehrotra

    Saharsh Mehrotra

    11 ore fa

    His bedsheets are moving at 5:07 and 5:27

  7. nah


    11 ore fa

    False Geordie

  8. Dude Of Awesomeness

    Dude Of Awesomeness

    11 ore fa

    Who's here after this video is back

  9. MLM- T1C

    MLM- T1C

    11 ore fa

    8:06 who's gonna tell him that he is dead

  10. river.w1


    11 ore fa

    Fat Vik moving like Chabuddy G 🤣🤣🤣

  11. Ryan.w


    11 ore fa

    Careful JJ don’t eat him

  12. Hidayet ali Shah

    Hidayet ali Shah

    11 ore fa

    josh fat looks like kevin owens from wwe

  13. Yt


    11 ore fa

    "what color was the baby's shirt?" What baby?

  14. Banna Shaar

    Banna Shaar

    11 ore fa

    Man’s laugh is better than these clips

  15. Filming Australia

    Filming Australia

    11 ore fa

    the mask is just to hide the beard bro

  16. Kyle Breedon

    Kyle Breedon

    11 ore fa

    Do a music video with Vik

  17. Schuaid Steenkamp

    Schuaid Steenkamp

    11 ore fa


  18. Tino Thankachan

    Tino Thankachan

    11 ore fa

    I honestly, don’t know what he is laughing about, the thing I’m laughing about is the way he laughs it literally makes me choke.

  19. Charlie Bedingfield

    Charlie Bedingfield

    11 ore fa

    I’m so glad the alphorn travis Scott meme was made 😂 I was just waiting for it’s appearance

  20. ryan stuckey

    ryan stuckey

    11 ore fa

    and now Ethan is pulling Firetrucks

  21. Z B

    Z B

    11 ore fa

    did jj not say in one of his old videos that he writes his bars on paper on his desk

  22. Daniel Adegoke

    Daniel Adegoke

    11 ore fa

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  23. limar Lozano

    limar Lozano

    11 ore fa


  24. Scott King

    Scott King

    11 ore fa

    Jjs laugh is so funny

  25. AziClemVin


    11 ore fa

    JJ was so disappointed 😂

  26. Raul Dienver Jimenez

    Raul Dienver Jimenez

    11 ore fa

    10:43 bruh i just heard stampy

  27. Brandon Dube

    Brandon Dube

    11 ore fa

    Ksi just said ‘fuck it’ when tying that durag

  28. YczPener Mordo

    YczPener Mordo

    11 ore fa

    4:44 actually many ppl do that :>

  29. Ch88po


    11 ore fa

    do fan mail opening, that would be hella fun!

  30. Age ForMe

    Age ForMe

    11 ore fa

    Ethan ain’t Nigerian

  31. LouieDiamond Official

    LouieDiamond Official

    11 ore fa

    Sounds like Lil Baby wrote those lyrics for him... Exact same flow

  32. Teagan B

    Teagan B

    11 ore fa

    reddit was actually FUNNY today, not just beard/hair memes

  33. Faheem


    11 ore fa

    Was he actually wearing the mask wrongly? I myself am a little confused.

  34. Bebom Haidar

    Bebom Haidar

    11 ore fa

    Says he gotta be harsh and picks king Bach. 🤨smh.

  35. bigboyfuego


    11 ore fa

    Harry being fat looks like Ethan being at his finest

  36. MALLVINJIT SINGH (Student)


    11 ore fa

    Fat Tobi out here lookin like real life big smoke

  37. Sultan Aziz

    Sultan Aziz

    11 ore fa

    Who else see josh like Josh + Randy = fat josh



    11 ore fa


  39. TinusTK


    11 ore fa

    the mask one got me so good ahah

  40. Lukman Kaduji

    Lukman Kaduji

    11 ore fa

    No matter what u say, JJ is a legend.

  41. Dillon Smith

    Dillon Smith

    11 ore fa


  42. Omar K

    Omar K

    11 ore fa

    Your not fat jj don’t worry bout it

  43. Osaiasi Tufunga

    Osaiasi Tufunga

    11 ore fa


  44. Manav


    11 ore fa

    4:35 potter payper does

  45. MyTeam Feeds

    MyTeam Feeds

    11 ore fa


  46. HarryCLE


    11 ore fa

    If they were fat they would be called the extra sides men

  47. Lorenzo De swaan

    Lorenzo De swaan

    11 ore fa

    Yoooo u a fucking legend

  48. Leart Golemi

    Leart Golemi

    11 ore fa

    Ethan went from "hes gay" to "whos ur daddy" anything can happen guys

  49. SoaR hadi

    SoaR hadi

    11 ore fa

    Let's go Nigeria I'm also here

  50. Shane Fedela

    Shane Fedela

    11 ore fa

    Really love sounds fire can’t wait for it to come out🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  51. ZOGBOG


    11 ore fa

    Hey what's the minimum karma requirement to post on his subreddit? I can't post.

  52. Utkarsh Mane.

    Utkarsh Mane.

    11 ore fa

    4 months later: still waiting for the beard

  53. Phony Nony

    Phony Nony

    11 ore fa


  54. Sir Pavilious

    Sir Pavilious

    11 ore fa

    Mike shinoda writes it down on paper.

  55. Apple


    11 ore fa

    MY GOODNESS KSI is the cutest of all

  56. Magic


    11 ore fa

    1:22 george floyd

  57. arshman zaidi

    arshman zaidi

    11 ore fa

    KSI:i told you i'm not racist also KSI:got all of them except 1

  58. David Bowie_Official

    David Bowie_Official

    11 ore fa

    Ahah I love ksi's honor love it but the DUMBEST PERSON IS LOGEN AND JAKE ......Ksi love the song lighter xxx

  59. Octane


    11 ore fa

    So...like he was laughin at all the sidemen fat, but man that’s just how everyone is over here in the States

  60. Recordz


    11 ore fa

    Does JJ know that the more you shave the faster and thicker your beard will grow back

  61. XDRW Gank

    XDRW Gank

    11 ore fa

    Ksi should look at the arab laughing

  62. Daniel Evans

    Daniel Evans

    11 ore fa

    Heskey time?

  63. Nevan Isles-Broughton

    Nevan Isles-Broughton

    11 ore fa

    Best refit video in a long time. Im in tears

  64. B l e s s e d_ V j _ A c o s t a

    B l e s s e d_ V j _ A c o s t a

    11 ore fa

    Why does fat josh look like he’s gonna compete in a Russian slapping fight

  65. Tiresa Lene

    Tiresa Lene

    11 ore fa

    Mate ur mask is the wrong way

  66. Ruatfela Chawngthu

    Ruatfela Chawngthu

    11 ore fa

    Uth...I laugh a lot

  67. Jamie


    11 ore fa

    If white guy said vikk looks like corner shop it racist js

  68. Im wrong, but

    Im wrong, but

    11 ore fa


  69. JohnoGaming


    11 ore fa

    This is one of the best Reddit videos in ages😂😂 laughing the whole time

  70. DrMohammad Atef

    DrMohammad Atef

    11 ore fa

    What "MO" MEANS ?!

  71. hawks bitch

    hawks bitch

    12 ore fa

    it’s 6:30 in the morning and i’ve been watching all these old videos...i have school....and i haven’t slept... 😙✌️

  72. Ivan Garcia

    Ivan Garcia

    12 ore fa

    Is it just me but old miniminter looks like Alec Baldwin 🤣🤣🤣

  73. Yaman FC

    Yaman FC

    12 ore fa

    JJ should start a FIFA series. Would be sick😂

  74. srh Havoc

    srh Havoc

    12 ore fa

    How are his hamsters asleep jj is so loud

  75. Nile Sabrina

    Nile Sabrina

    12 ore fa

    7:04 is my favvv <3

  76. DustyNeymz


    12 ore fa

    What if toby is actually ksi uncle

  77. Raja Garner

    Raja Garner

    12 ore fa

    A snake wearing his true colors hmmm, can’t fool me

  78. Man Over The Top

    Man Over The Top

    12 ore fa

    That Nigerian kit got me thinking he was wearing a snake costume 🐍

  79. Aditya Shetty

    Aditya Shetty

    12 ore fa

    5:28 simon

  80. Matthew Lee

    Matthew Lee

    12 ore fa

    KSI be looking like the green power ranger